Adventure Tours

Go for an adrenaline filled adventure with rafting, zipline, Deep Water Solo, and many more exciting trips!

Spend a relaxing day walking and hiking around one of the gems of Split, Marjan Park Forest. Discover the history and culture behind the medieval churches and hermit settlements hidden in the rocks in the very core of the park..

Go for the adrenaline rush of paddling down the beautiful rapids, learn to jump off 5 meters high rocks, take a shower under a beautiful waterfall, pass through a 40-meter-long cave and swim in the small lake with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites.

How does the idea of hanging of a 150 meters high steel wire above the beautiful canyon of the river Cetina sounds like? And when I would tell you that during that you can reach the speed of 65 km per hour? Impressive, isn’t it?

Kayaking on the longest Dalmatian river Cetina surrounded by the Dinaric Alps gives you the unique opportunity to enjoy and explore the last European uncharted theritory, the best kept secret in Croatia … Inland Dalmatia.

Make your holidays memorable and take the opportunity to explore Split from the sea in a fun way suited for everyone.

Deep Water Solo (DWS) is becoming very popular in all parts of world so we have decided to introduce you with the truly unforgettable adventure.