Best beaches in Split

Most Popular beaches in Split

What better way to enjoy Split than with it’s beaches? The soothing and often relaxing part of any summer vacation is swimming. Cool off in the cooling waters during a hot Summer’s day. Enjoy in the sun whilst getting a tan on the beach whilst on vacation. Take a dip in the crystal clear waters we have to suggest while getting a tan on the shore.

Beaches are a key part about any Summer vacation, the shoreline offering a great place to relax and enjoy your time at. The water refreshing compared to the hot humid air that is everywhere during the Summer period.


Probably the most famous and well heard beach in Split with it’s wide sandy bay. A perfect sandy beach for families with kids to play in the sand and frolic in the shallow water. Also quiet a popular destination for parties and a great place to play a game of “Picigin”; which is a “sport” that originated from Split. The basic premise of “Picigin” is that there are no “winners” per say, the objective is to keep a small ball from hitting the water. The sport is usually played in shallow water. Bačvice beach has held a long standing tradition of being one of the first beaches to take your children to, developing a small little song called “Idemo na Bačvice” which translates to “We’re heading to Bačvice”.


Located on the hill Marjan this beach is well known and a favourite of locals. The forested area makes the perfect shade for those that have skin that easily burns (Me being a prime example). A popular beach for families due to providing a sense of tranquility and quietness away from the busy and often loud scenery, due to “Bene” being positioned on the forest hill Marjan, it offers it’s visitors a chance to explore and do some exercising in the natural environment. One small downside of the beach is that it looks murky, not because it is polluted but because of the sandy sea bed. There’s also a bar and restaurant right next to the beach for anyone wanting a quick bite or drink.


If you enjoy pebble beaches this place is perfect for you. Experience the beautiful blue sea before laying down and suntanning on the coastline. Žnjan is Split’s largest beach, being located on the eastern side of Split. Whilst Žnjan is a beautiful beach it is currently going through a process of demolishing illegal buildings. But don’t worry, you can still swim and enjoy the sun on the coast line of the beach. 🙂


Trstenik is one of the best beaches in Split, being under the ownership of Radisson Blu Resort. The beach might not be completely natural, having been filled up by gravel artificially, but don’t worry as the beach has several deck chairs and beach parasols to make your beach trip even more enjoyable. Close to the beach you can find several cafe’s for that quick fix of caffeine. 🙂

Short Summary

I know what you might be thinking “Most of the beaches in Split are crowded, how does this help me?” Well fear not because there’s a bunch of small secluded beaches where you can be all alone on.
And those beaches are located none other than the nature preserve “Marjan”. The forest hill provides a lot of shade even on the hottest of days but most think of the journey up the hill tiresome, fear not because there’s a regular bus transfer taking you from “St. Frane” on the end of the prominence “Riva” all the way to the beach “Bene”

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Most popular beaches in Split

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