Best beaches in Split

Best beaches in Split

What better way to enjoy Split than with it’s beaches? Take a dip in the crystal clear waters we have to offer while getting a tan on the shore.

Probably the most famous and well heard beach in Split with it’s wide sandy bay. A perfect sandy beach for families with kids to play in the sand and frolic in the shallow water.

Located on the hill Marjan this beach is well known and a favourite of locals. The forested area makes the perfect shade for those that have skin that easily burns (Me being a prime example).

If you enjoy pebble beaches this place is perfect for you. Experience the beautiful blue sea before laying down and suntanning on the coastline.

I know what you might be thinking “Most of the beaches in Split are crowded, how does this help me?” Well fear not because there’s a bunch of small secluded beaches where you can be all alone on.
And those beaches are located none other than the nature preserve “Marjan”. The forest hill provides a lot of shade even on the hottest of days but most think of the journey up the hill tiresome, fear not because there’s a regular bus transfer taking you from “St. Frane” on the end of the prominence “Riva” all the way to the beach “Bene”

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Best beaches in Split

Best Lookout place in Split

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