Blue Lagoon tour from Split

Blue Lagoon tour from Split

Join us on this shore excursion from Split , the “Blue Lagoon Tour”
Situated between the two Krknjaši islands, this beautiful blue lagoon is blessed with clear sea, perfect for swimming and snorkeling .
On your way back to town Split, discover the small but beautiful UNESCO listed town of Trogir.
We will drive the speedboat tour right on the main promenade of Trogir from where you can start sightseeing this town by entering the massive city walls.
Tour Duration: approx. 5 hours

morning departure
09:00 Departure from Split Riva
09:30 Arrival in Trogir, free time
10:55 Departure from Trogir
11:20 Arrival in Blue Lagoon, free time
13:20 Departure from Blue Lagoon
14:00 Arrival to Split

afternoon departure
14:30 Departure from Split Riva
15:10 Arrival in Blue Lagoon, free time
17:10 Departure from Blue Lagoon
17:35 Arrival in Trogir, free time
19:00 Departure from Trogir
19:30 Arrival to Split

FROM MAY 01st – MAY 31st
11:00 Departure from Split Riva
11:40 Arrival in Blue Lagoon, free time
13:40 Departure from Blue Lagoon
14:05 Arrival in Trogir, free time
15:35 Departure from Trogir
16:00 Arrival to Split

ADULTS: € 60 ~ 450kn

Price includes:
Transfer, drinks and snacks
Blue Lagoon tour from Split
Blue Lagoon
The Blue Lagoon is a snorkeler’s utopia featuring a a crystal clear sea with a sea floor made out of crushed sea shells mixed with sand which, under the sunlight, produces mesmerizing sea color. After exploring the seabed, turn to your back and just float effortlessly as you observe the trio of islands that ring you.

On this tour you can explore historic city of Trogir. Admire one of the best-preserved examples of Romanesque-Gothic architecture in Central Europe by walking through the maze-like UNESCO World Heritage site, founded in the 3rd century.

Area surrounding the Blue Lagoon is a natural habitat of good dolphins and there is a chance that you will spot them on this tour. Keep your eyes open especially as we begin to approach the Blue Lagoon.

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Blue Lagoon tour from Split


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