Game of thrones Dubrovnik tour

GOT Dubrovnik walking tour

Experience the best of both worlds: the Discover Dubrovnik Walk and the Game of Thrones Tour!
Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik, Croatia.


King’s Landing, the fictional city in Game of Thrones, the popular television series based on the series of fantasy novels “A Song of Ice and Fire”, distributed by HBO was largely shot in the city of Dubrovnik. Anyone that is passionate about the TV series, a visit to the beautiful city of Dubrovnik will give a beautiful “deja vu” feeling because of the way it was so beautifully implemented into the setting of the series.

This two-in-one tour gives you everything: you revisit the scenes of the most famous events in King’s Landing, whilst also getting an insight into Dubrovnik’s History.

Dubrovnik was the perfect choice as the setting for the capital in Game of Thrones – not only does it have stunning natural and historical locations, but the real-life history of the city can often compete with King’s Landing for political intrigue and strange stories. Our guides are extremely knowledgeable in both fact and fantasy and will bring the real and imagined worlds to life.


LENGTH: 1,5 hours
DEPARTURES 1st of May – 31st of October – Daily at 12:30, 14:30 & 19:00*
PRICE: 150 kn

About Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a television series that has garnered incredible fame over the years. The fabled show being famous for being on the more generous side of character deaths over the years. As the show progressed we get to see characters develop over the episodes to completely different people that feel real. The bonus for the show is also that it has dragons, a rather cool addition to the show.

The story revolves around characters competing for ownership of a throne made out of swords that were surrendered to the first King of the seven lands. Each one claiming the right to it which, as you’ll soon find out, didn’t lead to a Diplomatic outcome. But that is one of the charms of Games of Thrones, the mystery of what will come next.

But if there’s one thing that Game of Thrones accomplished during it’s screening is the large following of people. For a time you couldn’t walk around any town without hearing a mention of the award winning show; and how much people disliked Joffrey of course. But apart from that, Game of Thrones is still being talked about to this day.

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GOT Dubrovnik walking tour

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