Top things to do in Croatia

Top things to do in Croatia

Top things to do in Croatia

We often meet people who have never been to Croatia and were wondering what this small country has to offer compared to other sites.
Croatia is a peculiar country with century old cobbled streets that you can meander through, discovering UNESCO sites as you go. Whether you are planning on visiting for a day or a week you should make time in your itinerary to admire and explore Croatia’s coast line.

Croatia’s archipelagos

Top things to do in Croatia
There’s no doubt about it that Croatia has many things to see but what truly sets it apart is the crystal blue sea. With over 1000 islands to explore it seems almost impossible to see every single one in a lifetime. We do recommend you to book a charter or boat tour if you can because the views from the sea are truly breathtaking. After all, a trip to Croatia without spending some of it on the sea would be, dare I say it, sacrilege as the beaches all around the coast line can compete with that of the Caribbean.

Natural parks

Top things to do in Croatia
Croatia has a total of eight national parks which are the perfect places to visit with the whole family. It’s a good thing to plan ahead when planning or going on a trip to another country, or even to discover what that certain country has to offer. So we decided to write a bit more in detail over here.

Feeling hungry?

Top things to do in Croatia
Wherever you go in Croatia you are bound to find something delicious to treat your taste buds. Whether you are a sea food lover or not we urge you to try any kind of fish in a “Konoba” (Croatian rustic restaurants) where the chef’s know how to grill a fish to perfection. But the fish won’t suit everyone, but mostly all Croatians have a taste for the sea life.
But if fish isn’t your thing Croatia has a wide assortment of foods ranging from “Peka’s” to more dessert oriented meals like “Štrukle” to satisfy even the most pickiest of eaters (Me being one of em 🙂 ). The culinary scene is after all one of the most delicious parts of a trip to a lot of travelers.

Exploring the towns

Top things to do in Croatia
There’s a plethora of towns across the country but they all are different in some way so you don’t feel like you are walking the same streets on your trip. If you are a fan of walking and just meandering around than you will have a great time exploring all the towns Croatia has to offer. 🙂

  • Zagreb – You probably landed/arrived here and immediately departed for the Dalmatian coast without a second thought about the city you were in. The capital of Croatia along with the largest city, Zagreb hosts many seasonal activities; the most famous one being the Christmas fair that is hosted every year across many towns in Croatia, the biggest one being in Zagreb of course. There’s also a couple of museums and parks around Zagreb that are lovely places to explore either on foot or with a tram, visit museums like the “Museum of broken relationships” or “Museum of Illusions” to take a breather from history and experience some quirky fun things along the way.
  • Split – Resting on the eastern coast of the Adriatic, Split is the second largest and one of the oldest cities in the region of Croatia’s Dalmatia. This beautiful gem of a city is a prime tourist spot attracting several thousands due to it’s historical architecture, excursions and tours. The Diocletian palace in Split is the most popular attraction the city has to offer, the narrow maze like paths opening up to big squares inside the palace make it a rather interesting and popular sight to see; the basements being a filming location of the popular hit tv show Game of Thrones where Daenerys kept her dragons.
  • Zadar – If you are seeking for peace and relaxation Zadar is full of it. Take a scroll on Zadar’s prominence and say “Hi” to the sun (Yes, there’s a monument to it. No, we aren’t crazy) whilst listening to the music of the waves as they hit the Sea Organs.
  • Dubrovnik – You might recognize this town immediately upon seeing it since it is the filming location of Game of Thrones; the city being King’s Landing in the tv show. The walls around Dubrovnik being used to defend the town back in the day but now a famous tourist location and also providing some great photographic opportunities to brag to your family and friends when you get home 🙂

There are many towns decorating but these are just a couple that you can visit and explore. Trust us when we say that Croatia is full of hidden gems that we don’t even know about.

Go on a tour

Top things to do in Croatia
There’s a whole bunch you can sightsee and explore on your own but if you decide to go on some adrenaline filled tour, Croatia has that also 🙂
Go rafting from Split down rapids, jump off cliffs with deep water solo, go with a zipline in Omiš or a zipline canopy tour in Kozjak at even 65 km/h and many more. If you enjoyed hearing that we have a specially made list of tours over here that you can see more in detail about the tours.

Croatia has a couple of festivals of it’s own, some being popular and well known across the world like the Ultra music Festival that happens in Split, but this year the festival is gonna spread it’s wings to the islands Brač and Hvar along with Split, where the main party is taking place 🙂

Most other Croatian festivals aren’t as spectacular but they do have their own charm like “Sinjska Alka” where riders try to hit the center of a metallic circle that looks awfully similar to Mercedes’s logo whilst riding a horse, similar to medieval Jousting…..only with one rider tho. 🙂

Some other Croatian festival is like Halloween called “Maškare” that happens during February a month and a half before Easter usually (The rule isn’t strict when it happens). People dress up as various characters, while not as spectacular as Halloween there are a couple of genius concepts; like how my brother dressed up as a cardboard cheese slice with his mates 😀

Short Summary

Top things to do in Croatia
Croatia really is a particularly gorgeous country and it’s difficult to name the top things to see without excluding anything but we tried to cram some of the key features of Croatia into one place.

But if you want to see an outsider’s perspective of what they thought about Croatia we urge you to check JetSettingFools, having several travel blogs revolving around Croatia from Top 10 things to see in Split, 2-week itinerary of Croatia and a whole blog post about the Diocletian’s Palace in Split that are a fun and educational view of this lovely country. They were beyond lovely guests that we had a pleasure meeting 🙂

All in all it’s always best to explore the town on foot and visit places that are often left out of most guides and tours.

If you are having any difficulties or want to book a tour or looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help 🙂

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Top things to do in Croatia

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