What are famous Croatian inventions?

What is Croatia famous for?

What is Croatia famous for?

You might have stumbled in here by accident or were curious what Croatia could be famous for apart from it’s beautiful beaches and great architecture, but that’s still not everything that you may or may not know just yet about this beautiful country.

Croatia inventions

What is Croatia famous for
Now many of you would be surprised about some of these but you actually use a couple of these in your everyday life. Like per-say the electrical socket you use to charge up your PC, Mobile phone and various other electronical devices thanks to AC (Alternating current) breakthroughs, credit going to Nikola Tesla for that one.

Necktie (Cro: Kravata) – The modern day sign of professionalism and business. The necktie originated from Croatian mercenaries that served the French back in the 17th century.


Parachute (Cro: Padobran) – A Croatian by the name of Faust Vrančić was the first person to take Leonardo Da Vinci’s idea and incorporate it to stretch fabric over a wooden frame…I do wonder if he had the ba*cough*-courage to jump tho.


DactyloscopyCroatia didn’t invent this but thanks to a genius anthropologist and police official Juan Vucetish pioneered the use of fingerprinting in Croatia along with making great improvements to the technique. Juan managed to identify a killer in 1892., Francisca Rojas who murdered her two children and cut her own throat trying to apply the blame to an outside person.


TorpedoBOOM! That’s it, these destructive devices were created by Ivan Blaž Lupis (1813–75) born in Croatia. Ivan suggested his device to Austrian technician comitee and was turned down, saying the product would be too expensive and unorthodox. He later established a contract with “Lupis”, a factory in Rijeka to mass manufacture the torpedo’s.


MP3 (The first successful one) – It’s time to get down to the beat of the music because who here doesn’t like listening to it? Croatian programmer Tomislav Uzelac who developed the AMP is widely considered the first one to make a successful MP3 player.


Ballpoint penCroatian inventor Slavoljub Penkala (1871–1922) from Polish origin patented many inventions which are still used today. But his notably most famous one would have to be the ballpoint pen.


Croatia made a lot more inventions and not just the ones listed above like Rice Chocolate(It’s delicious), Water cannon, Vertical axis wind turbine, Maglite flashlights (Thank god I check for spelling errors) to brighten your night and many more inventions.

Famous people of Croatia

What is Croatia famous for
We talked about Croatia’s famous inventions and products but why not add a bit to it and talk about some of the great minds and famous people that are Croatian, whether originated or moved here from somewhere they are still Croatian in most people’s eyes.

Why not start off with the father of electricity and founder of everything awesome, Nikola Tesla!
Sure there will be a couple of Thomas Edison fans saying otherwise but we all know I’m right here. Nikola Tesla was a serbian-american born in a small town called “Smiljan” in Croatia and oh boy did he create some pretty nifty things in his lifetime.
Famous for making and discovering Alternating current, Tesla Coils, X-ray photography, Steam powered oscillating generator and many more inventions that haven’t seen the light of day and were only hinted and talked about by the man himself.

Nikola Tesla was and is a genius every meaning of the word and an inspiration to many people but he wasn’t without his flaws. The man was often seen as being cynical and anti-social, preferring to live with a set schedule for eating exactly at 20:10 (8:10 p.m. for you americans out there) alone and only have a specific waiter bring him his food; oh did I also mention he was kind of a germaphobe.


But moving on from the father of electricity we have Faust Vrančić, the inventor of the parachute (So he’s the person responsible for inspiring skydiving and having your adrenalin junky friend drag you into falling out of a plane 😉 ). Faust was born in Šibenik and even as a youth he was interested in science and not shortly after moved to Venice, where he attended schools, and then to Padua to join the University.

But Faust wasn’t solely an inventory of the Parachute because in his notes he also inspired the creation of a wind turbine as stated in his book “Machinae Novae”.

Now if we dive down to Roger Joseph Boscovich we are in for a treat. 🙂


Roger Joseph Boscovich was a great Ragusan physicist, astronomer, mathematician, philosopher, diplomat, yeah you get the point, the man was smart. Roger produced a precursor of atomic theory and made many contributions to astronomy, including how to determine the equator of a planet by three observations of the surface. Roger was born on 18th of May 1711 in Ragusa.

Croatia’s products

What is Croatia famous for
We talked shortly about some of the products that made up to become inventions like the tie. But that’s far from being the only product Croatia has up it’s sleeve 🙂

Bajadera – If you don’t have a sweet tooth like most I suggest you skip this one because these confectionery delights are delicious. Praline made out of a mix of hazelnuts, walnuts and other ingredients make it have a very specific and familiar taste. Made by Kraš, a Croatian food company which specializes in confectionery is the second largest Croatian exporter of food.


Vegeta – An original food condiment from Croatia which is a mixture primarily of salt with other flavour enhancers, various veggies and spices. Developed by a Bosnian Croat scientist Zlata Bartl and produced by the company Podravka, which is the number one exporter of Croatia. The condiment easily sold over nine-thousand of it’s packages worldwide (See what I did there) 😀


Maglite – A brand of flashlight manufactured in the United States and invented by Anthony Maglica . Anthony Maglica although born in New York, Maglica grew up on the island of Zlarin on the coast of Croatia. The Maglite was and still is a rather sturdy flashlight that once used krypton and xenon light bulbs to light up the way and fight superman with, but later they switched to LED’s.


PršutCroatia has many delicacies and products but you won’t be able to visit Croatia without at least hearing Pršut being mentioned once or twice by passionate locals claiming they know a person that makes the best one. Made out of the hind legs of a pig this delicacy is considered one of the most original products of Croatia.


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Croatia’s achitecture

One of the key things that you might think of when you hear Croatia. Croatia’s architecture is one of the most important parts about this lovely city, the Diocletian Palace in Split being a prime example of historic culture 🙂
Mixing old and modern design can be a fruitful endeavour as shown in many famous cities around Croatia.

Croatia’s nature

Luckily Croatia is a natural place with several intact nature parks that are UNESCO world heritage sites like Plitvice Lakes. If you’ve ever seen a glimpse of Croatia you’ll notice how clean and blue it’s sea is, being one of the most cleanest in the entire world.
Croatia get’s more sunshine than Sydney Australia so it’s a perfect place to get sunburned a tan! And when you bask in the sun long enough you can cool off in one of numerous beaches along the Dalmatian coast 🙂

Short summary

There’s no “one thing” that this country is famous for or recognizable, some know it as the filming location of Game of Thrones while others know it from experience or the sights. It is a peculiar place filled with history and culture with “Klapa’s” singing in the streets roman soldiers walking through the cities that would certainly attract a couple of people. Great scientists and inventors originating or spending their childhood in Croatia are in no short supply great inventors like Nikola Tesla, Faust Vrančić and many others helped civilization entirely with their scientific breakthroughs. Hopefully now you feel more enlightened about all the delicious, awesome products Croatia has up it’s sleeve. 🙂

If you are having any difficulties, want to book a tour or looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help 🙂

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What is Croatia famous for?

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