Adventure adrenaline tours Split

Adventure adrenaline tours Split

Adventure adrenaline tours Split

The thrill of going to unexplored places such as Croatia is exciting to say the least. So go out there and see what Adventure exciting tours Split has to offer examples are down below.


Go for the adrenaline rush of paddling down the beautiful rapids, learn to jump off 5 meters high rocks, take a shower under a beautiful waterfall, pass through a 40-meter-long cave and swim in the small lake with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites. Further downstream awaits you the “Island of Love” and its inhabitants, together with the most beautiful green river and the magnificent Cetina canyon.
For rafting in this section you do not need any previous rafting experience. Being one of the most easily accessible tours to go on.

Rafting has been one of the most popular tours in Split for years now. Allowing people of all ages to partake in the exciting adventure that will get your heart running. So if you’ve been wondering what adventure excursion to go on, Rafting might just be the perfect choice!

Krka Waterfalls

National Park Krka Waterfalls is one of the most attractive locations in Dalmatian area that is very easy to reach. It is protected since 1985, as one of eight croatian National Parks. The Krka tour begins with our transfer by bus or van, depending of number of guests. Each guest is picked up at previously agreed location after which starts an unforgettable journey towards natural beauties of River Krka.

There’s a reason Krka Waterfalls is one of the most beautiful parks in all of Croatia. The lush flora and diverse fauna making it a must see if you’re visiting Croatia. The National park for years now being a popular and one of the most visited locations in Croatia. Krka being a tour that’s suitable for a wide range of people, from young to old, making it the perfect excursion to go with your family or friends.
Read more about Krka Waterfalls

Blue Cave

It’s hard to talk about Croatia without mentioning the Blue Cave and its beautiful blue shine. Blue Cave being an enchanting sight to behold, secluded on Biševo island; an island close by to Vis island. The Blue Cave hasn’t had trouble gaining popularity even if it is located about 3 hours away from Split.

Start your visit in Dalmatia with a day tour to one of the most beautiful islands on Middle Adriatic coast and visit the world famous Blue Cave. Number one tourist destination for travelers all around the world concealed on the island’s eastern side.

Blue Cave is unique phenomena, the natural cave with glowing blue waters. During your one day Blue Cave tour from Split you will have the opportunity to see Komiza fisherman village on the island of Vis, amazing Stiniva Cove, Green cave and Budikovac island.

Deep water solo tour

Here in Dalmatia we are blessed to have who-knows-how-many locations for practicing this way of climbing since this is a country “with 1200 islands” and interesting thing is that almost every island has vertical or overhanging cliffs on its south side.
Deep Water Solo (DWS) is becoming very popular in all parts of world so we have decided to introduce you with the truly unforgettable adventure.

Deep Water Solo (or rather DWS for short) has garnered more popularity in recent years due to being an excellent and fun way to get some exercise. Scale cliffs before taking a dive (or falling) into the refreshing water below, it’s a tour similar to rock climbing; but without the safety rig, the water below acting as a “safety net” of sorts.


How does the idea of hanging of a 150 meters high steel wire above a beautiful canyon or forest sounds like? And when I would tell you that during that you can reach the speed of 65 km per hour? Impressive, isn’t it?

Ziplining is usually held above canyons, rivers and even forests to offer an unique experience wherever you go. The excursion being renown for its adrenaline infused experience that will make your heart race as you dangle in mid-air.

Ziplining is a tour perfect for people that are insane bold enough to take a plunge with a zipline over a grand canyon, hanging well over a dozen meters off the ground. The tour, whilst terrifying to some (especially myself) is all things considered relatively easy to get into. The only requirements being a certain weight, with little to none experience needed to take the tour yourself.

Ultra music festival

Drop the beat finally with the largest and best music festival here in Split 12, 13, 14 July, 2024. Feel the bass resonating throughout your body as you party with DJ artists that are known throughout the world. Ultra Music Festival has held a long standing tradition in Croatia. Attracting numerous tourists and music enthusiasts to this celebration of electronic music fueled with partying and drinking (sometimes a bit too much 😛 ). It ain’t for no reason that Split is still hosting this fun and exciting festival, being one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia to this day. So stop by and celebrate with Europe’s largest music festival that took the world by storm.

After what seemed like years of dealing with lockdowns and isolations brought by Covid-19. Whilst the danger of Coronavirus is still present, we can finally expect at least some level of “normal” this coming year. So keep your head held up high and keep looking forward to a new year that is bound to be better than the last. Because we could really use some new excitement, or rather old familiar excitement these days.

What to do apart from adventure tours

Around the past ten years, Split has undergone significant change as a result of the combined efforts of residents and visitors. The tour offers are one of the largest changes we’ve noticed.

We can assure you that you won’t get bored easy if you happen to spend a few days in Split. Adventure tours, in addition to other tours like land tours and boat tours, will keep you utterly engaged during your trip to Croatia, and you won’t even notice how quickly the time has passed.

Visiting other locations

Split offers a good number of interesting sights, just like many other places. Everyone can find something to appreciate, be it the picturesque beaches or the storied old towns dotted throughout. So, make the most of your trip by seeing fresh and different locations every day. There is more to see than simply the prominent attractions in Split; there are other monuments dotted throughout Croatia as well as quaint tiny villages.

You may now unwind after seeing the attractions and taking an exhilarating trip from Split town. The most crucial thing to remember is to go slowly; if you move too quickly, you risk burning yourself out. After all, there are plenty of things to discover in Croatia, whether you choose to take a Split trip or visit one of the many historic cities. There’s plenty of sights to see whether you’re planning on staying in only one city or visiting multiple.

Visit one or more nearby cities that have garnered popularity throughout the years, you might just discover a town that is to your liking. Whether you are visiting Omiš, the town known for it’s various tours or Trogir, a small town located on a bridge connected small island. There’s also the chance to maybe go a bit further by taking a look at Šibenik town, the town having a close relationship to a National park that’s just a few minutes by car away, Krka Waterfalls. So if you were itching to see more than just historic architecture, Šibenik and a quick stop at Krka might be the perfect choice for you.

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Adventure adrenaline tours Split


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