Get ready for an adventure!

Go for an adrenaline filled adventure with rafting, zipline, Deep Water Solo, and many more exciting trips! For those that seek the adrenaline rush and sense of danger these tours are the perfect option for young adventurers! Start your Vacation in Croatia by choosing one of the best Adventure tours in Split!

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Most popular adventure tours Split:

Price: 400,00 HRK per person

Price: 290,00 HRK per person

Price: from 350,00 HRK

Price: 350,00 HRK per person

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  • kayak & snorkels
  • certified local guide
  • 1 hour free time



  • Sea kayak & snorkels
  • certified local guide
  • snacks



  • Bike rental
  • Beer!
  • guide



  • lunch & drinks
  • tour guide
  • VAT



  • tour guide
  • harness with absorbica carabiners
  • helmet



  • tour guide
  • harness
  • climbing shoes & helmet

Adventure tours Split

Go for an adrenaline filled adventure with rafting, zipline, Deep Water Solo, and many more exciting trips!

Admire and experience the excitement of Croatia’s adventure tours from Split. Take a chance to test your bravery and brag to your friends/family about all the thrilling places you visited from Split during your stay. There’s always something fun and exciting around every corner and we are sure there’s bound to be an adventure tour that fits you!

Our adventure tours are brimming with excitement around every corner, giving you the change to enjoy yourself and visit beautiful locations. It’s not every day you can experience the adrenaline rush of achieving something, whether it be testing your bravery by taking a zipline down or testing your limits by climbing high points with rock climbing. Adrenaline tours from Split are here to help you achieve greatness.

Rafting being one of the easiest tours to get into as it is suitable for all ages. The rush of paddling down the river rapids is exciting no matter how many times you experienced it. Zip-lining on the other hand can be quite difficult to some, especially people that are terrified of heights (Me being one of em), but don’t let stop you from facing your fears and feeling the rush of wind against your face as you descend on it.

Enjoy the variety we have at our disposal. We are here to accommodate your taste in tours.
The most popular Adventure tours Split spots being:

Cetina river – The place that most of the adventure tours is being held. Cetina is a beautiful long river that is 105 kilometres long and the source is above sea level at 385 meters and is deep more than 100 meters.

Marjan – One of Split’s proudest and most beautiful things, only rivaled by Diocletian Palace. Marjan forest having a long standing history as a recreational area even during Emperor Diocletian’s rule. The forest hill also has several beaches surrounding the base of it with plenty of shade from the sun. There’s also a legend that the forest hill is actually a dormant Volcano, the evidence being that they found Sulphuric water near the base of it, which is known to be around volcanos.

Omiš – A neighbouring town close to Split. Omiš hosts most of the adventure tours due to the Cetina river running through the town and spilling into the Adriatic sea. The town being popular not just for the various tours that are being held there, but also because of the clean crystal clear beaches that litter the coastline.

Kozjak – Located near the town of Split and Trogir. The highest point of the mountain being Veli Vrj which is 779 meters high. The area being a popular hiking and zip-lining destination.

Čiovo – An island located close to Split. Čiovo being a rather mountainous island with a surface of 28,8 km^2. Whilst it is an island, Čiovo can be reached either by boat or by bridge that connects it to the mainland.