Airplane transfer from Melbourne to Split Croatia

Airplane transfer from Melbourne to Split Croatia

Airplane transfer from Melbourne to Split Croatia

If you’ve been curious how you can explore Croatia from Melbourne, well there’s two options, one of them being by plane of course!
Get a cheap, guaranteed plane ticket with JetRadar to any destination, in this case from Melbourne to Split Croatia!

Explore this beautiful country in a matter of hours once you set foot on the nice air-conditioned plane! Relax and enjoy the journey as you soar through the sky, admiring the landscape below.

Some of the prices:
10.07.2019. = 692$
25.07.2019. = 684$
20.09.2019. = 681$
03.10.2019. = 574$
06.11.2019. = 581$
02.12.2019. = 631$

Starting your journey

Once your plane lands you will most likely be lost as you grab your bearings, exiting the airport before getting yourself a transfer over to the town of Split.

Split, the town radiating Summer joy more than most towns in Croatia. The hot Summer air being cooled down by a visit to the beach where you can get a sunburn tan whilst also being able to go swimming, snorkeling, jet-skiing or any other various water sports. Explore the historic architecture of the Diocletian Palace, look around and admire how this ancient palace withstood the centuries.

As you’ll soon notice whilst walking around is that the Diocletian Palace behaves like a small town of it’s own, claiming the name of “Old Town” by many residents of Split. First planned to be the emperor Diocletian’s holiday home the palace consists of several parts that were divided for storage, military, slaves, etc.

Things to do

Some of the best things you can do in Split happen outside of it. Go on an exciting adrenaline filled tour down the river rapids or down a zip-line. The possibilities are endless of what you can do and experience!

Short Summary

If you are interested in going on a tour, be free to contact us. We offer anything from Adventure tours, Boat tours, Explorer tours and Walking tours so be free to request something you want to do 🙂

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Airplane transfer from Melbourne to Split Croatia

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