Best beaches in Split

Most popular beaches in Split

Every neighborhood in Split has a beach, so you can simply stroll from one coastal experience to the next. Split is surrounded by gorgeous beaches. Travelers may find it difficult to choose just one swimming location to visit because there are so many of them around this little, ancient city on the Adriatic Sea.

Yet, who said you had to choose just one? Choose your favorite swimming area by visiting a few in the Split area. If you’re wondering where to start, these beaches in Split are all solid options. There are many different sorts of beaches in the area of Split for all various types of tourists, from pebbly shoreline with softly lapping waves to sandy beaches with vistas of centuries-old buildings.

What makes the beaches so special in Split

The city of Split, which is well known as the entry point to the Dalmatian Islands, is sometimes disregarded as a vacation spot in favor of the numerous islands dispersed throughout the surrounding sea. But many people are unaware that Split is the ideal place to visit beaches, see UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and learn about genuine Croatia. Split, Croatia’s second-most populous city, is home to a variety of hidden beaches, local treasures, and things to see and do. So you can rest easy whilst exploring the various beaches scattered throughout the city. Making it one of the best cities to enjoy a refreshing stay at.

Bačvice beach

Probably one of the most popular beaches in Split. Bačvice has been a favourite spot for many people to take their children for their first swim. The beach even receiving a song called “Idemo na Bačvice” (“We’re going to Bačvice”) which most locals only know one verse of. Bačvice being a large sandy beach that’s quite shallow; having to walk a decent bit into the water just to get it to chest height.

Bene beach

One of many beaches surrounding the beautiful Marjan forest hill. The beach being a half sandy/pebble; along with having a rather good diving spot for those that love doing impressive or fun jumps into the water below. Bene also has a cafe close by; allowing you to enjoy a drink whilst being protected by the large trees from direct sunlight. It takes a fair bit to get to Bene as it is located at the tip of Marjan forest hill where only cars with permission can get to; but if you don’t want to walk you can take bus 12 that will take you directly to Bene beach, pickup place being in front of Saint Francis.

Kašjuni beach

One of the best and most frequented beaches in Split and surrounding cities. Kašjuni has had quite a reputation for being both a beautiful and clean pebble beach. The beach having a beach bar closeby which allows you to get a drink after taking a dip in the refreshing crystal clear waters. There’s also a number of lounge chairs to rent-out to make the beach stay all the more comfortable.

Ježinac beach

Probably one of the best locations for those that enjoy diving into water from high places. The area having two rather famous spots from where people jump from into the water below. The beach has a couple of nearby cafe’s offering a place to have a drink at whilst enjoying the rather gorgeous beach. Ježinac is often considered a bit of a ‘fancier’ beach due to being surrounded by Villas that overlook it; along with lush vegetation of Marjan forest hill.

Žnjan beach

We planned on not including this one as with recent changes; it might not be available for swimming. Žnjan was one of the most popular and densest beaches in Split; following closely behind Bačvice because of it’s sheer size. There was also a plethora of bars, restaurants and cafe’s right on the beach; but due to some…’trouble’ in terms of licenses they were all mostly removed. But on the plus side there are plans of remodeling the beach; making the promise of turning it into the most beautiful beach in Split.

Final thoughts of which beach to choose

Split has several dozen beaches; both named and unnamed that surround it. We mentioned some of the most notable ones; but that doesn’t mean these are the only beaches you should visit. Split having a plethora of beautiful beaches that are just waiting for you to enjoy em.

You might have thought that Split only had beautiful century old historic architecture going for it. The city growing popular due to Game of Thrones that boosted its popularity worldwide. But that, as you already discovered, isn’t everything that Split has to offer. Take a dip and refresh yourselves in one of many equally beautiful clean beaches that litter its coastline.

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Most popular beaches in Split

Best beaches in Split

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