Best Lookout place in Split

Best Lookout place in Split

Best Lookout place in Split

“Marjan! A mountain or a hill? Doesn’t matter. Marjan is, as they say, the most beautiful and the most gentle decoration of the city of Split. After all, it has always been that.” -Petar Rossi

The Marjan peninsula with Sustjepan was proclaimed a significant landscape reserve (park-forest) and entered into the Register of Protected Areas maintained the Institute of Nature Protection on 16 December 1964.
As set in the Croatia’s Nature Protection Act, a park-forest is the nature protection category aimed to preservation of natural and planted forests of significant landscaping value or intended for relaxation and recreation.

In the 1920’s Marjan was a large construction site. Following completion of the stairway, a plateau and terrace with a stone railing were constructed, known today as the Marjan First Lookout (Prva Marjanska Vidilica). Because of the breathtaking views from this terrace to the city down below at the foot of Marjan, some of the most beautiful photographs of Split have been taken from here, witnessing it’s development over the decades. This is a very popular resting place of the locals and their guests alike.
It truly is a spectacular view!

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Best Lookout place in Split

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