Best Restaurants and Bars in Split 2024

Discover new places to treat your taste buds! Sate your stomach with delicious food and drinks at these restaurants & bars in Split!

Best Restaurants and Bars in Split 2024

Best Restaurants and Bars in Split 2024

Some say that food is the most important thing when visiting a foreign country, and I have to agree. Taste true Dalmatian cuisine as you dine in various “Konoba’s” and Bars which will leave your stomach sated by it’s delicious food.

If you are in the area of Split and just want to taste what specialties, delicacies and drinks the city can offer we urge you to try these famous superb restaurants and bars! Taste true dalmatian fish and a famous dish called Peka while enjoying the refreshing taste of Croatian wine. Croatia offering a wide range of meals suited for anyone, from seafood to delicious desserts that are to die for. We’re positive you’ll find something that suits your tastes in Split.

The restaurants also offer the perfect destination to celebrate, many people deciding to spend their birthdays eating delicious food surrounded by family and friends. So take a chance and taste Croatia‘s spirit with it’s food! We are positive you won’t be left disappointed with your choice! It’s all a matter of getting enough courage to try something new, who knows, you might find to love it. Along with the fact you’ll get to experience a wide array of other things to make your trip to Split even more fun. Whether it’s your first or tenth time visiting the beautiful city. Make the most out of the trip to taste food in some of the best restaurants in Split, Croatia. We’re positive you’ll find something that suits your fancy.

Some of the most notable meals Croatia has up it’s menu would be:

  • Peka, a slow cooked meal under a metal dome, usually consisting of either lamb, veal, octopus with potatoes. It’s a typical Croatia dish that is a popular meal served during festivities of some kind. I can safely say that you shouldn’t miss out on a chance to try this glorious dish whilst visiting Croatia, most if not all restaurants serving it.
  • Pašticada, usually classified as a “worker” meal for it’s simplicity and high energy providing ingredients. Pašticada being comprised of aitchbone beef and either njoki, rice or pasta. You can easily find this delicious meal at any restaurant around Croatia, seeing as how it’s a popular dish served at least once a month in many homes.
  • Uštipci, some classify it as a dessert whilst others as a substitute for bread. Usually served in some restaurants, adding a bit of saltiness to the meal which compliments a couple of meals very nicely.
  • Filled paprika, a dish that stuffs a paprika with minced meat and rice, more commonly served in homes that on fancy gatherings this staple of local cuisine has been here for a while. The meal can get a bit spicey so be warned. 🙂

Whilst there’s plenty of meat oriented meals to choose from, it’s not everything this country has to offer. Croatia shines for it’s seafood most of all, black risotto, fish and octopi flooding the cuisine, making this country rather famous for it. Some popular seafood as before mentioned before..

  • Black Risotto, the meal that has blacked rice due to containing squid. This meal if popularly served during special occasions; whilst it is considered a delicacy most people don’t develop a taste for it.
  • Fresh fish, whether it be sardines, mackerels, tuna, etc. fish is Dalmatia’s specialty. Fish here being served either by grilling, boiling, cooking, making it a very varied dish which most if not all Dalmatians enjoy. If you don’t want to risk trying out new unfamiliar tastes of Croatian cuisine, getting the fresh catch of the day in a Dalmatian restaurant can never hurt. 🙂
  • Škampi na Buzaru, a finger food type snack that is made with shrimp that’s slowly cooked in white wine, parsley, bread crumbs and garlic. Indulge in this tasty meal whilst enjoying your vacation. 🙂

There’s something you’re bound to love once you taste some of the local specialties; whether it be seafood, meat or desserts. Along with offering a chance to experience something unique in terms of specialties that you won’t find anywhere else.Broaden your horizons by trying the local cuisine that we’re almost sure you’ll love.

Places to eat & drink in Split

Bistro Toć

Just a couple of minutes away from the Diocletian palace and the famous Split beach Bačvice the family Bistro had laid it’s roots opened in 2012.
With their own choice they follow the season fruits and vegetables to change their offers accordingly, you can always find something new and different in their offer.
Loyal to their traditional specialties there is a spot for international and vegetarian dishes.
With the homemade cakes you can enjoy a glass of good ol Croatian Wine or a coctail in the inside part of the bistro or the outer roofed garden.
Location: Šegvića ulica 1, Split

Konoba Kod Joze

When you exit through the gold gates of the Diocletian palace and go through a place called đardin. In the center of Split with a tradition spanning over 30 years. Konoba kod Joze was situated. In a stone house with a real dalmatian ambient you’ll have a sense you’ve returned to the old forgotten places.
Enjoy fresh fish and the restaurant specialty black rice which we urge you to try!
Location: Sredmanushka 4, Split

Restaurant Kadena

Restaurant Kadena settled itsent on Zenti over the harbor and beach. From the terrace of the restaurant a view on Brać, Šoltu and Hvar is provided, but the guests aren’t left out from the gorgeous view even during the winter, because a glass wall separates them from the chilling cold.
In the exclusive decorated dining place of the restaurant and entire wall is decorated with bottles, but there is also a showcased area with over 400 quality and top grade wines which a sommelier Damir Slavaković presents to the guests.
Location: Ul. Ivana pl. Zajca 4, Split

Marta's Veggie Fusion

For those vegans out there, don’t feel left out because there’s a couple of restaurants made just for you.
Marta’s Veggie Fusion is one such restaurant boasting high praise among locals and tourists alike with it’s Vegetarian and Vegan specialties.
Location: Ul. kralja Petra Krešimira lV 8, Split

ShotGun Shooters Bar

You won’t find a more wild and fun bar in Split, trust me on that
Here at the ShotGun bar the party doesn’t slow down, fun events happen, special days, challenges~ I can keep on going and naming how exciting this place is so don’t hesitate to visit and let out the party animal inside you 😉
Location: Ul. Majstora Jurja 5, Split

Sanctuary Caffe Bar

Split’s finest cocktail and craft beer bar!
Boasting the largest liquor collection in the city, including 30+ whiskeys from around the world and four rotating Croatian craft beers on tap every day, in addition to the impressive bottle collection.
Location: Poljana Stare gimnazije 1, Split

Pizzeria Gušt

Whilst not exactly a restaurant per say. I just couldn’t not mention this utterly fantastic Pizzeria, because at the end of the day; who doesn’t like Pizza?! There has been no other Pizzeria this long lasting that brings a hint of rustic charm to it with it’s decor and a variety of Pizza since 1995. Truly a “must visit” location for anyone that is a Pizza enthusiast 🙂
Location: Slavićeva 1, Split

Bakra Steak & Pizza bar

If you’ve been looking for a modern restaurant/bar where you can enjoy a sizeable steak/pizza with a fine glass of beer you came to the right place. Located just 5 minutes from the Diocletian Palace, the restaurant has become quiet popular due to the recent remodeling; not to mention it has incredibly juicy steaks. 🙂
Location: Ul. Majstora Radovana 2, Split

What restaurant to choose in the end

Split like many other cities has a bunch of restaurants and hidden gems that we won’t be able to name in a year’s time. Whether you’re a fan of seafood or meat based cuisine, there’s a restaurant that’s bound to suit your taste palate. We’re positive you’ll find it difficult to get hungry whilst exploring Split with the number of restaurants all throughout the city.

The restaurants we named aren’t the only ones worth visiting as you’ll be able to find a plethora of other bars & restaurants that are sprouting all throughout Split city each passing year. Whether that be a BBQ style restaurant or a crawl pub bar. You’re bound to find something to your liking in Split city, it’s all a matter of seeing what you’re looking for to keep you pre-occupied.

What things to do after

Finding places to eat and bars to spend your time at is all fun and well, but choosing what to do after or during your time in Split is an entirely different thing. Choose to go on a thrilling excursion from Split, whether that be Rafting down river rapids, Ziplining above large canopy or seeing the sights with a relaxing all inclusive Krka tour from Split.

But if going on trips/excursions isn’t for you, why not simply enjoy walking around the historic Diocletian Palace in Split. Discover and learn about the rich history that is present inside the palace during your free time. Enjoy your Vacation taking it easy by simply exploring Split at your own pace. The city known for it’s delicious food, thrilling night life and historic architecture combined with beautiful beaches. There’s no telling what you can get yourselves up to during your Holiday in Split, Croatia!

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Best Restaurants and Bars in Split 2024


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