Top things to do in Zadar

Best things to do in Zadar

Best things to do in Zadar

Zadar, while not the biggest or the most famous town in Croatia, it certainly has charm. The town is located on in the region of Dalmatia, being the second largest city in terms of population, and fifth largest in Croatia. Zadar is home to several museums also, most notable being the Archeological museum which displays impressive artifacts of pre-historic, medieval and various other origins. Most likely the most interesting thing about the museum would be the Roman exhibits. The museum showcasing weapons, ceramics, mosaics and how Zadar’s Forum looked like during the Roman power.

Things to see

In Zadar lie some of the most interesting and beautiful sights you can see in all of Croatia. Alfred Hitchcock, the famous film director and writer said “Zadar has the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida, applauded at every evening.” And we can’t really disagree with that as many have laid witness to it over the years.

Greeting to the Sun

This famous monument was built by architect Nikola Bašić. The greeting to the sun installation is made out of three hundred multi-layered glass panes that are set at the same level as the marble pavement in a circular formation. Apart from the sun monument there are also several other planets of the Solar system. The size of the sun and planets is proportional, along with the distance from one another; but at the same time it isn’t.

One of the interesting things about the monument is that it is made out of solar panels, making it in theory a small electrical generator. The monument is also layered with various programmable lights that can offer a rather spectacular light show. One small inconvenience when visiting that you may notice some damages on the monument, having been vandalized by vehicles driving over it.

Sea Organs

An ingenious creation that combines architecture and music. Whilst most regular organs produce sound with bellows or air pumps, the sound produced by these Organs is due to the energy of waves, waves in short. This spectacular monument is located on the western side of Zadar’s Riva, near the Greeting to the Sun monument.

The Organs are one of the most interesting things you can experience whilst visiting Zadar. The waves playing the instrument and letting you experience it’s wonderful song right there on the Zadar Riva.

St. Donatus Church

Most likely the most famous thing you’ll get a chance of seeing on postcards. The St. Donatus Church was built and kept standing all the way back in the year 800; remaining in almost pristine condition to this day. Zadar’s Donatus Church has become a symbol and source of pride among it’s citizens, the rounded outline especially. Whilst historians will enjoy and appreciate the primitive beauty and architecture of the Church, you don’t have to be one to also admire it.

History of Zadar

Once you step through to the city you’ll notice the sudden feeling of heavy history in the marble roads you walk on. The city having experienced a lot throughout history due to the second world war along with the Croatian war of independence. If you happen to be in Zadar you can’t miss the opportunity to explore the city, discover the intricacies of old history best with some sort of guided tour; perfect for anyone that enjoys history.

Short summary of Zadar

Whilst there are certainly a couple of interesting and rather beautiful things in this lovely town, unfortunately it’s a bit difficult to describe. Some things in Zadar are notable like the two monuments; Greeting to the Sun and the Sea Organs. Zadar has also become quite a romantic town over the years. In some aspects Zadar can remind people of Split, having similar architecture with hints of Egyptian works like the Sphynx. Hopefully you’ll learn to appreciate the hidden beauty of Zadar and it’s rather peaceful energy surrounding the town. 🙂

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