Resnik airport, or more commonly known as Split airport, is one of nine inter-national airports in Croatia and the second most busiest. The airport is located 19 kilometres from the city it got its name from, Split, on the west side of Kaštela Bay, in the town of Kaštela, and … Read More

Boat hire Split rent with skipper
Known as the gem of the adriatic and the birth place of the best inventor. Croatia has more than just historic achievements to offer. The country being mentioned in several places as a hidden gem of sorts that has both beautiful scenery and historic monuments … Read More

One of the most beautiful countries in Europe and the world altogether offers a wide range of excursions to entertain you. Take in and sight see the numerous beaches after taking an airport mini-bus taxi to Split. Enjoy yourself in a private taxi mini-bus to any destination from Split airport. … Read More

Top 5 places to visit from SplitTop 5 places to visit from Split. Got a bit tired sight seeing Split town and what it had to offer? Are you curious what other exciting beautiful places are there to explore apart from the Old Town of Split? Well we do have … Read More

It’s no surprise that Croatia has several hundred of thousands of visitors each passing year. The beauty of the country truly shining during the Summer period when the heat allows people to take a dip in the refreshing blue coloured waters along the Adriatic coastline. It’s a refreshing experience for … Read More

Original recipes from Split areaBring a bit of Croatia into your home
You might be wondering what sort of food Croatia has in store. Whilst we did talk about the various cuisine Croatia has in our other blog post, we failed to mention how you can prepare some of these … Read More

Long stay Split croatia
Working as a Digital Nomad in CroatiaThere’s a sense of freedom that digital nomads have that most jobs lack. Enjoy a refreshing hot cup of coffee in a cafe (When there’s no pandemic going on) whilst writing for a living, it truly is one of the most … Read More

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Croatia is a beautiful country that offers a wide range of things to get yourself up to. Enjoy the beautiful coastline with a plethora of beaches or go explore the rich historic architecture of several towns that litter Croatia. Simply take a private transfer with … Read More

Adriatic cruise yacht charterSailing has been a long lasting desire for many. The freedom of the open sea can be quite exhilarating, people often losing several days simply enjoying the calmness and quiet atmosphere on a sail boat.
What is Sailing like in Croatia?
Croatia is widely regarded as a beautiful country … Read More

Walking tours from SplitWalking tours are one of the most affordable tours to go on. The sheer amount of history that can be uncovered on one, taking the opportunity to sight see unfamiliar parts of a town you normally wouldn’t walk through can be quite the experience.
Why choose a private … Read More

Private Boat tours from SplitPrivate Boat tours from Split
Boat tours are one of the most relaxing tours out there that you can do. Relaxation and beauty are the key things you get to see during a boat excursion from Split. The sights you can see on the open seas are … Read More

Coronavirus in Croatia Covid-19Coronavirus in Croatia Covid-19
The blog is being updated regularly, last update: 25.05.2020.
Whilst the Coronavirus that’s sending people into chaos all around the world continues to spread. It’s important not to panic as countless researchers are working in order to discover the cure or at least medication … Read More

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Cruising has been a part of life ever since man decided to turn long voyages across the sea into a pleasurable experience. And for that reason Cruises from Split might just be one of the most exciting and thrilling ways … Read More

Ultra music festivals tipsTips to enjoy the Ultra music festival in Split
As many of you already know, the pandemic that has been Plaguing the world has made travel rather difficult. Many events and gatherings having to be shut down as Coronavirus runs rampant throughout the entire world.
Unfortunately Ultra … Read More

Deciding what to buy in CroatiaSouveniers in Croatia
Croatia, just like many other countries around the globe has it’s fair share of culture. The historic significance in many of these items/souveniers being worth of the title of protected natural goods.
Certainly one of the most influential souveniers from the country, garnering … Read More

Spending your Holiday in CroatiaVacation in Split Croatia
A place to stay
The first step to planning out a vacation would be to find a place to stay, whether it be a small studio or a big luxurious villa. There’s bound to be something that’s fit for you!
Every passing year Croatia … Read More

Seasons in CroatiaSeasons in Croatia
Croatia is a country that’s famous for it’s Summer. The often hot atmosphere being refreshed by taking a dip in one of numerous beaches that litter the coast of the country. It’s safe to say Summer is both a fun, exciting time to visit due … Read More

Ultra Europe Where to stay in Split CroatiaUltra Europe 2022 Where to stay in Split Croatia
As many of you already know, the pandemic that has been Plaguing the world has made travel rather difficult. Many events and gatherings having to be shut down as Coronavirus runs rampant throughout the … Read More

Most popular things about ŠibenikMost likely the oldest pure blooded Croatian town on the Jadran coast, the main city of cultural, educational center of the Sibensko-Kninske region.
The town was the largest one on the entire Easte coast of Jadran right up until the plague epidemic in the 17th. century. … Read More

What can you do in OmišOmiš, a close neighbour of the town of Split and it’s Diocletian Palace is a popular destination spot for many that have visited Split. Most notably famous for hosting a variety of tours, along with being popular due to the surrounding beaches. Omiš is … Read More

Best things to see in PulaPula, the city that has a dominating Roman history; largely due to the fact it sports a large Roman amphitheatre that was left intact for the most part. The city also has a long tradition of wine making, shipbuilding and tourism. Pula is also … Read More

Best things to see in SinjWhile not necessarily the most famous town in Croatia, Sinj has a long lasting history and culture that you must not miss. Located in the county of Split-Dalmatia, Croatia. The town is also located in the heart of the Dalmatian hinterland, the area more … Read More

Best things to do in RijekaBeing the third largest town and port in Croatia, Rijeka has truly lived a long while. Rijeka belongs to the Primorsko-goranska administrative county. Whilst not as large as Zagreb or Split, Rijeka certainly has a huge community, reaching 191.641 citizens. Even in the past … Read More

Best things to do in ZadarZadar, while not the biggest or the most famous town in Croatia, it certainly has charm. The town is located on in the region of Dalmatia, being the second largest city in terms of population, and fifth largest in Croatia. Zadar is home to … Read More

Best things to do in DubrovnikDubrovnik town, one of the most famous towns in Croatia. The city gaining a boost of popularity due to the hit TV show Game of Thrones being depicted as the fictional city of “King’s Landing”, the home of the Iron Throne. But Game of … Read More

Top things to do in ZagrebZagreb, the capital of Croatia along with being the largest city in the country. The beautiful and often overlooked city is a great place to visit. Whilst it is a city that most people just pass through in an instant without realizing how lovely … Read More

Towns to visit from SplitYou most likely stumbled on this whilst finishing your twentieth walk across Split Old Town, seen what there is to see, experienced what there is to experience. Look no further because you will relieve that boredom by taking a trip to a neighbouring town. There’s … Read More

Kopilica bus station to Split CenterEach passing year Split has to endure more and more tourists. Due to the main bus station, ferry port and train station being located in the center with only one road leading to them, traffic jams happen frequently. To counter this, the town has … Read More

Recommended Islands to visit in CroatiaChoosing the best islands to visit out of 1246 of them can be challenging. Croatia’s islands come in all shapes and sizes, providing some pretty amazing differences between them. Whilst some islands have garnered the attention of tourists, other more remote islands offer peace and … Read More

Budget Travelling CroatiaBudget Travelling in Croatia always seems daunting for a first time traveler. Unsure whether you will be able to afford the trip or not, well don’t fret too much about it. Croatia has a couple of budget friendly options to help you traverse its land! Whether you are … Read More

Camping in CroatiaCroatia is a country that most people visit to explore the beautiful beaches and monuments, dining out in fancy restaurants and staying in high quality apartments/hotels. But if you came here, well, you surely enjoy the more simple life. Experience & explore nature, taking a break to … Read More

Interesting things to keep track for your first time in CroatiaEven if you’ve been to Croatia before hopefully you’ll learn some new misconceptions, common concerns and general tips to explore this beautiful country. Croatia is, after all, a popular destination choice for many over the last couple of years … Read More

Tour Operator in Split Croatia
Tour Operator in Split Croatia
Is this your first time in Croatia?
So you just landed or were planning on visiting this gorgeous country. You might be feeling excited, confused or anxious about being in a new country. But worry not because we are here to help you … Read More

Christmas Market in Croatia 2022Christmas Market in Croatia. Winter is a one of the most loved and festive seasons. The cold weather offering a perfect opportunity to relax and drink a hot beverage whilst warming up next to a fireplace, the crackling of flames being a rather relaxing sound … Read More

Ultra Europe Travel package 2022Ultra Europe Travel package 2022
As many of you already know, the pandemic that has been Plaguing the world has made travel rather difficult. Many events and gatherings having to be shut down as Coronavirus runs rampant throughout the entire world.
Unfortunately Ultra Music Festival 2020 … Read More

Interesting Facts about Croatia
Interesting Facts about Croatia
You might know about what makes Croatia special and popular, the numerous interesting historical sights and monuments scattered around the place. The Diocletian Palace in Split, The famous walls of Dubrovnik, the greetings to the Sun in Zadar all are famous and well … Read More

Where to stay in Split CroatiaSplit Croatia is a beautiful town, the old historic architecture of the Diocletian Palace mixing quite well with the modern busy life of Split. The palace being a small social hub with small shops in the walls, street performers and people enjoying the warm weather … Read More

Excursions on Cruise ships in Split
Excursions on Cruise ships in Split
As you arrive into the harbor of Split you will behold a beautiful sight that will remain in your memory for a long time. The crystal blue water decorating the outskirts of the “Old Town“, reflecting the beautiful historic architecture. … Read More

Exploring Croatia during Winter 2021
Exploring Croatia during Winter 2021. It’s always a mystery what you can do in a country when the main attractions would be the crystal blue and clean beaches. Croatia being one of the countries that have one of the most purest beaches in the world. … Read More

Tours in Split Croatia 2022
Tours in Split Croatia 2022
So you happen to be in Split and looking for something to do in between exploring the historic monuments and neighbouring towns of the Dalmatian coast. Luckily for you we have made a small little post as shown below containing the most … Read More

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Famous Monuments of Croatia 2021Famous Monuments of Croatia 2022
“History lives on through us”
Croatia is a beautiful country filled with crystal clear beaches and amazing history filled architecture. So why not tell you more about most of the monuments and statues that Croatia has. 🙂
Monuments these days are a common … Read More

Cruising along Dalmatia CroatiaWhat better way to explore a place than with a cruise with plenty of other like minded people. The feel of the wind against your face with the salt ocean scent does sound like a heavenly experience; but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.
Cruises are often … Read More

What is Croatia famous for?You might have stumbled in here by accident or were curious what Croatia could be famous for. The beautiful beaches and great architecture being a popular guess. The notable things still not being everything that you may or may not know about this beautiful country.
Famous … Read More

Top things to do in CroatiaTop things to do in Croatia
We often meet people who have never been to Croatia and were wondering what this small country has to offer.
Croatia is a peculiar country with century old cobbled streets that you can meander through. Whether you are planning on … Read More

Croatia must see National parks
Croatia must see National parks
Croatia is a gorgeous place littered with beauty, national parks, forests, old structures protected by UNESCO, even going as far as being one of the most richest in terms of biodiversity in Europe. It can be subdivided between a number of … Read More

Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2021Croatia isn’t a huge country like Italy or Russia but it certainly has charm. Many think that you have to have a few thousand bucks to travel and explore…. but then a backpacker would just chuckle at that and go on a trip with … Read More

Cheap Van transfer Split airport to Split
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The Split airport is situated 25 km outside of the city centre in the direction of Trogir, from the Airport to Trogir city centre there … Read More

Blue Cave tour from Split Blue grotto
Departure point: Split
Departure dates: Every day (optional)
Duration: 10 hours (approx.)
Children: 0-3 – Due to all day speedboat excursion we do not allow children under 3 years
Read More

Rafting Split tour story about Cetina
Cetina River is one of the most peacefull area in Croatia for clean water, white water rafting tour. It is situated in a beautiful part surrounded by quaint villages and is very important, both historically and archaeologically.
Rafting Split tour story about Cetina
The Cetina … Read More

Rafting tour Split
Rafting tour Split
Omis in is a small Dalmatian city and harbour situated between Makarska and Split, located in the end of the Cetina river, surrounded with massive stones. In the history Omis was famous because of the pirates whose ships were a symbol of … Read More

Diocletian Palace walking tour Split
Diocletian Palace walking tour Split
The city of Split is one of the most famous towns in Croatia. An inter regional transport hub and popular tourist destination, the city is linked to the Adriatic islands and the Apennine peninsula. Home to Diocletian’s Palace, built for the … Read More

Boat Tours Split ExcursionsSo I’m guessing you are here because you are interested in boat tours going from Split. Well then, you came to the right place. With our help you can choose which boat tour you would like to go on!
We are assuming you know what other tours … Read More

What food does Croatia have 2022What food does Croatia have?
That’s an interesting question.
Food is the most important part of visiting a new foreign country some say. The various cuisine making most people water at the mouth from seeing some utterly delicious works of art. Whilst many will enjoy Croatian … Read More

Best Restaurants and Bars in Split 2022Best Restaurants and Bars in Split 2022
Some say that food is the most important thing when visiting a foreign country, and I have to agree. Taste true Dalmatian cuisine as you dine in various “Konoba’s” and Bars which will leave your stomach sated … Read More

Best Lookout place in Split
Best Lookout place in Split
“Marjan! A mountain or a hill? Doesn’t matter. Marjan is, as they say, the most beautiful and the most gentle decoration of the city of Split. After all, it has always been that.” -Petar Rossi
The Marjan peninsula with Sustjepan was proclaimed … Read More

What to expect in Split CroatiaLanguage: The official language is Croatian, but English is a mandatory subject in schools all across the country so most if not all of the residents know English to a certain degree.
Currency: Croatian Kuna. Whilst Croatia is in the EU, it has not yet … Read More

Recommendation for tours in Split
Recommendation for tours in Split.
If you are visiting Croatia Split and wondering what to do only to come across vague answers. Here is a list to help you decide on what to do.
Go for the adrenaline rush of paddling down the beautiful rapids, learn … Read More

Adventure adrenaline tours SplitThe thrill of going to unexplored places such as Croatia is exciting to say the least. So go out there and see what Adventure exciting tours Split has to offer examples are down below.
RaftingGo for the adrenaline rush of paddling down the beautiful rapids, learn to jump … Read More

Most popular beaches in SplitEvery neighborhood in Split has a beach, so you can simply stroll from one coastal experience to the next. Split is surrounded by gorgeous beaches. Travelers may find it difficult to choose just one swimming location to visit because there are so many of them … Read More

Best wine and beer in SplitConsider yourself a wine connoisseur? Well then what better way to be classy and sophisticated than to take a small trip tasting various wines and beers. Experience luxury with great wine and beer with these prime places. And why stop there when you can … Read More

Where to party in Split CroatiaI bet you are wondering where you can let the party animal inside you run free. Drinking and appreciating the looks of some gorgeous ladies or handsome gentleman. Well look no further because I’m here to assist you in choosing the perfect club for … Read More