Boat hire Split rent with skipper

Boat hire Split rent with skipper

Boat hire Split rent with skipper

Known as the gem of the adriatic and the birth place of the best inventor. Croatia has more than just historic achievements to offer. The country being mentioned in several places as a hidden gem of sorts that has both beautiful scenery and historic monuments to offer. All the towns and villages in Croatia having their own charm whilst remaining similar to one another, the most common thing being the “Old Towns” that reside in usually centers of various bigger cities like Zagreb, Solin, Trogir and of course, Split. But once you explore the old towns, well, it’s time to venture out to sea to see the various islands, and what better way to do so than with a private boat rental with skipper from Split!

Venture out and see the wide range of islands and isles that litter the Adriatic sea in Croatia. Take in the beauty of the crystal blue water and even take a dip in the middle of the ocean (If you don’t have Thallasophobia that is). The scattered islands easily being visited on a private personalized boat rental with skipper as it allows you to choose where you wanna go during your Vacation in Croatia. Take a look around at least one of the numerous islands/isles on the Adriatic sea. The sights you can see on em proving to be well worth the visit. So if you have the time and energy, we highly recommend a trip on a boat rental to them.

Methods of exploring Croatia

Whilst you came here to learn about how to rent a boat to travel through Croatia, there are other methods of exploring this beautiful country. Some being more beneficial, some letting you see more in depth about the places you visit and others offering the best way to see more of Croatia. Since Croatia has more than just a couple of methods how you can see most of it if not all of it. The country known mostly for the history rich larger towns like Zagreb, Zadar, Split; but there are also beautiful and interesting things to see in quiet villages all throughout Croatia.

Each method of exploration has it’s own perks when it comes to Croatia. If you are going to use your own two feet you’ll be able to see hidden alleyways and enter historic monuments. With a transfer you’ll get to see many more locations and with a private personalized boat rental you’ll get a scenic view over several islands and the Dalmatian coastline.

Sight see the wonders of Croatia by taking a personalized rental boat that is bound to make your trip fulfilling. Simply take a gander at the numerous islands/isles that decorate the coast of Croatia and you’ll know what we mean. There’s so much you can get yourself up to during your boat sailing from Split. After all, you came to Croatia to experience the beauty that the country has. So be free to decide where you’d want to go exploring during your Vacation in Croatia.

There’s after all plenty of things to get up to when you have the time and energy to do so. Don’t let your Vacation go to waste as you make your way all across Dalmatia on a rental boat. It’s all a matter of enjoying your stay so you can rest easy enjoying your time in Croatia whilst sight seeing the landscape of the islands.


Why should you choose a private boat rental?

Whilst you might not see a point in having a personalized boat to rent on your own, there are benefits to it. If you ever happened to want to take a swim beside an island or in the middle of the ocean, you can with a private boat rental. Boat hire Split rent with skipper. Decide which path and the amount of time you wanna spend on the open waters and let our private skipper take you all around. Experience the charm of sailing in Croatia as you take in the sight of various islands and aquatic beauty.

Private boat rental also allow you to take a breather as you just need to tell the skipper where you want to go. Enjoy a relaxing experience where you just need to worry about thinking of places you’d wanna visit during the boat rental from Split. Boat hire Split rent with skipper. Whether it be your first time taking a rental or not, there’s plenty of things to see on the Adriatic sea; who knows, you might even spot dolphins during your boat ride as Croatia is filled with aquatic life that has made the fishing industry quite fruitful. Allowing Croatia a secondary income source that isn’t tourism.

Choosing which islands to visit

Choosing which island to visit

Croatia as a country has more than 700 islands and almost 400 isles for you to choose from. Whilst just a handful of them are inhabited you can still sight see around most islands/isles with a boat, allowing you to take a swim wherever you want during the hot Summer period from your private boat rental. So if you enjoy or ever wanted to take a dip in the crystal clear waters in the middle of the sea, you can when you have the freedom of a boat taxi with skipper rental from Split.

Whilst you are sailing through the Adriatic you might be curious to know what islands offer the best experience. Each island having it’s own unique charm that you are bound to notice when you set your feet on em. Some of the most notable islands being:

  • Hvar – An island that is widely considered as the ‘party island’ due to how close it is to Split and the numerous party clubs throughout it. It also has a surprising amount of fresh water springs and a large fertile coastal plane.
  • Brač – The highest island in the Adriatic sea and also one of the largest close to Split. Brač has been a popular tourist location due to how easy and accessible it is. The island also being home to one of the most popular beaches in Croatia, the so called ‘Golden Horn‘ beach.
  • Vis – Whilst this island might seem far away, taking a whopping two to three hours to reach it and only allowing the same time to explore it before having to catch the last boat back to Split. Vis is one of our favourites also because of the secluded position on the Adriatic sea. The island known for it’s historic army base and wine making.
  • Biševo – If there’s one thing we are sure you heard about, that would be the ‘Blue Cave‘. The famous sight being located on Biševo island which has of course garnered quite a reputation as of the most beautiful sights in the country. Driving more and more people to come visit it each passing year just to experience the ‘Blue Cave‘ and its almost magical glow.

What shall you do during your stay in Croatia?

Now that you have a boat rented with skipper, it’s up to you to decide what you can do with it. There’s more than just pretty sights and swimming to be done when you have control over a boat. Choose to visit some of the before-mentioned islands or maybe even go fishing or snorkeling above beautiful corals or even sunken shipwrecks. Enjoy Croatia to it’s fullest by taking in the wide range of sights on the sea, we are positive you’ll have time to spare during the boat rental with skipper from Split that you won’t know what to do.

After you explore and spend your time on the sea, you’re surely going to want to stretch those legs. Go ahead and explore the various towns on Croatia‘s coastline on foot after you are done with the boat rental with skipper. Visit the larger cities like Dubrovnik, Trogir and Split in order to see the things that a coastal view can’t provide from a boat. Each town having a certain charm to it which makes it unique. So go ahead and explore the wonders that lay in wait in Croatia. The wonders of Croatia can be visited simply with a boat rental that will take you all throughout the Dalmatia coastline. Enjoy a private boat taxi from Split and you’ll get to see the beauty that a simple walking tour won’t be able to showcase.

Tours to go on during your stay in Croatia

Tours are almost a staple in any country you decide to visit and Croatia is one of them. Choose between various tours/excursions that range from boat tours that will show you the wonders of Croatia’s coastline, adventure tours that will test your bravery, and explorer tours that will let you take a deep breath whilst enjoying the nature of Croatia. So get out there, see a little bit more than a boat rental can provide. Boat hire Split rent with skipper.

We are certain you’ll enjoy your time exploring the wonders of Croatia. It’s not everyday you get a chance to visit a new country. So make the most out of your visit by experiencing more than just a couple of historic cities. Croatia being a treasure trove of beautiful sights that are just waiting to be discovered, whether it be with a private personalized boat rental taxi with skipper from Split or a tour from Split. Boat hire Split rent with skipper. There’s always something on the horizon for a private boat rental for you to discover.

Here are just a few of our most popular tours we offer:

Enjoy a refreshing experience that will take you to visit one of the most if not the most beautiful National park in all of Croatia. Sight see and admire the beauty that lies inside the nature park. The tour offering everything from tickets, guide, transfer, lunch & drinks.

What better way to enjoy your time in Croatia than with one of the easiest to get into tours. Rafting has always been a tour that is perfect for people of all ages, offering a chance to admire the beauty of river Cetina along with memories to remember for years to come.

Nothing beats relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day, and it’s just for that reason we can’t recommend this tour enough. Relax and enjoy your time on a bot ride and your time in the beautiful enchanting water of the Blue Lagoon’s all inclusive tour!

Transfer taxi service with minibus

Once you finish your boat rental or excursions you might need a personalized taxi transfer back to the airport or from it. Enjoy a professional english speaking driver to escort you to your destination. After all, transfers can be un-reliable when ordered on the spot, so take a moment to pre-schedule an airport transfer that will pick you up from a pre-designated spot whether it be at the airport or in front of your apartment. We are ready to pick you up anywhere in Croatia and drop you off at any place. Simply book the time and place in advance and wait for us to send you back the offer. Stop worrying about getting multiple taxis for your family/friends because we can accommodate up to 16 people in one vehicle, allowing you not to be separated from your friends/family (If that is what you want).

Enjoy a refreshing transport service in an air-conditioned vehicle. Just sit back and relax during the quiet taxi transfer, all you need to do to organize it is tell us at what time and place to come pick you up, we’ll take care of the rest. We have two vehicles at our disposal fit for a small or medium sized group of up to 16 people. Choose between two vehicles of 7+1 or 16+1 to take you where you’d want to go. We are positive you’ll enjoy your drive as you admire the sights along the way.

Just be patient so we can prepare the offer back to you. It’s not everyday you’ll get a chance to enjoy the wondrous sights of Croatia, with or without a transfer. After all, there’s plenty of sights to see that you won’t manage to with a simple walking tour, so that’s where transfers come in handy. Enjoy a refreshing trip all throughout the Croatian mainland that is sure to enlighten where you’d want to venture on.

There’s also several other places that are worth stopping by at, namely the neighbouring country Bosnia & Herzegovina. Enjoy a refreshing experience that will take you to new unfamiliar sights. Whilst it might not be the same country, Bosnia & Herzegovina has a friendly relationship with Croatia, especially town Mostar proving to be one of the most visited out of country locations for tourists to visit, due to how close and easy it is to go to.

Just make some plans and you can easily get to Mostar in a single day trip to see the old bridge where you might even get a chance to see professional bridge divers. Allowing you to get a feel of the town in a single day, along with seeing the difference in culture compared to Croatia. So make sure to go out there and explore the wonders that Croatia has to provide to you, there’s always something that is exactly fit for you. Whether it be an island to discover during your boat rental or a tour you’d want to experience, there’s more than just simple historic monuments to lay your eyes on.

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Boat hire Split rent with skipper

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