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Go on a charming tour to see Croatia’s crystal clear coves, experience the mystical looking Blue Cave, and many other beautiful sights.

Boat Tours Split
Boat tours Split

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Take your friends and family to the island and learn how to sail and to be one with the nature . The skipper and the chef would give you the real organic food and take you to the limits and leave you with some stories to tell your friends when you come back from Croatia.

Boat tours Split

Experience relaxation as you explore and admire the number of sights during one of our several Boat Tours from Split. Visit unique and beautiful locations that will make you want to simply stare in wonder.

Our Boat Tours from Split will take you to the most beautiful destinations. Letting you experience relaxation and excitement like never before in Croatia. Boat tours from Split being one of the best ways to explore the various islands that Croatia is littered with, along with providing a soothing experience that will make your day.

Enjoy several opportunities, whether you want to visit the beautiful and mysterious Blue Cave or spend the day relaxing and enjoying lunch at the Blue Lagoon. There’s a tour fit for everyone. Don’t spend your day unfruitful, go out on an enjoyable experience that will develop some stories to tell your friends/family.

Some of the locations you will see during the Boat Tours from Split being:

Blue Cave – Widely regarded as the most beautiful and popular attraction on the Adriatic Sea. The Cave is distinctively known for its vivid blue light that shines through the entirety of the cave thanks to an underwater tunnel reflecting light against the seafloor. Blue Cave has an unique method of getting it as well, visitors having to duck down on a small boat in order to pass through a small opening to access the natural wonder.

Blue Lagoon – One of the best locations to visit if you are planning on spending an entire day simply relaxing and basking in the sun. Blue Lagoon has grown quite popular over the years due to it’s charming and beautiful blue shine; especially during the Summer season. The area provides one of the best experiences to simply swim in and relax. Blue Lagoon being so clean in fact that for the most part you can see the bottom even without a snorkeling mask, the lagoon also has a diverse amount of fish and other sea creatures living inside of it.

Golden Horn Beach – One of the most popular if not the most popular beaches in all of Croatia. Golden Horn beach (Cro. Zlatni Rat) is a sandy beach that has the tendency of changing as the tides sweep the sand. The beach is a terrific place to spend a day swimming and hanging out with friends/family. Golden Horn beach is also a popular location for wind surfers due to the wind “Maestral” blowing around it.

Private boat tours from Split

First time in Croatia? Did you not know that a very small country has a lot to offer? Take a chance to explore some of the notable islands you’ll be able to see and admire.

Don’t despair, you are certainly neither the first nor the last to land in one of our Dalmatian towns and now you are wondering which of these islands to visit. Here we will describe our most famous boat destinations and tours, both private and group, that depart from Split, as well as the easiest ways to get there. The three most frequent destinations, and at the same time they are the three largest airports in Dalmatia, which I believe you will be the first to set foot on are: Split airport, Dubrovnik airport and Zadar airport. Of course, Croatia has other airports, but more on that on another occasion.

Here we will mostly deal with the city of Split and private boat tours starting from Split. Split is the center of the Dalmatian region and if you want to spend about 10 days in Split, take our word for it that it may be too much time to see everything, so we will try to present you private tours from Split that you will be able to see in the same time frame within 10 days. So let’s start in order, in front of Split there are 4 large islands that fall under Split and the most frequent inquiries we receive from our guests about visiting them in a private arrangement from Split are most often related to visiting one of those 4 islands. These islands are Brač, Hvar, Šolta and Vis. Making it one of the best locations to make your “homebase” per say at. Enjoy the freedom of visiting several islands from Split easily as soon as you land in Split airport.

Visiting Šolta

Each of these islands are beautiful destinations to visit and each of these three islands has something specific to it which makes them unique. The island of Šolta is also the closest island to Split and is specific in that it is still an oasis of peace as mass tourism has not yet occurred there. Therefore, if you are dreaming of a peaceful destination to spend your New Year’s Eve, don’t think about it anymore. Šolta is the ideal destination for you.

If you decide to go to Šolta and don’t know how to get to the island, don’t despair. You have landed at Split’s Resnik airport and the cheapest way is simply to get on the shuttle bus that takes you to the bus station in Split, opposite to which there is a ferry port just a few steps away, and that would be it. Buy a ticket (you can also buy it online) and head for the clean sea and beaches. Of course, if your plane arrives later and it is not convenient for you to catch the ferry, then you can always contact us and take a private boat tour or a private boat transfer from Split.

Of course, this also applies if you found out last minute that your plane has changed its flight schedule again, just contact us and our skipper with a speedboat will be waiting for you to transport you by private transfer from Šolta to Split or directly to the airport in Split. There’s a chance for everything in life so why not take the fun one for once. Enjoy yourselves as you explore Split city and the islands nearby. We’re more than positive you’ll enjoy yourselves no matter what island you decide upon. Each having it’s own charm to them that is worth mentioning.

Visiting Brač from Split

Another island that is very easy to see from Split is the island of Brač, known for its most famous beach, which we like to brag about, the “golden horn” in the city of Bol. You must have seen that beach on one of the flyers, a beautiful golden beach that often changes its shape depending on the currents or waves. If you have already looked at a few options and offers of tour operators in Split and you are not sure which private boat tour to choose to visit Brač from Split, here you will see some of the most famous destinations and options to look at. Of course, since it is a private boat tour from Split, you decide where to stop, how long to stay in a certain location, in short, you decide everything and it’s up to you to enjoy the clean sea and beaches.

Visiting Hvar from Split

Now we come to Hvar, a city on the coast that is famous for being one of the most famous cities for young party-goers as well as for everyone else who wants to visit the flagship of our tourism. Town Hvar offers everything you need, from the top gastronomic offer to wine tours, the most famous discotheques on this side of the Adriatic, as well as beautiful nature. Nowadays, private transfers and tours from Split are becoming more and more popular, leaving from Split at night and returning in the morning after a great party in Hvar. Therefore, if you want to have a good time in Hvar and you don’t have much time, it is best to contact us and take a private boat tour from Split to Hvar. It’s up to you to have fun, and our staff will think about everything else.

Visiting Vis from Split

The last island left for us to recommend is also one of the most famous for the filming location of the movie Mamma Mia. But don’t worry. That’s not the only thing you’ll enjoy on the island. Vis is very popular for group sea tours from Split, especially because of the blue cave. A natural phenomenon that many tourists visit throughout the summer. In our arrangement, we offer an excellent private boat tour from Split, which will include the Blue Cave and Stiniva beach, as well as some other destinations that will be a surprise. Of course, our guests do not stay only in the Split area, some go further north and south of Split. Therefore, sometimes the routes of our private tours from Split change significantly, as do the vessels in which we carry out transfers and private tours from Split. Vessels, i.e. the ships we use for our private tours, may vary depending on the destination and your wishes. So we offer top quality speedboats for you and your friends, wooden gullets, catamarans for up to 80 people.

Taking a multi-day private boat cruise

We will also mention some destinations a little further away from the city of Split that are very easy to visit if you decide to visit those destinations in a private arrangement. But keep in mind that this already falls under multi-day private boat tours from Split, so in addition to the boat transfer itself, it is also necessary to organize accommodation in the destination.

One of the options is booking a private sail tour with skipper that has a cabin inside, but that all depends on you. The most frequent requests for private boat multi-day tours from Split are for destinations such as the city of Dubrovnik, one of the most famous tourist centers on the entire Adriatic, then Korčula, supposedly the birthplace of Marco Polo. That would be it, our dear guests, if you are already reading this article, you are probably already in Croatia and looking for an idea for exploring the Adriatic. Don’t think any more, contact an agency with experience that organizes private boat tours from Split and you certainly won’t regret it as you take in the sights. There’s after all plenty of things you can do on a private personalized boat tour from Split; let the skipper know where you’d want to take a stop at to swim in the crystal clear waters before reaching one of many gorgeous islands that attract more and more tourists over the years.