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Go on a charming tour to see Croatia’s crystal clear coves, experience the mystical looking Blue Cave, and many other beautiful sights.

Boat Tours Split
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Price: 360,00 HRK per person

Price: 750,00 HRK per person

Price: from 615,00 HRK

Price: 720,00 HRK

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  • wine tasting
  • tour guide
  • boat ride



  • catamaran transfer
  • tour guide
  • VAT



  • snorkeling equipment
  • fuel & skipper
  • wind & life jackets

Take your friends and family to the island and learn how to sail and to be one with the nature . The skipper and the chef would give you the real organic food and take you to the limits and leave you with some stories to tell your friends when you come back from Croatia.



  • air-conditioned catamaran
  • tour guide
  • transfer by catamaran



  • snorkeling equipment
  • water
  • wine & cheese

Boat tours Split

Experience relaxation as you explore and admire the number of sights during one of our several Boat Tours from Split. Visit unique and beautiful locations that will make you want to simply stare in wonder.

Our Boat Tours from Split will take you to the most beautiful destinations. Letting you experience relaxation and excitement like never before in Croatia. Boat tours from Split being one of the best ways to explore the various islands that Croatia is littered with, along with providing a soothing experience that will make your day.

Enjoy several opportunities, whether you want to visit the beautiful and mysterious Blue Cave or spend the day relaxing and enjoying lunch at the Blue Lagoon. There’s a tour fit for everyone. Don’t spend your day unfruitful, go out on an enjoyable experience that will develop some stories to tell your friends/family.

Some of the locations you will see during the Boat Tours from Split being:

Blue Cave – Widely regarded as the most beautiful and popular attraction on the Adriatic Sea. The Cave is distinctively known for its vivid blue light that shines through the entirety of the cave thanks to an underwater tunnel reflecting light against the seafloor. Blue Cave has an unique method of getting it as well, visitors having to duck down on a small boat in order to pass through a small opening to access the natural wonder.

Blue Lagoon – One of the best locations to visit if you are planning on spending an entire day simply relaxing and basking in the sun. Blue Lagoon has grown quite popular over the years due to it’s charming and beautiful blue shine; especially during the Summer season. The area provides one of the best experiences to simply swim in and relax. Blue Lagoon being so clean in fact that for the most part you can see the bottom even without a snorkeling mask, the lagoon also has a diverse amount of fish and other sea creatures living inside of it.

Golden Horn Beach – One of the most popular if not the most popular beaches in all of Croatia. Golden Horn beach (Cro. Zlatni Rat) is a sandy beach that has the tendency of changing as the tides sweep the sand. The beach is a terrific place to spend a day swimming and hanging out with friends/family. Golden Horn beach is also a popular location for wind surfers due to the wind “Maestral” blowing around it.