Croatia camping

Camping in Croatia

Camping in Croatia

Croatia is a country that most people visit to explore the beautiful beaches and monuments, dining out in fancy restaurants and staying in high quality apartments/hotels. But if you came here, well, you surely enjoy the more simple life. Experience & explore nature, taking a break to go inside your tent, the sound of crickets and forest leaves providing a sense of relaxation away from the everyday life.

Basics of camping

One of the simplest activities a person can do wold have to be camping. The fresh air along with the sound of nature making it a fantastic activity to go on, not to mention it’s relatively cheap. Most equipment you’ll need for camping out would be sleeping bags, a tent big enough to accommodate your party, a first aid kit for emergencies and a couple of essentials like sunscreen, food and water.

Another good thing to know is that Croatia in particular doesn’t have all that many campsites where you can go deep into a forest and pitch a tent; like you see in the movies. Most if not all campsites are in secluded spots close to the beach, offer free Wi-Fi, running water, a BBQ grill, etc. So you can feel at home but also avoid the loud buzz of the city back home.

Camping in Croatia

Most people when they think of camping they envision pitching up a tent and lighting a campfire surrounded in big stones. Whilst the idea of it does sound inviting, most camp sites in Croatia have become a lot more modern. Providing guests pools, small apartment/hotel rooms, BBQ spots, water parks along with plenty of other nice quality of life features that surely will come in handy.

The camp sites are usually located along the coast line, some camp sites being exclusive to Camper-vans, some being large spots filled with restaurants, bars, hotels, aqua-parks, etc. Depending whether or not you enjoy the more luxurious approach or the more primitive one, Croatia surely has a couple perfect for you.

Various Campsites

Croatia’s campsites range anywhere between 2* and 5* with small spots capable of accommodating 40-ish people comfortably to large areas for more than 7000 people. If you were more curious on camping out somewhere remote, always make sure to ask the owner of the land you plan on camping on; especially pay attention not to start a fire as it is illegal to do so in Croatia.

Some most notable camp sites would be:

  • Camping park Umag, one of the more luxurious camp sites offer a pool. Guests can spend hours on end exploring the onsite eco-park, discovering indigenous plants (just be careful you don’t explore poison ivy too much). There is also a direct access to a clean pebble beach nearby on which you can lay down and relax.
  • Camping “Bijela Uvala”, for those wanting to spend their time relaxing and enjoying the beach along with pine forests, this is the area perfect for you. You can take a moment to relax and get sunburned a tan on the beach during the day, maybe get a massage during the afternoon whilst the kids take advantage of site-run children’s club.
  • Camp Miocic, this rather rustic looking campsite is rather beautiful. Go ahead and take a dip in the nearby beach before going on a stroll around the campsite. The campsite offers it’s visitors free Wi-Fi along with being pet friendly, so even your four legged friend can enjoy the time camping out.
  • Camping Stobreč Split, if you happen to be exploring the beautiful and popular town of Split, but also wanted to see if any campsites were nearby, well, Camping Stobreč Split is your campsite. Equipped with running water and electricity the camping site provides service to over 1200 people, after all, it is a 4* site.
  • Camping Solaris, probably the most fancy of camping resorts. The resort has three astonishing pools with a beachside bar, a wellness centre and even a Mini Golf course. If you are in the partying spirit, well, the resort also has a pirate ship shaped disco. Another spectacular sight you must see would be the campsite’s water park featuring six water slides and a lazy river.
  • Camp Krka, whilst most of you will know about the famous and stunning natural park called Krka Waterfalls you’ll also be glad to know that there is a mini camp of (1 ha) nearby. The Krka Camp provides a lot of shade due to being set in the shadow of pine trees, offering a quite relaxing feeling as you faintly hear the sound of a waterfall in the distance. Each Camp unit has access to electricity, the camp also has sanitary units at two locations.

Keypoints of Camping

Camping is one of those activities that brings family and friends closer (even if the more squeamish ones aren’t that good with nature and bugs :P). It’s truly a breathtaking and eye opening experience to get a chance to admire and enjoy the quiet rustling of leaves. All in all if you are a fan of enjoying the more simple of times camping is definitely a top choice for many, the natural beauty attracting a numerous amount of people, the clean water and bountiful flora providing quite a sight.

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Camping in Croatia

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