Coronavirus in Croatia Covid-19

Coronavirus in Croatia Covid-19

Coronavirus in Croatia Covid-19

Coronavirus in Croatia Covid-19

The blog is being updated regularly, last update: 25.05.2020.

Whilst the Coronavirus that’s sending people into chaos all around the world continues to spread. It’s important not to panic as countless researchers are working in order to discover the cure or at least medication to stop the spread of it.

The Coronavirus has been a stir in the media for what seems like years whilst in actuality it’s been only less than a month. But it’s important not to let the media influence you too much. After all, there’s no use in buying out toilet paper.

Cases in Croatia?

Even if Croatia only had a couple of dozen people that have been isolated due to the Coronavirus. The situation in Croatia has unfortunately gotten worse over the span of a couple of weeks. But you’ll be glad to know that they have all been isolated and Croatia is doing 100% to contain the spread of the disease.

The total number of cases:
In total there are so far 2224 confirmed cases, some of them already being recovered.

Be careful and informed

We’ll be straight with you, we aren’t a medical facility or someone that knows everything about the virus. But what we do have is common sense. The virus mainly spreads by droplets of an infected person, whether they cough or sneeze. But the virus can also be transferred if an infected individual sneezes on a surface; like a bench of counter and then have a healthy individual touch that, before touching their own mouth, eyes.

Some preventive tricks you can use would be to avoid social interaction unless necessary. Stock up on a bit of extra food and water, but not by much as there are numerous other people that could really use the stuff. Most important thing would be that you really don’t need 30+ packages of toilet paper.

Will I be able to get into Croatia?

Croatia currently has strict rules about entering the country if you’re coming from a known infected country. The country being on high alert and will most likely quarantine an individual for at least 14 days if they came from countries known for having infected.

Whilst travelling can be quite an exciting thing, it’s most likely best if you wait a bit more before setting any plans up. You could be infected without even realizing it as some people don’t show symptoms for 14 days or so.

What else to know?

Croatia is a beautiful gem of a country. The gorgeous scenery you get to experience is truly mesmerizing. But it would all be for nothing if you end up catching the dreaded Corona virus. Make sure to stay safe and take precautions by washing your hands regularly.

What can you expect?

If you are still hungry for adventure to Croatia. Due to traveling difficulties caused by Coronavirus we allow all our clients to cancel confirmed tours and get a full refund 48h before a tour date. So if you’re interested why not check out some of the most popular tours we have at our disposal?

And what better way to start than by recommending the Krka Waterfalls. This lovely nature preserve being one of the most popular attractions in Croatia. If exploration isn’t your thing you also have countless of other options, anywhere from Rafting down river rapids to going on a boat tour to the mesmerizing Blue Lagoon.

If you are more interested in finding a place to stay during your Vacation, be free to look at our offers here. We have anything from large extravagant Villa’s to quite quaint studios.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions you might have, we’re happy to help! 🙂

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Coronavirus in Croatia Covid-19

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