Cruises Croatia recommendation tips

Cruises Croatia recommendation tips

Cruising through Croatia recommendations

Cruises Croatia recommendation tips

Cruising has been a part of life ever since man decided to turn long voyages across the sea into a pleasurable experience. And for that reason cruising along Croatia might just be one of the most exciting and thrilling ways of exploring this beautiful country. Seeing as how more of us can afford to go on the long journey across the sea, seeing as how affordable cruises have become.

But what is a Cruise?


Whilst it might surprise how dumb the question is, not everyone has seen or even heard of a cruise, so let me explain. A cruise is a long or semi-long voyage across the sea which is meant for pleasure. Most of em pampering it’s guests with free three meals and fun activities on board.

Croatia is littered with various sailing tours, trips and cruises along it’s territory. Some lasting multiple weeks whilst others lasting only a couple of days, but the most common are 7 day long ones which will take you across several islands. If you fancy exploration and discovering new lands the 7 day long ones should be perfect for you.

Before you dock on one or multiple destinations it’s best to always check what exactly you can do at the destination, some or rather most main towns having several tours you can do; but it’s always best to book in advance. You can decide to book the tours yourself or let the cruising company handle it for you.

Times have changed for the better, cruises no longer being solely for the rich and wealthy as more and more people can take part in this rather luxurious and thrilling event. 🙂

Are Cruises dangerous?

Whilst every adventure somewhere has it’s fair share of bad luck, cruises in Croatia are safe. The cruise companies offer great service to multiple destinations across the Adriatic, Croatia having a rather low crime rate at that. So don’t worry, your vacation will go swimmingly well, as long as you remember to lay back and enjoy the sights.

What islands will I get to see?

It’s no secret that the coast of Croatia is littered with various islands reaching up to thousands; whilst not all of em are inhabited they still offer a lot of eye candy. As you cruise along the Adriatic sea you are bound to see various islands such as:


Hvar is located on the center of the Adriatic sailing routes, making it an important base for commanding trade up and down the Adriatic. The island being inhabited since ancient times, it is now considered the “party town” of the Adriatic.

Widely considered the sunniest place in Croatia if not the world. Hvar town annually receives around 2700-ish hours of sunlight each passing year; receiving the nickname “Sunny Hvar” due to it. The island is also famous for the production of lavender, being one of the main exports of the island.


One of the writer’s favourite and calming islands, Vis is the perfect spot to come to relax after several days of busy meandering. The island being most famous for the most beautiful beach “Stiniva”, the hidden cove being voted as the most beautiful beach in Europe. Whilst the cove is a little tricky to get to if you aren’t going by boat, it’s well worth the effort at early and late summer due to less crowds.


If you are a fan of secluded islands that are unconditionally beautiful, claimed as the “Emerald island” of the Adriatic sea, Korčula is a sight to behold. Located in Southern Dalmatia the island is widely seen as one of if not the most beautiful islands.

But if you happen to enjoy dry land more so, cycling around the island is also possible due to the fact Korčula has several cycling routes that offer a nice experience for bike & cruise. Korčula is also home to a rather calm and relaxing shopping culture with various gastronomy opportunities; it’s also the alleged birthplace of Marco Polo.

Mainland's beauty

Whilst a cruise to most would mean exploring the various islands that litter the coast of the mainland, it’s not the only thing you’ll get to see whilst cruising along the Adriatic sea. Some most notable locations you will probably see would be:


Dubrovnik tour from Split and Trogir

You might have seen the city in the famous TV show “Game of Thrones”, the notable ancient walls and town being the fabled “King’s Landing”. Dubrovnik’s walls aren’t just for show either as they have withstood countless attacks and to this day are proudly standing and guarding the town still.

A interesting tale about Dubrovnik would be how it saved an English king’s life. In 1192 the English king was caught in a storm whilst returning home from the Third Crusades. Legends speaks how the king prayed to God that he would build a cathedral wherever he reached land alive….and that just happened when he was washed ashore on a small island opposite Dubrovnik. It’s safe to say the people of the island were overjoyed from the king’s arrival, persuading with him to build the cathedral on Dubrovnik and not on the island….but unfortunately the beautiful basilica was mostly destroyed due to a natural disaster; being rebuild in 1713.


The second largest town of Croatia, along with being one of the most popular and sought out vacation destinations. Split has seen it’s fair share of tourists coming and going in and out of the city.

Exploring the old town, “Diocletian’s Palace” is one of the most inviting and most likely first things anyone should do once they arrive in Split. The century old walls and the maze like streets of the palace proving to be quite a sight to behold and experience, several dozen shops and restaurants being located inside the old walls.

After you’re done exploring the old town you might like to see the entire city from the so called “First lookout” which overlooks the entire town; offering a splendid view to anyone that climbs up the steps to it. The lookout is also the start of “Marjan” forest hill which is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Split; if you enjoy being alone and dislike crowds of people we highly recommend visiting them.

Diocletian Palace walking tour Split


Via Ferrata trail Omiš tour

Most likely the center hub of mostly all the tours you’re going to do, Omiš offers it’s visitors an unforgettable time enjoying it’s rather quiet beaches and exciting outdoor activities such as Rafting and Zip-lining proving to be quite a rush for any adrenaline lover. If you are a fan of outdoor activities and want to test your bravery; one of the best tours you can go on would be Rafting to start of with. 🙂


If you enjoy seeing rather interesting, beautiful and frankly cool sights, Zadar has several in store. Some most notable monuments that you will see would be the Sea organs, which produce a melodic orchestra of sound as waves crash into it; Greeting to the Sun, a solar panel display depicting the solar system, the monument being an official small electrical power plant.

2 night Cruise Opatija to Zadar one way


Trogir walking tour

This beautiful little gem of a town is located between two towns, Split and Zadar. For any fan of photography this town proves to be one of the best to go snap some long lived memories with. The town being UNESCO-protected with many interesting sights to see like the Cathedral of St. Lawrence.

What Cruise is perfect for you?

Deciding where to go and how long to stay on a cruise can be tricky to decide, borderline causing a headache to most due to the wide range of offers, but luckily you have me helping you out by showing some interesting routes you can take. 🙂

For starters cruises can be defined into regions:

  • Northern Adriatic
  • Central Adriatic
  • Southern Adriatic

Most cruise options start from King’s Landing, or Dubrovnik, and it’s not just for nothing. Let’s say you arrive to Dubrovnik, you can either go visit each town separately or incorporate a rather fun and thought out one way cruise from Dubrovnik to Split for instance or one way cruise from Split to Dubrovnik, the choices are almost limitless.

The key point of Croatia cruises is that there is a cruise for everyone, from young fun cruises fit for teenagers, party cruises where dancing is almost mandatory all the way to cruises from Opatija.

And for those that would still like to go on a cruise but are a bit low on cash, a mini cruise is an ideal choice. Some mini cruises being even better than long 7-10 day ones due to the fact it’s a little more fast paced. Some most notable being one way cruises from Opatija, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik.

Croatia perspective

But if you want to see an outsider’s perspective of what they thought about Croatia. Go ahead and check out JetSettingFools. Having several travel blogs revolving around Croatia from Top 10 things to see in Split, 2-week itinerary of Croatia and a whole blog post about the Diocletian’s Palace in Split. The blog posts are fun and educational and offer some interesting facts about this country. They were beyond lovely guests that we had a pleasure meeting 🙂

All in all it’s always best to explore the town on foot and visit places that are often left out of most guides and tours.

If you are having any difficulties or want to book a tour or looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help 🙂

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Cruises Croatia recommendation tips

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