Blue Cave speedboat tour from Split

Blue Cave speedboat MAIN

Blue Cave speedboat tour from Split


Price per person: 135€ / 1017.16kn

Rate is calculated with 1€ = 7.53450 kuna

Group size: 12

Duration: 10 h

Departure time: 07:30 AM

  • Boat Ride
  • Professional Crew
  • Drinks on Boat
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Warm Jacket & Blankets
  • Entrance Tickets

Tour Highlights:

  • Blue Cave
  • Vis Island
  • Hidden Cave
  • Crystal Clear Sea
  • Hvar Town


  • Lunch
  • Any Private Expenses
Blue Cave Explore & Enjoy

Tour itinerary:

Meeting Point
08:00 AM
Our tour starts from the city of Split, meeting location is at Obala Lazareta 3, 21000 Split (Dock Sveti Nikola), near the main Promenade or at a location that is prearranged with you. Meet the crew and speed off towards the islands!

Blue Cave
1:30 driving time
After an hour and a half we arrive at the famous Blue Cave where we have some free time to rest before we enter the cave.

Hidden Cave
Short ride
Instead of waiting in lines and wasting your private time we will take you to hidden cave where you can swim inside and explore amazing bay where cave is hidden.

Komiza Town
1 hour break
Discover amazing town on island Vis where Mamma Mia: Here we go again was filmed! Try local food, wine and explore true dalmatian town!

Cruising around the island
1 hour
We will take you to a ride around island Vis where you will see amazing cliffs, hidden bays and small coves.

Swimming stop
Chill Time
Crystal clear sea, stunning bays, amazing boat and even more amazing music! Perfect formula for a perfect trip!

Hvar Town
2 hours break
Most popular location on Croatian islands! Walk on Hvar promenade, climb to fortress, grab a local food and explore small but stunning streets of one of the most popular destinations in Croatia!

Tour description:

The Blue Cave is widely regarded as the most beautiful thing in Croatia. The mesmerizing blue colour inside seeming almost magical in nature. Whilst it might be a beauty to witness, you’ll need to duck down inside the boat in order to pass through a narrow small opening.

If you ever imagined or enjoyed the thought of exploring 115 miles of one of the most beautiful coasts in the world in just one day, you are in luck! Pack a couple of things and let us take you on a memorable boat excursion from Split that will allow you to explore and see some of the most beautiful Adriatic islands: Blue Cave, Biševo Island, Vis Island, Hidden Cave, WW|| Submarine Tunnel, Shipwreck, Šolta island, Island Hopping.

Sightsee areas that you would otherwise miss, getting closer to the beautiful places of the Adriatic. A rememberable day touring between scenic locations that highlight the beauty of Croatia during this boat tour from Split.

Explore the highlight of the tour, the Blue Cave on island Biševo. Visit an authentic fisherman’s village Komiža on the beautiful island of Vis where the famous movie “Mamma Mia: Here we go again” was filmed. Cruise along the South side of the island and admire stunning cliffs and small caves. Swim and snorkel on Budikovac island’s pebble covered Blue Lagoon. Finish your luxurious day wandering the historic streets of Hvar and visit one of the most beautiful harbours of the world. Enjoy the rich cultural heritage and various charms of the Town.

There’s no shortage of time for sightseeing as well as for swimming and relaxation, the trip being an ideal way to see and admire one of the most beautiful Adriatic islands from a whole new perspective.

Important note:

In case of tour cancellation by bad weather, full refund will be made or we will offer you to join the same tour on another day (subject to availability).

In case of medium wind our captain holds a right to change some locations for your own safety.

Tour is not recommended for pregnant women, participants with serious back or neck problems and children younger than 3 years.

About Blue Cave:

Blue Cave has been one of Croatia’s most prized tourist attractions what seems to be forever. First portrayed and described by Baron Eugen von Ransonet, Blue Cave was originally only accessible by diving below sea level, which brought upon a suggestion that an artificial entrance large enough for small boats be built in 1884.

Whilst the natural entrance to the cave is not used by tourists, it is located on the southern side, said to resemble a vault on the ceiling of a grotto. The blue light/aura in the cave being created by that submarine-like opening in the ceiling, creating an iridescent blue glow all around the cave. There’s also a stone like bar connecting two walls of the cave which visitors can clearly see below the waterline, both in underwater and above water photographs.

The cave is one of Croatia’s most popular attractions, attracting 10 000 tourist visits each year. There’s also a similar cave to the Blue Cave not far from it called “The Green Grotto”, which is bigger and has a similar effect, providing an emerald-green glow inside of it.

About Split:

Croatia has several hundred beautiful cities/towns in it’s territory and it just so happens that Split is one of them. Enjoy one of the most popular vacation spots as you take in the sights. Admire the historical architecture and take a dip in the serene refreshing blue waters that surround the coast line of Split.

Split has shown quite a large gain in popularity in recent years due to the hit TV show Game of Thrones being filmed in the Diocletian Palace. One of the most popular aspects of Split being the Diocletian Palace that makes up the heart of the city. But if you would like to experience something more fulfilling, the city has a wide selection of restaurants to dine at, ranging from traditional Dalmatian meals to more world famous like Pizza.

For those that are still planning their trip to Croatia and are curious where they will stay, what they will do and how they are going to get there from the airport, don’t worry, we can provide anything. Contact us and let us assist you in finding an exciting excursion, private transfer or accommodation fit for your needs and wants!

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What to do after?

Split, like many other places has a plethora of things to keep you busy. Anything from tours from Split to historic architecture that is brimming with history. You won’t be starved from enjoyment whilst visiting. But if you happen to want to know which other places you can visit and admire during your stay in Croatia, well, we’ll tell you about some. Croatia having numerous locations that are well worth a visit, whether you plan on staying for a few days or a week. There’s bound to be things for you to get up to and enjoy.

Enjoy a relaxing and delicious meal in one of the numerous restaurants that litter Split. Our personal best picks being:

  • Konoba kod Joze – A restaurant specializing in typical Dalmatian cuisine. Decorated in an old rustic wooden design that gives it plenty of charm. The restaurant is popular among locals due to the named reasons.
  • Bakra Pizza & Steak Bar – Known for it’s charming modern design and delicious BBQ meals. Bakra has grown in popularity due to it’s delicious food and great service. If you were aching for something to sink your teeth into, Bakra would be the place to go.
  • Pizzeria Gušt – Rivaling even pizzas made in Italy. Gušt has been a place where you are sure to eat traditional Italian inspired Pizzas made by Pizza masters. The restaurant interior giving it a quaint rustic and wooden design that fills you with warmth; not to mention the mouth watering smell of Pizza that would make anyone want to stay and taste some.

And after you had your fill of delicious food you might just want to go exploring the historic architecture of Split in the Diocletian palace. The palace being one of Split‘s proudest and most popular attractions. Just take a walk through it and you’ll realize just how beautiful it truly is. There’s after all more than just the restaurants and historic architecture to keep you entertained. Whether it be exploring the Diocletian Palace or enjoying the numerous beautiful beaches.

What’s Blue Cave tour from Split like?

It’s not a lie when we say the Blue Cave is the most beautiful thing you can see on the Adriatic sea with a tour from Split. Enjoy a refreshing experience sightseeing not just the mesmerizing blue glow of the cave, but also the beautiful scenery that Vis island provides. The island retaining its beauty even during pre-historic times. You can easily visit Vis from Split, but a Blue cave tour from Split will enable you to see Vis, Blue Cave, Komiža and Hvar.

There’s no shortage of things on a Blue cave tour from Split. The tour offering more than enough time to explore both Komiža and Hvar with a tour guide before grabbing a bite to eat. Vis town in particular having a rich history, even having the first round of Cricket played on Croatian soil. The island exchanging hands with Italy on several occasions due to its rich military history, still having remnants of old military forts on it for people to explore.

Things to note about Blue Cave

Decide to explore the beautiful isle that holds the Blue Cave. The beauty having a sort of magical feel to it as blue light shines through the small cave giving it a relaxing aura. It is truly a great place to visit if you ever get a chance to do so. Blue Cave being the most popular tour in the entirety of Croatia. Allowing you to admire the mesmerizing blue shimmer of the water inside the cave. So go ahead and enjoy the beautiful sights along the way towards the Blue Cave from Split. We are positive you will enjoy the views from the sea onto the islands. Blue Cave is after all one of Croatia‘s most popular tourist attractions for people visiting Croatia.

There’s after all a plethora of other attractions we urge you to see at some point when given the opportunity. You surely won’t be left disappointed in the wide array of attractions Croatia has to offer. Ranging from similar boat excursions from Split, explorer tours to some of the most beautiful National parks and even adrenaline fueled adventure excursions from Split city. In the end you will have a wide array of things and places to discover whether it’s your first time visiting or your tenth.

There’s no telling what other excitement you might be able to find during or after visiting Blue Cave from Split. After all, there’s more to see other than just visiting the beautiful Blue Cave. Admire and explore the natural wonders hidden in the charming location on the coast. Relax and admire the marine life along the way to the Blue Cave as you might get a chance to even see Dolphins along the journey. Blue Cave tour from Split is after all an excursions that offers an unique experience unlike many other tours.

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Blue Cave speedboat tour from Split