Game of thrones filming location Split tour

Filming location Game of thrones in Split tour

You wouldn’t be going on a Game of Thrones tour if you weren’t a fan already 🙂
Whether you were a fan of the battles, story or the giant dragons. Split has gained a boost of popularity thanks to the show and with that a large number of tourists have come to explore the old town.

Tour description:

Discover and learn about the history of the old town of Split along with learning about the various locations some of the scenes were filmed at. This tour covers all the main attractions, the center of Split, Diocletian’s cellars, Golden gate, Vestibul, etc. A knowledgeable local guide that’s also a true fan of the hit TV-series, will take you through the most interesting spots through the streets of Split showing you where different scenes took place.

Along the way you’ll hear many interesting facts and stories about the Game of Thrones filming time in Split and learn something new about Split, its history and importance for Dalmatia.

Additional info:

PRICE: per person from Split 230HRK / 30.53EUR
Rate is calculated with 1€ = 7.53450 kuna
INCLUDED IN PRICE: Local guide in Split, entrance fee to Diocletian’s Cellars, insurance
DEPARTURE: Split 11:00, 18:30
RETURN: Split 12:30, 20:00

Recommendations: Dress casually and bring your camera and happy thoughts 🙂

About Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a television series that has garnered incredible fame over the years. The fabled show being famous for being on the more generous side of character deaths over the years. As the show progressed we get to see characters develop over the episodes to completely different people that feel real.

The story revolves around characters competing for ownership of a throne made out of swords that were surrendered to the first King of the seven lands. Each one claiming the right to it which, as you’ll soon find out, didn’t lead to a Diplomatic outcome. But that is one of the charms of Game of Thrones, the mystery of what will happen next.

About Split

Split town is the largest town in the Dalmatian coast and the second largest in Croatia. The town garnering quite a lot of attention due to it’s clean beaches and wide range of connections to the nearby islands. For those that enjoy sightseeing and learning about history surely won’t be left disappointed as they take in the sight of the famous Diocletian Palace.

But for those younger generations there’s plenty of night life to go around and various tours to go to. Split being a popular hub from where you can basically go to any nearby island and tour from, making it an ideal “base” of sorts to spend your vacation in. Check out the various excursions from Split like boat excursions to the Blue Lagoon or relaxing nature tours to Krka Waterfalls.

There’s plenty of things you can get yourself up to during your stay in Split, anything from exploring the old historical Diocletian Palace, swimming in crystal clear water or going on an exciting tour from Split.

Diocletian Palace walking tour Split

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    About Diocletian Palace

    Diocletian palace is one of Split’s most famous sights to behold. The palace of Emperor Diocletian is one of the best preserved monuments of the Roman architecture in the world. The palace being built between the late 3rd and early 4rd century A.D. An interesting thing is that the palace wasn’t finished by the time Emperor Diocletian moved in, the construction finishing during his stay inside it.

    Diocletian Palace was build as a vacation home for Emperor Diocletian. The palace being divided into two parts, the Southern part being intended for the Emperor‘s apartment and governmental / religious ceremonies; while the Northern part was for the Imperial guard, military, servants, storage, etc.

    But if you were wondering how you can enter the world renowned palace, there are four distinct entrances or gates: Brass, Iron, Silver and Gold. Over the years people have adapted to living inside the century old palace, the atmosphere creating a sort of harmony between modern architecture with various stores and houses being located inside the walls.

    Emperor Diocletian had several buildings and monuments built inside his palace. The bell-tower of Saint Duje being a notable sight, offering anyone nowadays to climb up to the top and look over the entirety of the palace from. Another interesting thing about Emperor Diocletian is that he had acquired taste, having several 3500 year old granite sphinxes; to which only three survived to this day. He also had a Triclinium, a place where most of the deals with Emperor Diocletian were made, along with being a dining room that hasn’t withstood the centuries that well.

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    Filming location Game of thrones in Split tour