Hiking tour near Split (Marjan hill)

Hiking tour near Split Marjan hill

Greet the day or sunset tour

The over-towering forest hill that overlooks the old town of Split, Marjan is truly a beautiful landmark. For anyone willing to explore and behold this natural beauty, you merely have to walk a couple of minutes to reach the beginning of it. Marjan forest hill also has a couple of myths surrounding it like for example that it is a dormant volcano, judging by the sulfuric water near the base; which is common around volcanic areas.

One of the best and relaxing methods of exploring is to walk through nature, and that’s just what this walking tour offers to its guests.

Tour description:

From Riva promenade, this tour will take us through the old parts of Split, to discover Marjan walking trails covered by the shades of the pine trees, leading us above and around some of the most beautiful beaches in Split where you can choose to go for a refreshing dip, so bringing your swimsuit and towel is recommended. Enlighten yourself with a lot of the rich history of Split, Marjan Forest, the ancient Jewish cemetery and various other well hidden mysteries of this heavenly peninsula on our way to enjoy the scenic view on top of Marjan hill overlooking Split town. Choose between the GREET THE DAY or SUNSET hiking tour and traverse through hidden path​s of Marjan with the local guide who will share with you all the knowledge about history of Split & Marjan Park. We will end our tour at the best view of Split and take a lot o photos for everlasting memory form this tour.

Additional info:

Price per person: from 260HRK/35 euro ( for the group of 2 people and more )
Minimum number of pax: 2
Price per person for One on One option : 50 euro
Location: Marjan Forest Park
Level: easy
Length of tour:2,5- 3 h
Date & time: whole year around; Morning 8:30 / Afternoon: 16:00 or 17:00 , depending on the season
Meeting point: Saint Francis church / Trg Franje Tuđmana 1 / at the end of Riva Promenade
Recommendation: bring comfortable clothes, preferably long pants and T-shirts with long sleeves, appropriate footwear( no flip flops ), hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink, swimsuit & towel.
Included in price: Guide, insurance, pictures from the tour.
Minimum age: 8; Please let us know if there will be children on the tour as they must be accompanied by the adults

Not recommended for people with back problems.
Booking info: The operator has the right to cancel tours without previous notice in case of bad weather conditions

More about Marjan

As you already discovered Marjan is a forest hill located in Split, the second largest city of Croatia. Being covered in lush Mediterranean pine forest and surrounded from all sides by the city and sea, making it a rather interesting sight. Originally being used as a regular park in the 3rd century, the hill has evolved to house several tennis courts and even a Zoo (That has been shut down in recent years). Marjan is by far most known for it’s numerous beaches that surround it; along with the trails running through it. The very tip of the forest hill also features peninsula houses of Oceanography and Fisheries.

In ancient times during King Diocletian’s reign, he built the Diocletian palace just a couple of minutes away from Marjan forest hill in order to take walks around it. Due to the Diocletian palace being inhabited by well over 8000 people, they needed a recreational space so Emperor Diocletian made a small portion of the closer part of Marjan hill into a park for the citizens.

About Split

After exploring the neighbouring Marjan hill you’ll surely want to explore the town that is beside it. Split has been a staple for Croatia’s tourism, attracting more and more visitors due to it’s historical architecture, beautiful beaches and also for being the filming location for Game of Thrones.

The town has an active night life, the thumping of music being heard in certain parts as people enjoy a Saturday to it’s fullest. But for those that enjoy to stuff their face with great food during the day, there is a wide selection of restaurants that can satisfy anyone:

  • Bakra Steak & Pizza bar – For anyone that enjoys a good old fashioned BBQ meal, this place will bring a smile to your face. The interior design has a modern style that is made even better with the aroma of delicious food wafting throughout the air.
  • Konoba Kod Joze – Those that enjoy discovering new sights when visiting a foreign country will usually admire the architecture of beaches of said country. Experience the taste of Dalmatian coast with typical Dalmatia food that will surely make your mouth water. You’ll also be glad to know that this is a favourite among locals.
  • Pizzeria Gušt – Who doesn’t love Pizza? Taste the familiar taste made in a traditional Italian fashion in a stone furnace. Pizzeria Gušt has been a favourite among families and friends alike for several decades, and in keeps on bustling with life even in the quiet side street it is located in.

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Hiking tour near Split Marjan hill


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