Plitvice lakes group tour from Split

Plitvice lakes group tour from Split

Plitvice lakes group tour from Split


Plitvice lakes group tour from Split
Plitvice lakes group tour from Split
Plitvice lakes group tour from Split

Price list and schedule

- Adult Students Youth 7-17 years Children 0-6
1.5.-31.05. Mon – Wed – Fri – Sun 99€ / 745.92kn 89€ / 670.57kn 75€ / 565.09kn 55€ / 414.40kn
1.6.-30.9. Every day 109€ / 821.26kn 99€ / 745.92kn 85€ / 640.43kn 55€ / 414.40kn
1.10.-31.10. Mon – Wed – Fri – Sun 99€ / 745.92kn 89€ / 670.57kn 75€ / 565.09kn 55€ / 414.40kn

Rate is calculated with 1€ = 7.53450 kuna


Departure from Split
11:00 – 15:00h
Guided sightseeing of Plitvice Lakes
15:30 – 16:30h
Time for optional lunch
19:00 – 19:30h
Arrival in Split
* 7:05 h voucher check
Possibly the itinerary may be adjusted due to the traffic, flooded trails or bad weather conditions in the park.

Plitvice lakes group tour from Split
Every day from: 1.5. – 31.10.
7:15 am Start from Split

Price includes:

Professional english speaking guide in Plitvice
Entrance ticket to the park
Hotel pickup and drop off (selected hotels only)
Transportation by air-conditioned bus

Price excludes:

Food and drinks

*Tour is not recommended for children under 3 years old
** Price of the entrance ticket includes boat and tram ride.

Plitvice lakes group tour from Split


Discover this UNESCO World Heritage site with our professional tour guides
Skip the line
Entrance ticket to the park included
Enjoy a fantastic day away from the hustle and bustle of Croatia’s cities
Learn about Croatia’s conservation of natural beauty and the value of water, plants, and animals in Croatia
Take home memories and pictures of amazing landscapes and wild animals
Relax and enjoy in the unspoiled nature of the Plitvice Lakes National Park!


Our comfortable, air-conditioned mini-van or bus will pick you up at the prearranged location and head up through the countryside towards – Plitvice Lakes. The unity and harmony of 16 lakes and their rare natural and cultural value is not famous only throughout Croatia, but also worldwide; earning this remarkable national park a coveted place on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. Arriving to Plitvice, we’ll walk through these ancient woodlands led by our experienced guide. The path takes us first across Gornja Jezera (Upper Lakes), a system of 12 lakes separated by travertine barriers. Then it’s time for a peaceful boat ride towards the second area called Donja Jezera (Lower Lakes), placed in a limestone canyon.

Wherever you are in Pltivice it’s easy to see why its travertine marble formations are such an extraordinary natural phenomenon. The barriers, sills and other forms created in these lakes, karst rivers and streams are stil an ongoing process that shapes the wonderful landscapes that make your walk through the park so enjoyable. It’s these same travertine formations that have and are still creating the numerous magnificent waterfalls here. Over time, the water changes its course, leaving some barriers dry as it deposits new layers elsewhere. This constant evolution makes the Plitvice Lakes never look the same. The best way to actually see this happening is when you are standing in front of the Big Waterfall, 78 meters high. The roaring thunder of the water as it hits the ground is unforgettable! Our journey ends with a tram ride.

With the end of the guided sightseeing we go in a restaurant for an optional lunch. After restaurant it’s time to drive back to Split along the highway, still excited and full of lasting impressions —make sure your camera has extra batteries!

Useful information

Passengers are recommended to bring comfortable items such as comfortable closed walking shoes, sportswear, snacks, water and most definitely a camera to take some amazing photos.

It is also recommended to bring a jacket/warm sweater and umbrella/raincoat due to unpredictable weather conditions in the area (subject to the season and weather forecast).

Tour is not recommended for children younger than 3 years and people with mobility issues as tour includes walking on uneven surfaces.

Please be advised that due to the geographical position and frequent local weather changes, the weather conditions in the Plitvice Lakes National Park may be much different than in Split area. Please check the weather conditions in the park day before the tour and make sure to dress appropriately. As the National park can be quite chilly even during Summer season, but especially during Winter or Fall.

Health & Safety Information

1. Cleaning procedures
Disinfecting surfaces is one key way to minimize the spread of viruses. All our vehicles (bus, minivan and boat) will increase the frequency of our regular cleaning/disinfecting program and all inside areas will be cleaned at least two times per day with the cleaning products which are considered effective in combating coronaviruses (products with at least 70% alcohol).

2. Hand sanitizers
Personal hygiene including frequent hand washing and not touching your eyes, nose or mouth is essential to minimizing the spread of the COVID-19 and other viruses. Hand sanitizers will be available during the whole trip (inside of the vehicle). Guests will be kindly asked to use the sanitizer every time getting in/out of the vehicle.

3. Social distancing (physical distancing)
One of advices about how to stop the spread of coronavirus by avoiding close contact with other people. In our vehicles we leave additional space between passengers. Group sizes will be adjusted in best way to accommodate all social distancing requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you are just looking for the right advice for vacation in these difficult times, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our mission is to provide our services on way that protect our guests and staff in their workplaces.

About Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes is Croatia’s largest and oldest national park. Occupying a total of almost 300 km^2, it’s safe to say exploring this national park will take a while. Experience the blissful nature of Croatia in Plitvice lakes and let your body relax as you take in the various sights of the national park.

Plitvice is positioned in the mountainous region of Croatia, between two mountain ranges of Mala Kapela and Plješivica. The park falling administratively in two counties, mostly in the Lika-Senj (90.7%) and Karlovac (9.3%). There’s a total of 16 lakes inside Plitvice, separated in upper and lower clusters. Allowing visitors to walk throughout various paths in order to sight see the numerous lakes that make up Plitvice Lakes. So get out there, widen your horizons and admire the beautiful natural flora that litters the National park during your Plitvice group tour from Split. We are positive you will enjoy your time on this tour, after all there’s only a couple of National parks throughout Croatia.

Due to the exceptional beauty that has lasted for dozens of years, Plitvice lakes was proclaimed as Croatia‘s first national park in 8th of April 1949. The park is made up of various travertine barriers that resulted in the creation of the lakes, providing outstanding universal value, for which Plitvice Lakes were internationally recognized on 26th of October 1979. with their inscription onto the UNESCO World Heritage list. Making it one of the most popular places to visit in the end because of the wide diversity of flora/fauna you can see. So if you are making plans, Plitvice is a solid pick for you to spend a day at.

What to get yourself up to after Plitvice

After you had your fill with Croatia‘s largest national park Plitvice, you might be itching to continue exploring the beautiful country of Croatia. Enjoy a relaxing time during your vacation as you look at other possibilities to make your time as enjoyable as ever. During your trip to Plitvice, whether you started from Split or Zagreb you can easily continue exploring further to one of those cities.

But if you would like to continue going on various tours, you can easily do so. Choose from different tour options, anything from relaxing Boat tours, Adventure tours, Walking tours or even more Explorer tours! Some of the most notable tours being the following few:

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    About Exploration Tours

    Exploration tours are a mix of walking tours and adventure tour, combining the best things of both. Enjoy a relaxing time as you explore the various nature parks that litter Croatia‘s domain. Take a breath of fresh air and walk around the untouched beauty of various nature parks.

    So if your decision to visit Plitvice lakes on a relaxing and refreshing private group tour isn’t enough, you can always go on a separate private tour from Split. Enjoy what Croatia has to offer during your Vacation here, don’t let your time here go to waste. Get out there and see the view that Plitvice provides to its visitors, whether or not you are visiting first time or planning a second visit to the National park.

    There’s truly everything for anyone in Croatia, whether you enjoy exploring various nature parks, walking around historical architecture or testing your bravery by hanging a hundred or so meters off the ground by ziplining.

    Plitvice have always been a world renowned park with it’s charm and beauty. The National park gaining more and more visitors each passing year, especially during Summer time as more people flock to Croatia to enjoy the sunshine. Allowing you to bask in the sun whilst taking in the sights of the beautiful flora/fauna all around you. So get out there, see the sights and maybe visit the Krka Waterfalls on your way to Split from Plitvice. We are positive you’ll enjoy yourself as you wander Croatia’s bountiful territory. Plitvice have always been a world renowned park with it’s charm and beauty. The National park gaining more and more visitors each passing year, especially during Summer time as more people flock to Croatia to enjoy the sunshine. Allowing you to bask in the sun whilst taking in the sights of the beautiful flora/fauna all around you. So get out there, see the sights and maybe visit the Krka Waterfalls on your way to Split from Plitvice. After all, why stop with exploring only one National park? So keep your chin up, there’s plenty more for you to explore during your Vacation in Croatia. Just decide what to start with as there are plenty of choices to choose from, whether it be a boat tour or another explorer excursion, after all, up to you to make the most of your Vacation.

    Plitvice lakes group tour from Split

    If you are traveling with a bigger group of friends or family, there are also many other private trips that are highly recommended. Making it far more comfortable and, in certain situations, less expensive so you may make some savings. Due to their flexibility in seeing more locations than the original tour had on its itinerary, private tours are becoming more and more popular.

    Don’t worry about getting up too early; with a private planned tour, you may be flexible about the time and location of your departure. When you take in the sights and activities with your friends or family on the private trip departing from Split, have fun. We are confident that you will discover anything to anticipate.

    Choosing a private tour benefits

    Booking a private trip to the Plitvice Lakes is equally simple as doing so for a public one. The private option from Split to the Plitvice Lakes often gives you some flexibility over what you want to do there, when you want to be picked up, and any little advantages you might want to explore or see en route. For those who don’t want to just “follow the ride,” the private option is ideal. Take advantage of our tailored private trip to Plitvice Lakes to have a revitalizing experience! For those that want to enjoy their vacation with more comfort, than a private tour to Plitvice Lakes from Split might just be the perfect option for you. Relax and sight see the wonders of the gorgeous lakes whilst surrounded by family/friends.

    Private excursions are perfect if you have a larger group of people going; and you might even save some money in doing so. Take a trip with your family or friends and enjoy the sights the largest National park in Croatia has to offer. We’re positive you’ll find something to interest you whether or not you’re going alone or with friends.There’s also the other National parks that are worth taking a look at if the opportunity arises like the Krka Waterfalls tour from Split. The National park of Krka Waterfalls being sometimes even better to visit due to how much closer it is to Split.

    What to do after Plitvice

    But for other things that might interest you apart from visiting the various different National parks from Split, you have quite the list. Explore the different attractions in and outside Split at your leisure. Take a walk through the maze like streets of Diocletian Palace during your travels or enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal blue waters on one of many beaches surrounding Split. There’s after all a plethora of activities to catch your interest; whether it be inside Split or somewhere nearby.

    Split is after all almost like a center hub of sorts for various different activities in both the season and off-season. Allowing you to decide where you’d want to go and around how much time you’d like to spend in each location. Either go on a tour from Split or explore the old town on your own two feet. You can also enjoy several dozen restaurants that litter the popular Split city. We’re positive you’ll find something to grab a bite off as Split has plenty of really good restaurants a bit outside the very center. Take in the sights all around you as you meander through the historic architecture that has even been featured in popular tv shows like “Game of Thrones“; allowing you to walk through the same streets as some of the world renowned actors on screen.

    We suggest to take:

    Krka Waterfalls is an astounding national park that rivals Plitvice Lakes. Several cascading waterfalls provide a melodious experience that we are sure you will enjoy. Enjoy a relaxing day simply admiring the beauty of Krka Waterfalls during your vacation in Croatia.

    For those true daredevils, Ziplining might just be the perfect tour to go on. Experience the rush of travelling down a zipline at 80 or so kilometres per hour. Ziplining is great fun, unless you have a fear of heights. 🙂
    Awesome experience in Omiš

    One of the easiest and exciting tours to get into, Rafting has been a popular choice since it was first introduced. Paddle down river rapids and revel in the adrenaline that builds up inside you. Rafting is truly a tour fit for everyone!
    Enjoy the adventure in the beautiful Cetina river canyon!

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    Plitvice lakes group tour from Split