Plitvice Lakes tour from Split

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Plitvice lakes tour from Split


Plitvice lakes group tour from Split
Plitvice lakes group tour from Split


DEPARTURE DAYS: Monday/Wednesday/Friday

PRICE: 480kn / 63.71€ per person
Rate is calculated with 1€ = 7.53450 kuna


  • Explore and admire one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites with us
  • Enjoy a relaxing day at the National park away from the busy
  • Discover new things about the various fauna and flora, along with the conversation of natural beauty in Croatia
  • Bring home pictures that hold memories of beautiful sights and wild animals
  • Take your time to enjoy the soothing untainted nature of Plitvice Lakes

Price includes:

  • Professional tour guide that will be escorting you in Plitvice
  • A hotel transport from and to Plitvice lakes (Select hotels only)
  • Transfer in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle
  • A relaxing scenic boat ride
  • Insurance
  • VAT

Please Note:

  • We recommend you to bring comfortable shoes and comfortable clothing
  • Make sure to be prepared for the weather in Plitvice Lakes ahead of time, as there is often a small difference between Split and the national park
  • We don’t recommend going on the tour if you have serious medical conditions or heart problems
  • The transfer times are approximate as it all depends on weather and road conditions
  • Don’t forget to take your camera with you to take pictures of the tour 🙂

Price Excludes:

  • Meal and drinks
  • Tickets to National park Plitvice Lakes (Please make sure you have cash in Croatian kuna to pay for the ticket upon arrival to the park)
Plitvice lakes economy tour


We’ll start off Plitvice Lakes tour from Split by picking you up from the pre-scheduled meeting point or select hotels in Split or Trogir. Relax back and enjoy the three and a half hour long drive through Croatia until you reach the beautiful UNESCO protected National park of Plitvice Lakes. During the journey, the tour guide will be telling you and providing you with a few historic and interesting facts about Plitvice and Croatia; all the while passing through stunning landscapes along the way.

More about the tour:

As you arrive in Plitvice, one of Croatia’s most popular and beautiful National parks, start your journey on a hike through the mesmerizing forest, following the guide on a 4 kilometre long track to Gornja Jezera (Upper Lakes). Along your trek through the National park you will surely be mesmerized by the turquoise lakes, cascading waterfalls and scenic views at the viewpoints. The National Park of Plitvice Lakes is made up of sixteen lakes that are connected one way or another with various travertine waterfalls and surrounded by beautiful forests. You’ll find no shortage of routes or hiking trails, as well as boardwalks that run along and over the numerous lakes in Plitvice Lakes.

Plitvice tour:

If you were curious how the tour can get better, well after the hike you’ll be hopping onto a boat to get the best possible view of the lakes. Depart the boat after a short while to walk for a bit in order to enjoy the views of Donja Jezera (Lower Lakes). When you had enough to see you’ll be getting on a scenic train ride to enjoy a final view over the mesmerizing destination.

Before getting back to Split, we will have one more small detour to a popular Croatian restaurant with local cuisine which is a must see stop. Take a chance to taste some of the local specialties of the Lika region or enjoy a relaxing walk to stretch your legs.

Returning to Split:

After spending a considerable amount of time simply exploring the enchanting beauty of Plitvice National park during a tour, it’s time to return to Split or Trogir where you’ll be dropped off at your hotel / meeting point. Hopefully you’ll also bring back a lot of memories and photos from this beautiful tour from Split. After you are done with a Plitvice Lakes tour from Split you can always rest easy or go on another tour similar to Plitvice group tour from Split. Experience the wonders of going to new unfamiliar destinations, whether it be in Split or outside of it. Plitvice tour from Split for that reason being one of the best tours to take if you want to experience nature and sight see the natural flora & fauna.

In the end, it’s all a matter of personal preference where you want to go. Whether it be another trip to Plitvice Lakes from Split or a different tour like Rafting from Split. There’s more than just a handful of excursions for you to go on when you come back home and plan your next trip to. So don’t worry too much about missing out on seeing something, as there can be plenty more sights to witness during your short stay in Croatia.

Plitvice Lakes tour from Split:

If you came to Croatia to see what it has to offer you won’t make a mistake by going on a tour from Split to Plitvice National Park. Plitvice being one of the most beautiful Nature parks in Croatia. The lakes being the largest but also one of the most visited parks all around the year due to it’s stunning beauty.
The tour be lead you to the most beautiful and largest Croatian park that is also an UNESCO World Heritage site since 1979. Plitvice nature park has small travertine waterfalls connecting 16 lakes. The National Park covers the surface of 29685 ha, where lakes take up to 200 ha, while forest covers the rest of the park. One of the attraction is the 78 meters high waterfall called Veliki Slap which is the highest waterfall in Croatia. Besides the guided walks through wooden paths, you will enjoy the boat ride across the biggest lake called Kozjak and a short train ride. Your impression will be complete during the drive through Lika region, its mountains and forestry landscape.

What to do after:

So you finally finished Plitvice lakes tour from Split and are curious what you can do now. There’s plenty of things to get yourself up to during your stay in Split. Anything ranging from simply admiring the historic ruins of Diocletian Palace to swimming in the crystal clear waters. Take a chance to sight see the numerous attractions from Split by going on an excursion from Split!

Let us settle anything from finding a place to stay at, to organizing a group or private tour to take part in. Let us organize the perfect vacation for you! We can offer anything from soothing walking tours to exciting adrenaline fueled adventure excursions from Split that will leave you wanting more. So what are you waiting for? Don’t let your vacation in Croatia be uneventful!

Split having a plethora of options to get yourself up to. Ranging from exploring the quiet historic Old Town to possibly going on another tour that will get your blood pumping. The city also offering quite a bit of entertainment by simply exploring its surroundings. Marjan forest hill for instance being a great location to go visit and spend some time on, offering a recreational trail and several dozen swimming locations all around it. The forest for that instance being a favourite among locals because it offers plenty of shade compared to other beaches in Split.

About Exploration tours:

Exploring lush nature parks is one of the most relaxing and thrilling experiences, but that’s what Exploration tours are all about. Experience relaxation as you sight-see and explore a range of different sights and monuments.

These tours are usually meant for those that would just like to relax whilst experiencing something new. Let yourself relax and take in the fresh air of nature, after all, you came to Croatia to have a lovely Vacation. In the end Explorer tours offer the best experience if you just want to take in the sights. There’s also an opportunity to learn some history about the parks you’ll be able to see like what flora and fauna resides in em. The National parks in Croatia providing a rather tranquil experience when you just need a moment to relax. So get out there, widen your horizons and discover the true intricacies of Croatia that we are positive you’ll enjoy discovering.

COVID-19 precautions:

  • Customers must keep a distance from one another
  • There’s a limited amount of visitors allowed
  • Anything that customers might touch is frequently cleaned
  • Customers must wear and bring their own masks at all times during the tour

About us:

We are a tourist agency specializing in tours / excursions from Split. If you are in need of anything from finding a place to stay, to wanting to go on a private tour from Split, we can provide it. Let us worry about making plans and just let us know what you would like to see or do during your stay in Croatia.

We suggest to take:

Krka Waterfalls is an astounding National park that rivals Plitvice Lakes. Several cascading waterfalls provide a melodious experience that we are sure you will enjoy. Enjoy a relaxing day simply admiring the beauty of Krka waterfalls during your vacation in Croatia.

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