Sea kayaking in Split: Cliff jumping & Snorkeling

Sea Kayaking MAIN

Sea kayaking tour from Split


Price per person:50€ / 376.73kn

Calculated 1€ = 7.53450kn rate

Minimum number of persons: 2

Duration: 3-4 h

LOCATION: Marjan Forest Park, Split
DIFFICULTY: easy to moderate
15.04. – 14.05. at 10:00 & 16:00
15.05. – 31.08. at 9:00 & 16:00
01.09. – 30.09. at 9:00 & 15:00
01.10. – 31.10. at 10:00

WHAT TO BRING: towel, bathing suit, T-shirt to wear under the life vest, wet shoes, snack, change of clothes, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink (1,5 l)
PRICE INCLUDES: kayaking and snorkeling gear, licensed tour guide, education on safety and basics of paddling, watertight barrel for your belongings, insurance, photos from the tour

Important info:
Not recommended for people with back problems. The operator has the right to cancel tours without previous notice in case of bad weather conditions. All participants sign written waiver form before the start of the tour.

Meeting point & Time:
Saint Francis church / Trg Franje Tuđmana 1 / at the end of Riva Promenade 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

sunset kayaking

Sea Kayaking tour from Split with snorkeling

Enjoy the natural beauty of Marjan forest hill as you paddle around the gorgeous forest. Admire the memorable scenery with this fun relaxing adrenaline tour that will leave you wanting more! Enjoy the beautiful sights you will get to see as the guide leads you around one of Split’s most popular sights, Marjan forest hill.

Make your holidays memorable and take the opportunity to explore Split from the sea in a fun way suited for everyone. Enjoy the combination of breathtaking view of the Kozjak and Mosor mountain chain while paddling around Marjan Park Forest. Small beaches and hidden historical treasures, some of which date back to the 13th century will make your day unforgettable, while you kayak under the supervision of your tour guides to the south side of Marjan hill.

Tour description:

The tour will take us to the stone pyramids emerging from the sea where we will take a break for snorkeling and exploring the underworld. Those who want can take the part in cliff jumping while we take videos and pictures for you to take home as a memory from this tour. The tour ends where we started near Poljud football stadium, which is a cultural monument and protected heritage and well known home of Hajduk Split football team.

About Kayaking:

If you ever wanted to see the sights from a different point of view, kayaking might just offer that chance. Kayaking is one of the oldest and most relaxing experiences there are. The mix of light physical activity with the beautiful sights you’ll get to see making it quite popular among children and adults alike.

One of the great things about kayaking is also the availability of it. The easy to get into sport garnering quite the attention from most if not everyone, since it is rather easy to spot on beaches and in rivers. So don’t waste your time in deciding to go on this fun excursion. Let yourself be free as you paddle around the beauty of Marjan.

About Split:

So you’ve decided to learn more about this beautiful town that hosts several dozen tour options. Split is a historic town filled with interesting century old architecture that attracts more and more tourists throughout the year. But if that part of travelling doesn’t interest you, Split has a wide array of various beaches for you to relax on.

Experience the joys of Croatia‘s famous blue clean beaches and take in the sun. Split is notable for having quite a bit of sunlight all throughout the day. But for those of us that can get easily sunburned, we highly recommend beaches around the forest hill Marjan, as the trees offer quite a bit of shade.

If you happen to be hungry for more adventure, be free to contact us. We can arrange mostly any kind of tour, ranging from boat, explorer, walking and adventure style excursions. But if you are already done with planning for tours, we can also offer various apartments for you to stay at during your vacation in Split.

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Sea kayaking tour from Split

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    Where to go after Split?

    Whilst this might be a rather difficult question to answer, it’s not impossible. Split having several interesting and exciting things to get yourself up to. Anything from various tours from Split to simply enjoying some restaurants. But if you happen to have had your fill of this historic town, there’s several things to do after.

    Explore the neighbouring towns like Omiš, Sinj, Trogir, etc. and see how they differ from Split. After all, Croatia is a country full of beautiful sights that you have to admire and see for yourself. Anything from visiting historic towns to admiring one of several National parks that are littered with beauty.

    There’s also Marjan forest hill that is located in Split, offering a stunning view of the entire town from several of it’s viewpoints. The park also hosts several beaches around the base of it which provide plenty of shade due to the large dense forest. Marjan having a long history even during Roman times as a recreational area for Emperor Diocletian and his people.

    There’s also the islands that are near to Split, each having their own charm to them. Hvar & Vis being a popular destination due to their natural beauty and wide range of beaches littering the coast. It’s safe to say you won’t be feeling bored as you admire the islands and walk around their natural beauty.

    But if sight seeing and enjoying the sights in Split aren’t to your liking, you can always go on another exciting tour. Split being one of the best towns to stay at if you plan on going on several tours due to it’s well connected nature. Providing you with a chance to experience similar tours to Kayaking like Rafting, Ziplining or something more relaxing like Krka Waterfalls or the Blue Lagoon tour from Split.

    Visiting Krka Waterfalls after?

    There are many magnificent sites to view at the National Park, which is quite a lush setting. Ones that stand out are the numerous waterfalls that flow across the park, filling Krka with a melodic cascade. One of the most well-liked trips from Split is the one to the Krka Waterfalls. Because to its extreme popularity, Krka Waterfalls has the distinct problem of being overrun by tourists during the season. You may avoid or plan a visit to Krka at the times when the national park is relatively quiet if you take a private tour.

    Due to its tranquility, the National Park has gained a lot of notoriety during the past twelve years. The tranquility of Krka National Park is constantly praised by visitors, and as a result, it attracts a lot of attention. After all, the excursion to the Krka Waterfalls from Split is one of the most popular in Croatia. To bypass the restrictions of a group trip, go ahead and visit it with a private excursion from Split to Krka.

    The Krka tour from Split offers everything you would need, including lunch at a local restaurant, a trip to Šibenik, and tickets that are included. Krka Waterfalls is the ideal location to come for these and many more reasons since the National Park offers a variety of fun activities. Due to its proximity to some of Croatia’s largest towns, the nature park has received praises for both its beauty and use. There are a number of other factors as well, including as the waterfalls, caves, and ancient Roman structures, which make Krka the greatest place to visit in the lovely National park of Krka Waterfalls. Enjoy yourselves with this natural wonder so you can admire the various amazing architecture that the nature park has in store for you. Take a trip to the National park after enjoying your time paddling in a kayak around Split city.