Sunset kayaking tour from Split

sunset kayaking

Sunset kayaking tour from Split


Price per person: 50€

Minimum number of persons: 2

Duration: 3-4 h

Location: Split / Marjan park
Trail length: app 10 km
Difficulty: easy / moderate
Previous experience: not necessary
Kids on tour: please let us know if there will be children on the tour as they must be accompanied by the adults
Minimum age: 12
Meeting point & Time: Saint Francis church / Trg Franje Tuđmana 1 / at the end of Riva Promenade 15 minutes before the start of the tour.
15.05. – 15.06. at 16:00
16.06. – 31.08. at 17:00
01.09. – 30.09. at 15:00

WHAT TO BRING: a towel, bathing suit, wet shoes, spare clothes to change after the tour, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, refreshing drink (minimum 1,5 l), T-shirt to wear under the life vest (Lycra if you have it, cotton if you don’t), quick-drying sports shoes or wet shoes
PRICE INCLUDES: paddling and safety instruction, licensed tour guide, sit on top double kayaks, life jacket, paddle and watertight barrel for your belongings, mask with snorkel, insurance

Important info:
We do not recommend kayaking tours to non-swimmers and people with back problems.
The operator has the right to cancel tours without previous notice in bad weather conditions.
All participants sign a written waiver form before the start of the tour.

sunset kayaking

Kayaking tour with Snorkelling Morning or Sunset Tour

Make your holidays memorable and take the opportunity to explore Split from the sea in a fun way suited for everyone. Enjoy the combination of breathtaking view of the Kozjak and Mosor mountain chain while paddling around Marjan Park Forrest. Small beaches and hidden historical treasures, some of which date back to the 13th century will make your day unforgettable. While you kayak under the supervision of your tour guides to the south side of Marjan hill you will definitely have fun day.

Tour description:

The tour will take us to the stone pyramids emerging from the sea. There we will take a break for snorkeling and exploring the underworld. Those who want can take the part in cliff jumping while we take videos and pictures for you to take home as a memory from this tour. We finish off the tour where we started, near Poljud football stadium. Poljud stadium is the cultural monument and protected heritage home of Hajduk Split Soccer team. Enjoy a relaxing but exciting sunset kayaking tour from Split. Because who doesn’t like spending time relaxing on the sea?

About Kayaking:

Kayaking is a beginner sport that revolves around, well, kayaking across water. Whilst it is similar to another sport called “Canoeing”, it has some key differences, mainly the sitting arrangement and number of blades on the paddle. The Kayak is a canoe-like boat that sits low-to-the-water in which the paddler sits facing forward, with the legs in front, using a double-bladed paddle to pull themselves first with one side and then the other in rotation. Kayaks also come in various shapes and materials, inflatable and open decked kayaks gaining in popularity in recent years. So if you happen to be wanting to experience kayaking during sunset, we can also offer a private option for Sunset kayaking tour from Split. Don’t stop planning out an exciting excursion during a sunset that will leave an everlasting memory for you to tell your family & friends.

About Split:

So you’ve decided to learn more about this beautiful town that hosts several dozen tour options. Split is a historic town filled with interesting century old architecture that attracts more and more tourists throughout the year. But if that part of travelling doesn’t interest you, Split has a wide array of various beaches for you to relax on.

Experience the joys of Croatia‘s famous blue clean beaches and take in the sun. Split is notable for having quite a bit of sunlight all throughout the day. But for those of us that can get easily sunburned, we highly recommend beaches around the forest hill Marjan, as the trees offer quite a bit of shade.

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    About Marjan forest hill

    During your kayaking tour you are going to be going around one of Split’s most popular landmarks, the Marjan Forest hill. Enjoy a spectacular view of this notable forest hill from the comfort of a kayak. Marjan has been used by locals as early as the 3rd century, making it a favourite recreational and weekend excursion center due to it’s relaxing ambience. The forest hill holds several buildings, the institute of Oceanography and Fisheries sitting at the tip of the peninsula, along with a city Zoo that has been abandoned over the years.

    An interesting thing to note is that Emperor Diocletian built his palace just a couple of minutes away from Marjan. Just like modern times, the palace-city was inhabited by up to 8000 to 10 000, people that required parks and recreational space, therefore Emperor Diocletian organized particular areas of Marjan that were close by as a park.

    Someting interesting

    Over the last century or so, Marjan has become quite a symbol of Split. As the city expanded they decided to leave out Marjan out of it due to it’s rocky and difficult terrain, becoming a part of wilderness next to the very center of Split. It didn’t take long for citizens to start visiting the forest hill as a romantic getaway, along with being a rather popular spot to go swimming due to it’s secluded and shade covered locations. There’s also a legend that Marjan is actually a dormant volcano, evidence being that they found sulphuric water at the base of the hill; which is commonly found near volcanic areas.

    Marjan has become a symbol of Split in the last century and a half, before that it was considered an ordinary part of the landscape. As the city grew, however, it was left out because of its rocky and difficult terrain, and became, in effect, a part of the wilderness next to the very center of the city. Soon the citizens started to frequent it as a picnic spot and a romantic retreat, its many beaches adding to its popularity as well.

    What to do after Split

    Whilst Croatia, Split is particular has grown considerably in popularity in recent years. There’s always something more to see and admire. Don’t let Split be your only destination whilst staying in this beautiful country. Take the chance and see various towns and cities like Omiš or Dubrovnik.

    If you simply came to Split to enjoy the architectural wonders or the beaches, there’s plenty more to set your sights on. Enjoy the wonders of Split from a new perspective, sight see and explore the various islands that are nearby or go on an exciting adventure tour. There’s truly no limit to what you can get yourself up to during a Vacation. Explore the wonders that lay in wait whilst exploring the nearby cities or excursions from Split. Whether it be similar adrenaline focused tours, beautiful refreshing explorer tours or even boat tours to let you soak in the sun and take a dip in the refreshing cool water. Tours from Split are almost limitless in the options you can make. So you can relax as you explore the wonders hidden in and around Split city.

    Some of the most notable tours from Split being:

    • Krka Waterfalls all inclusive tour from Split – Enjoy a refreshing experience where you admire and sight see one of Croatia’s most beautiful National parks. Admire the stunning beauty that has become world renown due to the natural ambiance covering Krka. With our all inclusive tour you won’t have to worry about food, tickets or transfer in getting there; simply relax and enjoy the views.
    • Blue Lagoon tour from Split – if you’re in love with Croatia’s crystal clear beaches then surely you will find a visit to the Blue Lagoon one of the best places for you to enjoy. Admire the mesmerizing blue water of the famous lagoon and enjoy yourselves.
    • Rafting from Split – Those of you that take joy in feeling some level of excitement will find Rafting to be one of the best tours from Split for the adrenaline rush. The tour being one of the most beginner friendly adrenaline tours that’s accessible to people young & old alike. Rafting becoming a staple all around the world; wherever there is a river flowing that is.
    • Kayaking in Split – If you ever thought of any tour, Kayaking would have to be one of the first things you come up with. The tour being more relaxing than adrenaline focused as you paddle either down a river or on the open sea. Admire the views from the water as you paddle around the forest hill of Marjan; either during the day or sunset where you can see an absolutely stunning view. The Kayaking tour being the best tour to go on for people of all ages; whether young or old.
    • Zipline from Split – Those of you that have a bit of daredevil blood in you will surely feel excitement in regards to this tour. Enjoy dangling and zipping above Cetina river at even 70km/h several hundred meters above the river Cetina. Feel the wind rushing past your face as you descend down several ziplines. Just hope you aren’t afraid of heights if you decide to go on the zipline tour.

    If you simply came to Split to enjoy the architectural wonders or the beaches, there’s plenty more to set your sights on. Enjoy the wonders of Split from a new perspective, sight see and explore the various islands that are nearby or go on an exciting adventure tour. There’s truly no limit to what you can get yourself up to during a Vacation.

    Sunset kayaking tour from Split
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    Sunset kayaking tour from Split