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Transfer from Split airport to Mostar – Distance 191 km

Our driver will be waiting for you at the Split airport with your name on a sign. He is going to help you with the luggage and he will know all the details. So be free to take even a Mostar to Split airport transfer if you need it. We are here to help after all, so be free to ask us for any arrangement or transfer.


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Transfer from ferry port to Split airport

As you land in Split airport you are bound to want to make your way to the beautiful old town of Mostar as soon as possible. Once you meet up with your english speaking driver it’s time to set forth on a private transfer to Mostar. On your way you’ll get a chance to see various sights, along with passing the border with Bosnia & Herzegovina.

About Us

Adiona Travel is a travel, tourist and transfer agency situated in Split, Croatia. We offer everything from exciting tour options all the way to van transfer services in Croatia, mainly in the Dalmatian region. If you happen to want to take a transfer service, you can choose between two air-conditioned vehicles, 7+1 and 16+1 that makes it perfect for smaller and larger groups of people.

If you decide to go with our company, you will get a pre-arranged price/rate for every transfer so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs that will burn a hole in your wallet. We pride ourselves in offering the highest transfer quality and are open to adjusting your schedule if needed.

We will provide you with a great service for an affordable price for your transfer. Enjoy a comfortable transfer experience with an english speaking guide that will make the transfer service all the more enjoyable. The driver will make sure to pick you up and drop you off right in front of the destination/accommodation that you need.


About Mostar

Mostar is one of the cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The town being quite a famous tourist attraction and sight seeing location due to the architecture it has. Take a taxi service from Split airport to this beautiful town and see the “Old Bridge” with your own eyes. The bridge actually being destroyed during the domestic war and later rebuilt. Enjoy the historic beauty of it be renting a car with driver to visit Mostar.

The town of Mostar being a particularly beautiful place to visit. As well as providing unique food that’s well worth the visit for that alone. Take a private transfer to the lovely town and make the trip well worth it. You’ll be greeted with unique architecture as well as delicious unfamiliar food that’s bound to make you wanting more.

Perks of taking a private transfer

Private transportation offers the chance to relax and avoid worrying about planning the perfect holiday while making all the necessary stops along the way. Therefore, it offers one of the best ways to travel through Croatia‘s vast country in the most comfortable way, regardless of whether you intend to book a minibus taxi or a minibus private taxi. Rarely do you get the chance to travel alone with a hired driver to soak in the exquisite beauty of a distant land. Don’t miss the chance to see Croatia‘s undiscovered or, more accurately, hidden gems. Croatia offers more than simply stunning beaches and backdrops for movies, after all.

Explore Croatia‘s stunning scenery; we’re confident you’ll uncover some things that will make you incredibly happy. One of the best methods of getting to Mostar would be with a private transfer. Don’t worry about the hassle of waiting or finding a transfer, simply book one in advance with us! Enjoy an air-conditioned van transport that we are sure you’ll enjoy. After all, a Vacation shouldn’t be about worrying about catching the bus to Mostar.

Explore Croatia‘s natural beauty and historical sites at your leisure. In the main cities all around Croatia, take a private taxi service to see the historic towns; you won’t be disappointed. After all, an increasing number of individuals have traveled to and explored this lovely nation throughout the years. To see the attractions up close, all you have to do is take a private taxi from the airport. So venture out and try your luck in discovering the ideal activity for you to partake in, whether it be in Split or any other place. Expand your horizons by traveling to new, unfamiliar cities all throughout this country.

Why take a private taxi instead of a public bus

While there are some minor differences between a private and a public taxi, they both basically work the same way to get you where you need to go. Private taxi services provide a tailored, occasionally precise path you’ll follow to take in the view or stop at a few places along the way. Take advantage of the company of an English-speaking taxi driver as he drives you to and from the airport in privacy. Whether it’s a minibus airport taxi or a Mostar to airport taxi, just let us know the pick-up and drop-off locations, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll take care of planning the route to take to get you there. Therefore, you may unwind and focus only on enjoying your trip fully without the worry about catching a bus.

Private taxi transfers are becoming the norm among many. Enjoy a refreshing air-conditioned drive with an english speaking driver from Mostar or from Split airport. There’s numerous sights and destinations you can take a look at during your travels throughout Croatia and neighbouring countries. Simply decide where you want to go and we’ll handle everything from organizing it to taking you there.

Sights in Monstar

Whilst Mostar is a town in an entirely different country than Croatia; being located in Bosnia & Herzegovina. It has become quite a popular destination to visit with how close it is; having rich history with the architecture as well as friendly relations with Croatia. Sight see and discover historic ruins, some of them even being reconstructed over the years to preserve the historic charm that was lost during the homeland war. The town quite famous for it’s Ottoman influence when it comes down to architecture. There’s several other nearby places that share the influence in Bosnia & Herzegovina, making it a rather unique experience and a fair bit different than Croatia.

But after you explore the historic old town of Mostar, why not take a detour to some of the local villages of Bosnia & Herzegovina. The country largely influenced during the Ottoman rule as expressed with it’s architecture over the years. Make the most out of your visit during a private mini-bus transfer to Mostar by enjoying the sights along the way, we’re positive you’ll enjoy the trip; just make sure to have a passport with you.

Mostar Old Bridge

Also known as Mostar Bridge is a bridge that collapsed in 1993 due to shelling on 9th of November during the Croat-Bosniak War. The bridge was later rebuilt and opened on 23th July, 2004. Old Bridge was considered a legitimate military target by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. So taking a transfer to the beautiful historic city of Mostar from Split airport should be a piece of cake.

There’s also a long standing tradition built around the bridge where you can see and even pay professional bridge jumpers to dive into the river Neretva. Hosting a traditional annual competition end of July. The first person that officially jumped from the bridge was “Enej Kelecija“.

The “Mostar bridge” is widely considered an exemplary piece of Balkan Islamic architecture and was commissioned in 1557 by “Suleiman the Magnificent”. It was designed by the apprentice and student of architect Mimar Sinan, who built a plethora of Sultan’s key Istanbul buildings all around the empire. The student called “Mimar Hayruddin“.

Stari Most museum

The entrance to the Stari Most Museum is located at the eastern end of the bridge, although it’s easy to overlook because of all the tourist gift stands erected there. The Museum is separated in three sections that make up the place. Making it a worthwhile trip if visiting from Split airport with taxi mini-bus transfer to Mostar.

The six-story tower at the end of the bridge is where Section A is located. Although there are a few exhibits inside, the main draw of climbing the tower is to gain a bird’s-eye perspective of Stari Most. From there you can get a pretty amazing view of the surrounding areas so why not take a private taxi ride from Split to Mostar.

For section B, leave the exit and turn left to follow the signs to an area of underground archaeological dig that few visitors even know about. The “labyrinth” section of Section C is a corridor lined with exhibits and pictures that describe the history, devastation, and reconstruction of the bridge.

Mostar Old Bazaar

The Kujundiluk, one of the oldest areas of Mostar, is located in the city’s center. It is a narrow, charming, cobbled street that dates to the middle of the 16th century and is home to a number of distinctive craft stores and traditional eateries. With more than 500 workshops during the Ottoman era, it was once the beating center of commerce for the entire region. Rent a mini-bus taxi transfer to take you from Split airport to Mostar. Enjoy the sights that this historic town has without worry.

Even with the changes brought on by the passage of time, this road has preserved its historic exterior, highlighted by the constant presence of mosques and modest inns, as well as some of its most distinctive crafts, including the hammering of copper and the weaving of carpets. Which are a joy to see in the modern day and age. Take a private taxi to Mostar from Split airport with english speaking driver and see for yourself the wonders of Mostar!

What to do in Mostar

Consider visiting this historical town that has one of the closest ties to Croatia after you’ve had your fill with every other city. See the “Old Bridge,” which was rebuilt with help from UNESCO, the Government of BiH, Italy, the Netherlands, Turkey, Croatia, and the Council of Europe Development Bank after being destroyed in the Yugoslavian Homeland War.

The “Old Bridge” is one of Mostar’s most visited attractions. You can even hire a professional bridge jumper to plunge into the Neretva River below for a fee. There’s also several other reasons why this town has such great popularity. Being a notable religious town that has a very close relationship with Croatia. Mostar also has quite a large historic value ever since the old homeland wars of former Yugoslavia.

There’s also the numerous nearby villages and smaller towns that are worth visiting from Mostar with a private personalized taxi transfer. Enjoy a relaxing air-conditioned transfer with english speaking driver to Mostar from Split. Along with the fact you’ll have a plethora of exciting things to get yourself up to and sight see.

Final thoughts to do in Mostar with private transfer

A trip to them easy to organize with a private transfer from Mostar so you can let us know what places you’d like to visit and we’ll organize everything else; just let us know at around what time and place you’d like to be picked up at so our english speaking driver can come in front. You will surely find something to entertain you after the private taxi transfer from Split to Mostar.

There’s several other places to go ahead and visit, take your time in exploring and discovering the wide range of sights that are scattered throughout Mostar. Make the most out of your quiet trip to this charming town from Split with private transfer. Discover history as you walk through the old town that withstood the passage of time along with artillery shells during the Homeland war. Mostar is a town that is a hidden gem for many. We’re positive you’ll find exploring this quiet serene town well worthwhile after taking a private transfer from Split.

Transfer from Ferry Port to Split airport

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