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Transfer from Split airport to Zagreb – Distance 385 km

Our driver will be waiting for you at the Split airport with your name on a sign. After you meet your driver, he is going to help you with your luggage. You also don’t need to worry about telling him where to go as he will have all the details.


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Transfer from ferry port to Split airport

As you land in Split airport you’ll have a long drive ahead of you to the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Admire the scenery that you will see along your private transfer to the so called heart of Croatia. Enjoy a relaxing drive with an english speaking driver as he escorts you to Zagreb in his air-conditioned vehicle.

About Us

Adiona Travel is a travel, tourist and transfer agency situated in Split, Croatia. We offer everything from exciting tour options all the way to van transfer services in Croatia, mainly in the Dalmatian region. If you happen to want to take a transfer service, you can choose between two air-conditioned vehicles, 7+1 and 16+1 that makes it perfect for smaller and larger groups of people.

If you decide to go with our company, you will get a pre-arranged price/rate for every transfer so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs that will burn a hole in your wallet. We pride ourselves in offering the highest transfer quality and are open to adjusting your schedule if needed.

We will provide you with a great service for an affordable price for your transfer. Enjoy a comfortable transfer experience with an english speaking guide that will make the transfer service all the more enjoyable. The driver will make sure to pick you up and drop you off right in front of the destination/accommodation that you need.


About Zagreb

Zagreb being the capital and largest city of Croatia. It’s no surprise you would enjoy your time here, taking a private transfer to Zagreb being the best choice to make your time here all the more comfortable. Zagreb is a city that has great city wide transportation, trams being the most common to use to get around this large town. The city having rich history dating back to Roman times.

The oldest settlement being Ščitarijevo in Zagreb’s vicinity. Zagreb getting it’s name all the way back in the year 1134, along with being a reference to a settlement called Kaptol in 1094. Taking a van taxi from Split airport to go directly to Zagreb will prove to be beneficial as the city has a special status as an administrative division of a city-county.

Make the most out of your time in Croatia by taking a private transport from Split center to Zagreb. The main city of Croatia being a hidden treasure trove of rich historic architecture as well as culture. But unfortunately most people don’t discover the charm of the capital, due to moving on to the Dalmatian coast where they can swim on several hundred beautiful beaches. So make the best out of the Vacation, by taking a private mini-bus air-conditioned transfer from Split to Zagreb. There’s also the possibility of choosing another location to visit during your stay in Croatia. Simply let us know if you want any recommendations or help in choosing a place to visit and we’ll organize a private mini-bus transfer service fit for you.

About Split airport

Airport Split is one of nine inter-national airports in Croatia. It is located in Resnik, West of Kaštel Štafilića, 6 kilometres away from Trogir and 25 kilometres from Split. It is the second busiest airport in Croatia, right behind “Franjo Tuđman” airport.

Split airport was opened 25th of November 1966. Over the years it received more and more passengers each passing year, only stopping for a bit during 1988 economic crisis. In 2019, due to a substantial increase in passenger numbers, the airport decided to do an expansion project that will accommodate more than 5 million passengers annually. The expansion project adding more than three times the floor space of the original terminal building. Original building handling some of the inter-national flights whilst the expansion area handled most of the rest, including check-in, all domestic departures as well as both domestic and inter-national arrivals.

By taking a personalized transfer with english speaking driver from Split airport you can rest easy. Unlike other transfer services, you can pre-schedule this one to arrive exactly when you want it before departing to your chosen destination. Travelling has never been easier if you have everything planned out without worrying about how exactly you’re going to get to where you want. Once you land in Split airport it’s all a matter of deciding how you’ll spend your Vacation in another country, just let us know if you are in need of transfers from Split center, we’ll try our best to organize it to anywhere you might want.

Top sights in Zagreb

Zagreb along with other cities of equal popularity in Croatia is chuck full of historic monuments and old remains. The city being comprised of 17 city districts; making it the largest city in Croatia as well as the capital of the country. So it’s safe to say it has more than just a few beautiful sights you’d want to see after coming here from Split center with transfer. The historic monuments and culture rich architecture littered throughout Zagreb’s territory, making it a city you’ll have to spend a few days in if you hope to see all of the places it has to offer.

So make the most out your time in Croatia by taking it easy once you reach Zagreb from Split center. We’re almost positive you’ll find something to entertain you during your Vacation stay in a completely different city. After all, the point of a Vacation is to relax and see the nearby sights in and around Zagreb. Make the most out of a private transport service to Zagreb and nearby locations from Split center.

Zagreb Cathedral

On top of a former building that the Tartars had demolished in the early 1200s, the Zagreb Cathedral was built. The current cathedral was constructed in the latter part of the 13th century and is renowned for its two elaborately designed spires, although numerous changes and modifications have been undertaken since then that have significantly altered the building.

Maksimir park in Zagreb

Maksimir Park is a lovely park of about 45 acres that was created in the design of an old English garden. The Bellevue Pavilion, constructed in 1843, and the Echo Pavilion, an addition modeled after a Swiss design, are the two pavilions that make up Zagreb’s biggest park.

The park is a perfect spot to unwind or have a picnic since it has many wonderful walkways and trails, as well as man-made lakes, woodland areas, and flower beds. There is also a small zoo for people vacationing with children to enjoy visiting. Zagreb as a city having most things you’d want to see during your travels.

Zagreb’s Saint Mark church

Due to its very vibrant tiled top, Saint Mark’s Church is recognized as being in Zagreb. One of Zagreb’s oldest structures, it dates to the thirteenth century. The gateway to the south will be visible. It is equally significant and Croatia’s most extravagant-looking gothic doorway.

15 statues total 11 stone gothic sculptures and 4 wooden baroque sculptures are arranged in 11 niches to make up the doorway. Virgin Mary, the Child, Christ, St. Mark, and the Apostles are depicted in the sculptures.

Museum of broken relationships

Those of you looking for something new and quirky will love checking out this strange museum. The collections of donated personal items and artifacts from former lovers and companions from throughout the world are interesting. They are put on display in rooms that are completely white, and each contribution comes with information about the broken relationship in question. So you can learn about their mistakes and improve your own relationships.

Grab a coffee after you had your fill exploring the museum in the nearby cafe and grab a curious gift from the neighbouring shop. Zagreb is the ideal place to get a private taxi to as it offers several perks that will make your stay all the more enjoyable.

Tkalčićeva street in Zagreb

The primary area in Zagreb for cafés, restaurants, and casual nightlife is Tkalčićeva Street. It also goes by the name Tkalća, and it has hundreds of locations where you may find anything you want. Life abounds in Tkalčićeva. Your day will be filled with a variety of boutiques, traditional stores, eateries, cafés, and outdoor activities.

Gradec and Kaptol, two of the earliest towns in Zagreb, were once separated by a creek. The stream was changed due to the stores’ pollution. Nearly every home on Tkalčićeva Street served as a brothel from 1899 to 1941. All windows had to have thick glass and red lamps because it was in the center. Because of this, Zagreb had the first red light district before any other city in Europe.

Why take a private transfer to Zagreb

When considering a private taxi transfer, one of the most crucial considerations is if there are enough large cars to accommodate all of your friends or family without having to divide our visitors up. We can guarantee that a 16-seater minibus can accommodate up to 16 passengers, so whether you’re going alone or with a group, we can make it work. We guarantee the most affordable van and minibus transportation from Split Airport to Zagreb!

With the option to book a private minibus with a driver, it is possible to travel to unknown destinations with your friends and plan a transfer. You may choose where to travel and which stops to make without having to worry about missing a bus or having a trip cancelled; just let us know when you’ll be landing so the driver can come pick you up right as you land. Whether traveling by taxi from Split to Zagreb or vice versa, the cost will be as reasonable as possible. Don’t worry about how much van transfer costs. There’s also several places that are near Zagreb worth taking a private transfer to.

What to do after Zagreb?

Whilst the city of Zagreb might seem daunting and rather large. You will eventually run out of things to do in it. Enjoy a refreshing experience exploring the rich history of the old town in Zagreb; along with the several dozen historic monuments/forts littering the capital city. Enjoy a private personalized taxi transfer from Split to Zagreb in order to admire the rich historic value of the city. There’s a number of other interesting and rather fun museums o explore in Zagreb; including a museum about broken relationships as well as a chocolate museum. So if you’re curious or have free time after reaching Zagreb with a private transfer from Split airport, why not take a moment to visit the famous and quite interesting places that the capital has to offer.

There’s no end to the excitement that you’ll find exploring Zagreb and the surrounding areas. Go ahead and explore the wonders that lay in wait when you arrive with a private personalized transfer from Split. Zagreb having several other places that surround it that are equally worth exploring when given the opportunity. So you can relax once you arrive, whether it be visiting the numerous historic forts that litter the capital of Croatia. So if you happen to be passing by or even staying in Zagreb you’ll be pleased to know you have options to look into when settling in.

Choosing another transfer

Once you had your fill of Zagreb, the famous capital of Croatia why not move on with another private transfer. Take a personalized taxi ride from Zagreb to a destination of your choosing to see more of Croatia with a private air-conditioned mini-bus transfer. There’s beautiful sights to be seen anywhere you venture to in Croatia, whether it be a small village in the countryside or a large city.

Enjoy your vacation by worrying less, choose a private transfer to take you to places instead of an unreliable bus that you’ll need to wait for. Pre-schedule your transfers and leave your worries at the door as our english speaking driver picks you up directly at the organized time. Say goodbye to the seamlessly random and inconsistent bus schedules; relax and rest easy in the hands of our trustworthy english speaking driver as he takes you to see the wider beauty of Croatia in an air-conditioned private mini-bus. Croatia is after all becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Zagreb is a pretty large and historic city you’ll love exploring, but after you’ve had your fill of the city, why not travel to other notable locations. There’s several different towns and villages that offer a more relaxing visit/stay that we recommend seeing for yourselves.

What to do in the end

After you’ve had your fill exploring the beautiful historic charm, why not go on a hike in the numerous mountainous regions surrounding Zagreb. The area offering absolutely stunning views of the nearby cities. Take a gander at all the offers available in Zagreb and maybe take a trip to the beautiful National park of Plitvice Lakes and enjoy the beauty of the nature park. Take a private transfer from Zagreb to Plitvice or go on an organized tour, you’ll surely find something interesting to get yourself up to during your stay in Zagreb on your vacation.

Anything from simply meandering through the historic old town, visiting the famous large Zoo or maybe being lucky enough to arrive during the Winter festivities that take place during the winter holidays. Relax in the beautiful comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle as you go from place to place enjoying the views of the city. As well as taking a moment to plan out what you’d want to get yourselves up to once you run out of things to do in Zagreb.

Top sights in Split

Split is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia. The history rich old town that Diocletian Palace is a part of make it a unique experience to travel through. See the most notable sights that are in the second largest city whilst taking your time to enjoy the plethora of beaches that are scattered throughout the coast of Split.

Diocletian Palace in Split

Diocletian Palace for one is one of the most popular and historical sights in the city. The palace being Emperor Diocletian’s Vacation home where he retired at 305 AD, after of course he commissioned it to be built near his hometown of Spalatum. Half of the palace being used for the Emperor’s military whilst the other served as his own personal space. A rumour about the Emperor was also that he was incredibly paranoid, a caution that paid off due to being one of the only Roman emperors that died of old age.

Marjan forest hill in Split

Marjan forest hill overlooks the city of Split on the Western side. The park being used by the citizens as a recreational area that stretches for quite a distance and is 178meters above sea level. There’s also an Oceanographic Institute built on Marjan as well as having several beaches scattered all around the forest hill, making it a well worthwhile place to visit if you want to cool off on a hot Summer day. There’s also other places on Marjan that include a few lookout points from where you can see the entire city of Split from.

Beaches in Split before transfer

Split is also home to a plethora of beaches that most people came for in the first place, the serene crystal blue waters making Croatia an ideal Vacation spot for anyone that cared on visiting. But the most notable places people go to being mostly on the numerous islands you can reach from Split. Along with the increasing number of beautiful sights you can get to from simply visiting Split city. There’s a plethora of exciting tools to make the experience even better in the end.

Transfer from Ferry Port to Split airport

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