Whitewater Rafting from Split

Whitewater Rafting MAIN

Whitewater Rafting from Split


Prices per person:
Adults (12-99 years) – 230 Kuna or 31 €
Children (6-11 years) – 150 Kuna or 20 €

Minimum number of persons: 2

Duration: 5-6 h

* Included in price: boat rental and equipment (helmets, paddles, life jackets, wetsuits, if necessary), rafting guide, insurance, free parking, shuttle service from finish to start, passage through cave.
*Not included in price: Transfer Split-Omiš-Split 150 HRK per person, water shoes (20 kuna)

DEPARTURE every day (From Omiš)
27.4 – 30.5 – 10:30am
1.6 – 30.6 – 10:30am and 3:30pm
1.7 – 30.8 – 10:30am and 1:30pm
1.9 – 15.9 – 10:30am and 3:30pm
16.9 – 27.10 – 10:30am
Our departure times are set to avoid the most crowded times in high season and make your adventure even more memorable.
*For larger groups and during the off season it is possible to arrange other departure times.
** Departures from Split are one hour before

What to bring:
– Swimsuit
– Towel
– Sunscreen
– Change of clothes
– Closed sandals or trainers that can get wet
– Medication if required
– Glasses strap if required
– Only water proof cameras/phones

The method: professional guides show the proper way of paddling and explain the basics of safe behavior on the trip, giving you a helmet, life jacket and paddle.

For rafting in this section you do not need any previous rafting experience.
Our rafting section is located near the town of Omis, only 40 minutes and 30 kilometers by car from the tourist cities – Split and Makarska.
Be part of the adventure!

Rafting Explore

Whitewater Rafting from Split

Rafting tour on Cetina River from Split is the most popular and most attended adventure tour in Dalmatia. Rafting in protected area of the river canyon attracts many tourists every summer.

Experience the adrenaline rush of paddling down the gorgeous rapids, learn to conquer your fear of heights by jumping off 5 meters high rocks, take a shower under a waterfall. Further down the stream you will see the “Island of Love” and it’s inhabitants, together with the most gorgeous green river and the magnificent Cetina canyon. Enjoy yourselves with an exciting adrenaline infused whitewater rafting tour from Split that will surely leave an everlasting impression onto you for the years to come.

Tour description:

This is a 10 kilometres descent and will take an average of slightly more than 3 hours to complete. You will enjoy several stops along the way for swimming, voluntary jumping from the rocks into the deep river, spotting wild animals and plant life and showering under a waterfall.

Your adventure begins on a calm section of the river, where our guides will prepare you for your white water journey. Our professional trained river guides accompany every trip, providing entertainment and safety for the entire group. You will receive continuous instruction, describing how to manoeuvre your raft and explanations of river running technique.

The rapids on our Cetina river range from 2-3, making it a perfect adventure for the whole family. There is no prior experience required for this trip and we are happy to accommodate non-swimmers and children from 6 years. Once the descent is completed you can take some time to have some snacks and to look at the pictures and make a toast to your magical adventure on the river Cetina!

About Rafting and where to go after:

Cetina is a river in southern Croatia. It has a length of 101 km (63 mi) and its basin covers an area of 1,463 km2 (565 sq mi). From its source, Cetina descends from an elevation of 385 metres (1,263 ft) above sea level to the Adriatic Sea. It is the most water-rich river in Dalmatia. Whitewater Rafting became quite popular on the river Cetina and is one of the most fun and exciting things to do in nature.

Rafting is one of the best tours to go on, whether solo or with a group of friends/family. The easy to get into experience being a favourite among many, but where should you go after spending your energy? Whilst there are also several other tours / excursions you can partake in like Ziplining, Kayaking or exploring National parks, it’s best to take a breather and relax a bit.

The rafting experience will certainly make you feeling a bit hungry, but luckily for you there’s a place nearby that is famous for it’s delicious food. The so called place is called “Radmanove Mlinice“, the restaurant and camping spot attracting locals and tourists alike for it’s refreshing and rustic charm. After all, one of the more enticing things about a place is the simplicity and warm ambient that attracts people. You surely won’t be leaving the place with an empty stomach that’s for sure. 🙂

About Split:

After or before you go on the Rafting experience, there’s always time to sight-see a bit of Split. Experience the wonders of this historic town as you explore the century old Diocletian Palace that is the heart of Split. The town being famous for not just it’s historic culture, but as well as it’s beautiful beaches that litter the edges of it.

A popular spot to explore Split would be the Marjan forest hill, the surrounding areas having one of the best beaches in all of Split. Marjan has been a popular destination for locals to have their morning or afternoon walks, and during the Summer the park becomes a popular swimming location due to offering a lot of shade against the hot sun.

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Whitewater Rafting from Split

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About Omiš

The town that has more than a couple exciting tours happening around it, anything from Rafting to Ziplining. Omiš is located about 45 minutes away from Split and is widely regarded as a perfect town to see after exploring Split. The town of Omiš being situated on the spot where Cetina river meets the Adriatic sea.

Omiš may seem like a town that is only popular because of the beaches and tours that it has in it’s territory. The town also being the host for many years of a traditional festival of Dalmatian acapella singing groups, which is a highlight for many during the Summer season. You will be surprised how many things you can get yourself up to if you happen to visit Omiš.

Another interesting thing about Omiš is that during the middle ages. Omiš pirates used rowing boats, also known as “Omiš arrows” in the direct translation. One of the most important characteristics of the boats being their shallow waterline, which enabled them great maneuverability. Omiš pirates also built an underwater wall at the very start of the river bottom, which proved to pay off tremendously. The wall having only one small opening at a specific location that would let Omiš pirates through, but would close with a chain link that would end up marooning the ships of the invaders that chased after them.