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Explore Croatia’s natural wonders, swim next to a cascading waterfall and explore the UNESCO protected Plitvice Lakes.

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Krka tour from Split

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  • entrance ticket to Plitvice Lakes
  • transfer Zagreb-Plitvice-Split
  • air-conditioned transport

If you fancy the idea of enjoying a nice glass of wine or olive oil right after taking a nice long diving session exploring the sea bed floor of Croatia. Then this is the tour for you! :).



  • tickets to NP Krka
  • transportation
  • lunch and wine



  • Professional guide
  • Air-conditioned transfer
  • Insurance


  • entrance ticket to Plitvice
  • transfer
  • english speaking guide



  • sightseeing Mostar
  • sightseeing Počitelj
  • transport

Explorer Tours

Admire and take in the sights of our Explorer Tours from Split. See one of a kind displays of nature as we show you the hidden and known gems of Croatia.
Our Explorer tours from Split will take you across several destinations, each with their own unique beauty that we are sure you will enjoy.

Explorer Tours from Split are the best way to see the most beautiful locations in Croatia. The serene nature that litters the country is bountiful, evidence by some of the most notable National Parks in Croatia like Plitvice Lakes and Krka Waterfalls.

Enjoy relaxation and let yourself simply wander through the nature. Breath in the atmosphere and take in the fresh air as you admire the flora/fauna of the National parks. Explorer Tours from Split offering the opportunity to snap some of the most beautiful photographs to share with your friends and family; surely making them wish they came on the trip from Split as well.

Krka Waterfalls being a specialty of ours as the park garners more and more visitors each passing year. The National park being famous for it’s beauty and serene charm that will leave you wanting to explore more. Krka also being one of the easier National parks to get to, whether you would like to go by your own transfer, bus or taking a tour option.

Some of the most popular destinations you will visit during one of our Explorer tours from Split would be:

Krka Waterfalls – One of the most popular and easily accessible National Parks in all of Croatia. Krka has grown quite a bit in popularity, being one of if not the only National park that allows swimming in it’s territory. The park featuring several large waterfalls and easily accessible wooden paths that will let you enjoy the natural beauty in peace.

Plitvice Lakes – Widely regarded as the most beautiful National park in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes is a rather large and seamlessly untouched piece of nature that attracts more and more visitors each passing year. The park beautiful all year round, especially during the Summer season and a little less in the Winter due to the lakes at times freezing over; creating a beautiful white crystal shine to it.

Mostar – A town in the country of Bosnia & Herzegovina. Known for it’s historic architecture and most notably the “old bridge” from where you can see professional bridge jumpers dive into the river Neretva. The bridge is about 40 meters from the river.

Dubrovnik – A town famous for it’s beauty and historical architecture, so much so that it got classified as a UNESCO-world heritage site. Dubrovnik became prosperous with the help of naval trade. The town being one of the locations that helped develop today’s Croatian language, several artists, writers and musicians originating from it.