Kopilica bus station to Split Center

Kopilica bus station to Split center

Kopilica bus station to Split Center

Each passing year Split has to endure more and more tourists. Due to the main bus station, ferry port and train station being located in the center with only one road leading to them, traffic jams happen frequently. To counter this, the town has brought forward a plan to make use of the old abandoned Bus Station Kopilica. Kopilica was an old bus station that was never really utilized due to poor upkeep, but things will change as Split has made a schematic already how the Kopilica bus station will look like, along with the railroad.

If you already stepped foot on the bus station you surely must be wondering how to get to the center. The center being referred to as the Old Town by some. Well, the Split center is located aprox. 2 kilometres from the Kopilica bus station. While walking might be easy for some the easiest way to get to the Old Town would be to wait for a yellow bus, some of the bus numbers that currently operate near Kopilica are: 2, 3 and 14. There’s also another way to get to the center, while it is more expensive (especially if you have luggage), it can work if you need to go to a specific location, a taxi. If you do decide to walk be warned that it will take you aprox 20-30 minutes for you to reach the center (but at least it offers some exercise) 🙂

Things to see once you reach the center

After you made it to the center, the heart of this exciting city you can take a moment to admire the beauty. Take in the beauty of the various sights such:

  • The statue of Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin) – A towering statue of a Croatian bishop that strongly opposed the Pope of that time, helping implement the National language in church services. Nowadays the figure is part of a lasting legend that rubbing his big toe grants wishes.
  • Diocletian Palace – One of the most famous parts about Split serves as a gathering spot for tourists and locals alike. Having four gates (Brass, Iron, Silver and Gold) that serve as the main entrance. The Palace also has a basement which was one of the locations the famous tv show Game of Thrones was filmed.
  • Riva Prominence – The most popular and favourite places for locals for their morning and afternoon walks. Riva prominence is littered with cafe shops and street vendors, making it an ideal place to take a walk on.
  • Green & Fish market – Some of the most bustling places in the morning aren’t the main attractions. The markets being swamped with local vendors selling fully natural home grown produce. If you’ve been craving to make something for yourself a great place to get the ingredients would be in these two markets. 🙂

Short summary

Hopefully you learned how to reach the center from the soon to be open Kopilica bus station. But for when you do get to the center, be free to explore and look around. But if you need help, we would be happy to help 🙂

If you are interested in going on a tour, be free to contact us. We offer anything from Adventure tours, Boat tours, Explorer tours and Walking tours so be free to request something you want to do 🙂

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Kopilica bus station to Split Center

Kopilica bus station to Split Center - Map
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