Long stay Split Croatia

Long stay Split Croatia

Long stay Split croatia

Working as a Digital Nomad in Croatia

There’s a sense of freedom that digital nomads have that most jobs lack. Enjoy a refreshing hot cup of coffee in a cafe (When there’s no pandemic going on) whilst writing for a living, it truly is one of the most relaxing jobs out there. But to write well, a person needs inspiration, traveling across the world offering just that necessary spark of creativity.

Whilst the nomad lifestyle isn’t all just fun and games, it can have its hardships of finding the correct places to see and where to stay during your travels. But don’t worry too much as we are more than adapt of welcoming and accommodating things to your wishes. Work in comfort and have ideas to boot! We’re positive you’ll find something to do during your stay in Croatia. Whether it’s your first time visiting or you’ve travelled here before. There’s something to get yourselves up to each passing year when you visit.

Anything from taking it slow and discovering what you’ll do in Croatia, or if you already have something planned you can take it easy by renting a place for a longer stay. So make the most out of your stay by travelling throughout the country now that you have the time for it. Allow yourself the freedom to meander throughout the land, exploring the streets along the way.

Digital Nomads often work from anywhere as long as they have internet access whilst at the same time having minimal possessions. Take in the sights of Croatia and enjoy the change of scenery that a new country brings to the table. But if you’re in need of a transfer anywhere, be free to rent a private air-conditioned one from Split or to Split town. So make the most out of the Vacation in another country, whether you’re spending it working or enjoying the sights that Croatia has to offer. There’s no telling what you can get yourselves up to during your longer stay in the country.

Digital nomads in Split

Where to stay in Split?

As a digital nomad the most important part of your journey throughout the world is finding the best place to stay at. The decision not an easy one to make if you don’t know your way around the town, but worry not as we are here to make you decision making easier. Enjoy a comfortable relaxing stay in one of several accommodation at our disposal. Choose between a studio apartment, apartment, room or villa! We have all types of accommodation to suit your fancy.

Whether you’re staying for a week at a time or multiple months. We can try to find you the most ideal accommodations that suit your fancy, allowing you to spend your time in Croatia comfortably throughout. So don’t worry too much about not being able to find a place to stay at immediately, each year more and more places springing up that can accommodate people. Along with allowing you to see the sights with a lot more freedom once you settle down at a place during your Vacation in Croatia.

Check out some of the offers we offer here:

Modern Studios

Set in a quiet pedestrian only street. These modern studios offer everything you might need for a leisurely stay in Split, the three studios being a part of one house. Each studio capable of accommodating 2 people comfortably in one.

Apartment Herc

If you’re looking for comfort close to the old town, apartment Herc offers just that. Nestled in a quiet street, apartment Herc can accommodate 3 people, equipped with all the necessary equipment to make your stay all the more comfortable.

Studio Roko

Located close to the city center, studio Roko is a modern designed studio that will make your stay as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Capable of accommodating 4 people, along with having all the necessary equipment for a comfortable stay.

What to do during your stay in Croatia?

There’s several things that Split is known for, the historic architecture and beautiful beaches being only some of the things this town has going for it. Enjoy a refreshing day exploring Diocletian’s palace and all its mysteries, visit some cafe‘s or take a step down into the basements of the palace; the place where Daenerys Targaryen kept her dragons. Long stay Split Croatia.

But after you explored and gained some artistic inspiration to carry on with your nomad life, you might be hungry for more. Split having its fair share of relaxation opportunities near the old town on a forest hill called Marjan. Enjoy a refreshing experience walking around Marjan, even during Emperor Diocletian‘s rule this hill was considered a recreational area. Marjan offering a chance to swim in one of the cleanest beaches in Split, along with offering recreational areas on top of being a beautiful sight to behold. There’s also a myth that the forest hill is a dormant volcano, evidence being that scientists discovered sulfuric water at the base of it; which is most commonly found in volcanic regions. So don’t be scared of venturing onto the Marjan forest hill as it will become a recurring place to visit; especially if you’re looking for a nice long walk to clear your head a bit.

Nearby places to visit when staying for a while in Split

There’s also different sights that are near Split worth visiting. If you’re staying in the city for long it’s only natural you’ll want to visit the shopping malls in Split town. Some of them having a free city bus that takes you directly to them and back from the Riva promenade, allowing you to save some expenses by travelling with it compared to a transfer. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to just exploring Split as there are several other nearby towns well worth a visit if you’re planning on staying for long in Croatia.

The villages and towns strewn around the region but some of the most notable ones being as follows:
Trogir – One of the towns near Split that is located on an island that’s accessible by bridge. Trogir has rich history throughout but the most eye catching thing would probably be the fortress “Karmerlengo” that stands proudly on the territory; attracting numerous guests each passing year.
Omiš – If you ever saw tour offers that promise a day of adventure paddling down river rapids or ziplining above a river; chances are the location is in Omiš. Located just 30-40 minutes away from the town of Split, the smaller town of Omiš features several beautiful beaches as well as being the estuary location of river Cetina.
Šibenik – A city famous for it’s historic charm as well as the ideal place to make a stop at when visiting Krka National park. The town having several historic buildings but the most famous one would most likely be the “Cathedral of Saint Jakov”, which actually got placed as an UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. So if you were wondering where to stop by on your way to Krka; Šibenik is the perfect choice to make. As well as offering a chance to make the most out of the situation by experiencing more of Croatia’s landscape.
Krka Waterfalls – Known as one of the most beautiful National parks in Croatia. Krka National park has grown over the years, each year becoming more popular due to the lush vegetation that surrounds the National park, previous years Krka allowed swimming right besides one of the waterfalls, but ever since 2021 it is no longer possible. You’ll also be able to find several historic monuments scattered throughout Krka, from old ruins of a Roman camp to watermills that have been refurbished into souvenier shop

There’s many more places that we failed to mention, but if you’re staying here for long you’ll certainly come across them during your stay. It all depends whether you’ll be travelling out a fair bit or keeping yourself busy in just Split. A wide array of opportunities await you in Split, so make the most out of your time here! After all, you settled on Split for a reason, whether it is because of the beautiful serene beaches or rich historic architecture that brought you over.

Why should you choose a private minibus transfer?

During your stay you might get tired of staying at the same location for too long, so it’s only natural to want to widen your horizons and see what other beautiful spots Croatia has to offer. Enjoy a private transfer with a professional english speaking driver that will take you to your location in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle.

The perks of a private transfer service over a traditional taxi are that it gives you the ability to customize it to your wishes. No more waiting around for the transfer to arrive, simply reserve a private transfer that will meet you at the pre-determined location and time.

The mini-bus in our possession can accommodate 16 passengers, has air-conditioning and offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride for its guests.

Tours to go on during your stay in Croatia

Croatia in general has several things to see and do, but Split offers a chance to do most things from it. Enjoy exploring various different tours, anywhere from tranquil explorer tours, refreshing and relaxing boat tours, adrenaline pumping adventure tours or even good ol’ fashioned walking tours.

What better way to gain some inspiration to continue the digital nomad lifestyle than going on a thrilling tour to widen horizons. Enjoy a wide range of tours to choose from, we are positive we have at least something that will peak your interest. After all, visiting other countries shouldn’t just be work with no fun for a digital nomad. Long stay Split Croatia.

Take a moment to enjoy some of the greatest tours that Split has in store for you. Whether you’re a fan of getting your blood pumping with adrenaline focused tours or want to take it easy by relaxing with a boat excursion. But the most sought after would most likely be Rafting down river rapids as well as Ziplining above Cetina river. There’s also the chance you’ll want to enjoy Summer by swimming in the refreshing Blue Lagoon. Make the most out of the journey whether it’s your first visit in Croatia or your tenth. Along with providing more than a handful of sights to enjoy and see for the first time once you arrive.

Take it easy, you came here to work in a stress free environment in the end. Croatia providing more than just tour excursions, there’s also several history rich sights that you can see either on your own or by taking a private air-conditioned transfer to your destination. Whether it’s your first time experiencing Croatia’s culture or you’re used to it by now. There’s a large number of people that are interested in taking the opportunity to sight see what this country has to offer exactly.

Here are just a few of our most popular tours we offer:

Enjoy a refreshing experience that will take you to visit one of the most if not the most beautiful National park in all of Croatia. Sight see and admire the beauty that lies inside the nature park. The tour offering everything from tickets, guide, transfer, lunch & drinks.

What better way to enjoy your time in Croatia than with one of the easiest to get into tours. Rafting has always been a tour that is perfect for people of all ages, offering a chance to admire the beauty of river Cetina along with memories to remember for years to come.

Nothing beats relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day, and it’s just for that reason we can’t recommend this tour enough. Relax and enjoy your time on a bot ride and your time in the beautiful enchanting water of the Blue Lagoon’s all inclusive tour!

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Long stay Split Croatia

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