Minibus Hire Split Rent with driver

Minibus Hire Split Rent with driver

Minibus Hire Split Rent with driver

Croatia is a beautiful country that offers a wide range of things to get yourself up to. Enjoy the beautiful coastline with a plethora of beaches or go explore the rich historic architecture of several towns that litter Croatia. Simply take a private transfer with a private driver from the airport you land on to any location you want to start your journey. Don’t let anything stop you from exploring and admiring the serene beauty that lies in Croatia‘s territory. Enjoy a private transfer from any destination to any location in Croatia with a mini-bus. After all, the best way to explore a new unfamiliar country is by taking a private transfer that will take you all around it.

Go on a journey to see just some of the beautiful things and enchanting views you can witness during your Vacation in Croatia. Enjoy beautiful sights that a tour or private mini-bus transfer can take you to. Don’t waste an opportunity to truly enjoy your time in a new unfamiliar country whether it be with a private mini-bus transfer or a rental. A vacation is supposed to broaden your experiences and let you enjoy the wide range of sights you can see, whether it be simply spending time in one place or taking a private mini-bus transfer with driver to Dubrovnik, Split, OmiÅ¡, Krka, etc.

“But how will I be able to see all of Croatia’s charm?”

I hear you asking, well, we are here to help you out with that! Don’t worry about figuring out how you can explore this mesmerizing country, you can easily get around the country by taking a private transfer with mini-bus. Simply listen to some of our advice and you’ll know what’s the perfect method of exploring Croatia for you. Anything from scheduling a private transfer with mini-bus and driver, going on a thrilling tour or exploring on your own two feet. There’s no stopping you from enjoying yourself, it’s just a matter of getting to the place you want to go to, so take a mini-bus private transfer! 🙂

Methods of exploring Croatia

There’s a wide range of methods and means you can use to traverse this beautiful country. Some being more beneficial, some letting you see more in depth about the places you visit and others offering the best way to see more of Croatia. Don’t worry too much about missing out on seeing more of Croatia, as it would be practically impossible to see the entirety of Croatia in a single trip. Croatia being a country that has at least something interesting even in remote streets, like a beautiful untainted park or a sculpture of a donkey.

Exploring Croatia on your own two feet many would say is the best way to sight-see and admire the numerous cities/towns that are present in Croatia. Walking offering a chance to walk through historic architecture and old streets, admiring the charming beauty that the old stone and marble streets/buildings offer. Not to mention that the old towns in several cities of Croatia have their own historic charm to them. So rent a private mini bus with a driver from the airport to explore the beautiful architecture as quickly as possible.

But that isn’t the only method of traversing Croatia, grabbing a bus or having your own car to go between the various cities of Croatia is also one of the options to partake in. Taking a mini-bus transfer from Split or any other location is doable in order to get the most out of your visit in Croatia. Rent a minibus and enjoy a refreshing experience as you set your sights on the numerous places that rest in the country. Don’t let yourself be bound by only one city/place during your travels, experience multiple locations that we are sure you will enjoy sight-seeing by renting a mini-bus with private driver. So you can rest easy in the comfort of a personalized transfer with driver wherever you decide to go.

Sight see new and unfamiliar destinations that are sure to make your Vacation in another city all the more exciting. So make the most out of your Vacation in another country whilst enjoying the private drive from Split town. We’re positive you’ll find a new sight you’ll want to admire for quite some time during your trip throughout Croatia. After all, there’s more than just a handful of things to get yourselves up to during your travels. You didn’t arrive to Croatia for nothing in the end, make the most out of with the minibus transfer that will shows you a small portion of what Croatia has in store for you, whether it’s your first time visiting the country or your tenth; there’s always something that makes the experience all the more better.

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Why should you choose a private minibus transfer?

Whilst you might think a private and a normal transfer service are practically the same, you are sorely mistaken. Private transfers offer a sense of comfort and, well, privacy that you won’t get with a typical transfer service. Enjoy the company of our english speaking driver as he takes you to your destination or accommodation. Don’t worry about planning out what route to take, whether it is a mini-bus transfer from Split airport, mini-bus transfer from Dubrovnik, Mini-bus private transfer from airport, etc., just let us know which places you would like to visit and we’ll try to make the ideal route for your desires.

Private transfers also offer a chance to take a breather from planning out how you will get to your final destination, whilst also providing necessary stops along the way. Whether it is a mini-bus rental or mini-bus private transfer, it is truly one of the best methods of exploring Croatia‘s vast territory in the most comfortable way possible. It’s not everyday that you get to sight-see the beautiful charm of an unfamiliar country with a private transfer with hired driver. So don’t miss out on a chance to experience the secret charms that Croatia has up its sleeve.

Whether you are going solo or with a group, we can make sure to accommodate up to 16 people in a 16 seater mini-bus. So visiting unexplored destinations with your friends with a transfer is not out of the question when you can rent out a private mini-bus with a driver.

The mini-bus in our possession can accommodate 16 passengers, has air-conditioning and offers a comfortable and enjoyable ride for its guests.

What shall you do during your stay in Croatia?

Experience the wonders that lay in Croatia‘s territory, anything from the numerous old towns or take a de-tour to visit one of several National parks. There’s no shortage of things you can get yourself up to. Croatia is a country that you won’t be able to get enough of during your Vacation, just take a private mini-bus transfer from Split or somewhere else to see the sights.

After you had your fill of the numerous beaches that litter the coastline, along with the most popular destinations like Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, etc. Taking a private transfer from Split you can visit mostly any location we mention.

We are sure you would like to experience some of the tours as well that start from Split, whether or not they have a mini-bus private transfer in a 16 seater or not. Enjoy a refreshing experience in Croatia that will take you to the most beautiful and exciting locations with a mini-bus transfer or a tour.

Å ibenik town

After exploring Krka Waterfalls the natural thing would be to sight see the nearby towns or tours. The National park located quite close to one of the more beautiful towns in Croatia, Å ibenik. The town being located in Å ibensko-Knin county where the river Krk flows through. Å ibenik has a large church dedicated to “Saint James” that is considered an UNESCO World Heritage site.

The town also has four fortresses that were used to protect it from invaders over the years. The most notable and largest one being Saint Nicholas fortress, along with being an UNESCO world heritage site. There’s also other fortresses like: St. Michael’s Fortress, St. John Fortress and Barone Fortress which you can visit after a private transfer from Split airport to Å ibenik or Krka Waterfalls to Å ibenik.

There’s also a nearby archipelago close to Å ibenik city. The archipelago being about 320km^2 wide, making it the densest in the Mediterranean sea. So if you wanted to take a boat taxi to sight see the beautiful sea, Å ibenik could just be the best place to start from. Take a private transfer already to sight see the third largest Croatian city.

After all, you came here to enjoy yourselves during the private transfer. There’s bound to be more than just a couple of things for you to see in Å ibenik as it is one of the more popular cities in Croatia; especially during the Summer season. Making it quite a destination to go to during a private transport service from Split for instance.

Tours to go on during your stay in Croatia

Croatia is no stranger to a wide range of excursions/tours you can get yourself up to. Anything from adventure tours to test your bravery, boat tours that will make you enjoy the tranquil sea, nature explorer tours that will let you sight-see some of the most popular and beautiful National parks, all the way to simple walking tours to enrich your knowledge about the towns you visit. Or choose a Split private transfer with mini-bus up to 16 people that will allow you to explore at your own pace.

There’s no shortage of things you can get yourself up to. Croatia is a country that you won’t be able to get enough of during your Vacation, just take a private mini-bus transfer from Split or somewhere else to see the sights. Transfers are after all one of the best methods of sight seeing and exploring Croatia‘s vast territory. From going to nearby National parks from Split with a mini-bus transfer to touring the country side in an air-conditioned vehicle. Croatia has more than just a few spectacular sights for you to take a private personalized transfer to.

Enjoy the sights of various tours after experiencing a personalized mini-bus transfer with an english speaking driver. After all, what better way of reaching your tour destination than with a personalized transport service. There’s no telling when you might need a private transfer from Split or Split airport to reach your tour.

Here are just a few of our most popular tours we offer:

Enjoy a refreshing experience that will take you to visit one of the most if not the most beautiful National park in all of Croatia. Sight see and admire the beauty that lies inside the nature park. The tour offering everything from tickets, guide, transfer, lunch & drinks.

What better way to enjoy your time in Croatia than with one of the easiest to get into tours. Rafting has always been a tour that is perfect for people of all ages, offering a chance to admire the beauty of river Cetina along with memories to remember for years to come.

Nothing beats relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day, and it’s just for that reason we can’t recommend this tour enough. Relax and enjoy your time on a bot ride and your time in the beautiful enchanting water of the Blue Lagoon’s all inclusive tour!

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