Most popular things about Šibenik

Most popular things about Šibenik

Most popular things about Šibenik

Most likely the oldest pure blooded Croatian town on the Jadran coast, the main city of cultural, educational center of the Sibensko-Kninske region.

The town was the largest one on the entire Easte coast of Jadran right up until the plague epidemic in the 17th. century. Whilst Zagreb is today’s main city, Šibenik was the “de facto” main city from around 1944. to 1945. Dubrovnik being significant for being the founding place of the Croatian navy.

Whilst Šibenik is a beautiful town worth visiting, it is most significant for the architectural achievement, Cathedral of Saint Jakov during the 15th and 16th century on the territory of Croatia. Because of it’s exceptional value it was enlisted in UNESCO’s world heritage site list in 2000.

Popular sights

Šibenik is a lovely small town on the coast, but did you also know it was the filming location of the ever amazing Game of Thrones. The town being fortunate enough to be depicted as the free city of Braavos. But apart from the Game of Thrones sights and familiar things you might see, you can still enjoy many other things.

Whilst Šibenik is a relatively small town with even smaller streets, you will soon find out that the town holds incredibly gorgeous scenery. The narrow streets decorated with grey stones and hints of green around the doors and windows making feel pleasantly lost as you explore the city on foot.

After a while of getting lost you will most likely stumble across the beautiful mediterranean medieval garden. The area blooming with various flowers, medicinal and season herbs.

Where to stay and spend your time

Whilst Šibenik only has one hotel there’s plenty of guesthouses you can book to stay at. Šibenik being much less crowded than per say Split or Dubrovnik, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. You probably came to visit during the Summer, the clean beaches offering a relaxing dip during the hot days.

But if searching for a beach is a bit troublesome you will surely love a particular place to visit… The Solaris hotels offer it’s visitors a chance to swim in clean sandy beaches along with offering a couple of bars and restaurants. The complex also sports a nearby water park for children.

Short Summary of Šibenik

Whilst it’s not necessarily a popular town, Šibenik. It offers it’s visitors a change of pace away from the busy and often loud bustle of tourists in the more popular towns. You can safely come to Šibenik without worrying about being in the way to some. 🙂

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Most popular things about Šibenik

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