Private Boat tours from Split

Private Boat tours from Split

Private Boat tours from Split

Private Boat tours from Split

Boat tours are one of the most relaxing tours out there that you can do. The sights you can see on the open seas are numerous and beautiful. Hopefully we can show you just how many gorgeous sights there are scattered all across Dalmatia’s coast line.

Why choose a private boat tour?

Due to the pandemic that is plaguing the entire world, a private tour has never before as enticing to go on. Private Boat tours differ from regular ones in various manners and provide some flexibility that normal group tours don’t. Choose your own starting time without needing to sacrifice a bit of your sleep.

The perks of any private boat tour is that you can surround yourself with just your family/friends and enjoy an exciting time together. Don’t let anything bother you as you decide on what destinations you want to stay in longer than others. Experience the charm of various sights as you explore Croatia’s famous and astounding Dalmatian coast.

What destinations to see?

Croatia is a beautiful country full of historical and cultural values, some more notable than others. The sights that are available on the sear are numerous and worth checking out anytime; especially during Summer time. Luckily for you we’ll tell you about the most famous ones that litter the Dalmatian sea which you are bound to see during one of the boat tours.

  • Vis island – A rather small island in the Adriatic sea. Vis is located the farthest away from Croatia’s mainland with a population of around 3600 in 2011. The island is known for it’s exceptional beauty, along with the rather quiet and soothing atmosphere. We highly recommend that you take at least two days to explore the island as it enables you to spend some time on the beach along with walking around the gorgeous town. The island is also popular due to being a filming location of the movie “Mamma Mia”.
  • Blue Cave – Located besides the ever beautiful Vis island, Blue Cave is one of the most famous sights in all of Croatia. The cave garnering hundreds of visitors each day during the Summer time.
  • Korčula – and island located in the Adriatic Sea. Korčula is widely regarded as a beautiful island to visit with it’s crystal clear beaches that surround the island. The island also has a ton of historical architecture and dense forests, gaining a reputation as “Black Korčula” among the ancient Greeks.
  • Blue Lagoon – Nestled between two Krknjaši islands, this spectacular sight attracts numerous visitors to it’s Sapphire blue like waters. Widely regarded as the go-to spot to go on a boat tour due to it’s relaxing and leisurely experience.

What private boat tour to go on?

Croatia has becomes more and more popular over the years, garnering quite a reputation for itself. So it’s only natural that with more fame Croatia also has several dozen tours at it’s disposal, among those boat tours being a mix of relaxation and exploration.

Among them we decided to show you some that you can go on. After all, it would be a shame not to go on at least one boat tour during your time in Croatia. Boat tours being one of the most popular tour options in all of Croatia.

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Private Boat tours from Split

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