Recommended Islands to visit in Croatia

Recommended Islands to visit in Croatia

Recommended Islands to visit in Croatia

Choosing the best islands to visit out of 1246 of them can be challenging. Croatia’s islands come in all shapes and sizes, providing some pretty amazing differences between them. Whilst some islands have garnered the attention of tourists, other more remote islands offer peace and quiet for some. Whilst the numbers of tourists get higher and higher each passing year, so does the catering to luxury travelers. But exploring the most popular islands can get tiresome as you make your way through a gathering of people which leaves little to no room to admire and relax in the sights.

There’s certainly a couple of things that can entice you. Clean tiny pebble and sand beaches that accentuate the turquoise transparent water are scattered across mostly all islands. Historic towns and rustic villages scattered around the islands anticipate to be scouted out by any tourist. Whilst traversing these islands might be troublesome due to being reachable solely by boat, they are worth the visit. 🙂


One of the brightest if not the brightest island on the Adriatic coast, Hvar experiences an average of 2718 hours of sunlight. Known among locals and tourists as the “party island” Hvar certainly has quite a popular charm to it, hosting parties regularly during the Summer season. Hvar island has also attracted a couple of celebrities like: Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, John Malkovich, Gwyneth Paltrow, along with many others.


Whilst the island isn’t as famous as what’s on the island, it is certainly a treasure to behold. The famous “Golden Horn Beach” that decorates the outskirts of the island has garnered a lot of popularity due to it’s unique shape and beauty. Whilst the beach isn’t made out of sand but instead tiny pebbles, we know that you won’t be able to resist diving into the blue clear water as soon as you set foot on it. Along with the beach, the island has garnered attraction of wind surfers and day-trippers. Brač also has the highest peak out of all other islands, standing proudly at 778 meters, offering tourists a beautiful view of the entire island and Hvar.


Whilst the island isn’t as well known as Hvar and Brač it certainly offers it’s visitors a relaxing trip. The fish bone patterned old town lanes are encircled by 15th century well preserved ramparts. For anyone that enjoys peace and quiet you’ll be happy to know that the island of Korčula hides scenic small villages, perfect for any exploring tourist. The island is also home to a plethora of olive gardens and local wineries run by local producers.


One of the few islands connected with a bridge to the mainland. Whilst most of the islands inhabitants are covered in wool…..and are sheep. The inhabitants feed on the wild herbs of the island that grow there and produce the sharp tasting cheese that the island is known for. The island is also home to salt production, making 2/3rds of Croatia’s salt production.


Most notable for being one of the furthest inhabited islands from the Croatian mainland along with being a popular pit-stop area for visitors of the Blue Cave on the nearby isle “Biševo”. The cave being one of Croatia’s most notable sights to see, the sunlight reflecting on the coral reef sea floor being responsible for giving the “Blue Cave” it’s familiar blue glow. Whilst the island has gained popularity in recent years the island wasn’t always open to the public, serving as a military base up until the year 1983. The island is one of the least developed, but not the least beautiful. Having a couple of beautiful sights for anyone to experience such as “Stiniva bay“. A hidden bay that was ranked as the most beautiful beach in Europe in 2016.


Whilst not exactly an island but an archipelago of Croatia, also known as Stomorski islands is located on the northern side of Dalmatia. The archipelago is made out of 89 islands reaching 35 kilometres in length located in a sea area of 320 square kilometres. The archipelago is one of the densest arcipelagos in the Mediterranean Sea. Kornati can also be divided into two main groups, the Upper Kornati and the Lower Kornati. 89 southernmost islands, islets and reefs of the archipelago were declared a National Park, offering tourists a chance to explore the archipelago during the summer time.

Short summary of Best Islands to visit in Croatia

You certainly decided to visit Croatia for the Ultra music festival. Or had a friend recommend it to you because of the clean beaches and historic architecture. Whilst the islands aren’t necessarily a selling point, they are beautiful and worth checking out. Croatia is basically littered with little isles and islands that accentuate the beauty of the Adriatic coast. Take a breather and relax as you enjoy some of the most beautiful parts and views in Croatia.

Whilst you decide and plan your trip around Croatia, hopefully this small blog post inspired some ideas for you to go for. Explore and meander through the maze like streets of the Diocletian Palace. Admire and sightsee the familiar Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik and Split. Go on an exciting tour like Zip-lining, Rafting, Sea Kayaking, etc. in order to fill your adventuristic appetite even more.

Croatia is a map for adventure and exploration.

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Best Islands to visit in Croatia

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