Seasons in Croatia

Seasons in Croatia

Seasons in Croatia

Seasons in Croatia

Croatia is a country that’s famous for it’s Summer. The often hot atmosphere being refreshed by taking a dip in one of numerous beaches that litter the coast of the country. It’s safe to say Summer is both a fun, exciting time to visit due to the clean inviting beaches and various excursions you can take part in.

But for those of us that can’t stand the heat that well, visiting Croatia during the off season could be a lot more fun. The various seasons offering different yet beautiful things for you to enjoy and witness. Whether you decide to come visit during the blazing hot Summer period or the cold (and possibly snowy) Winter period that makes the numerous towns/cities flourish with excitement whenever you decide to come visit this beautiful country of Croatia.

Spring in Croatia

Spring for instance offers a rather warm atmosphere and beautiful scenery to admire. The flowers blooming, the birds singing, it truly brings a serene atmosphere to it. The season also inspiring some people to do some Spring cleaning in before Easter begins, one of the most famous holidays in the season.

Easter, (Cro: Uskrs) is a festival/holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus. An interesting thing about the holiday is that it doesn’t fall into a specific date, the holiday date being chosen by a combination of various factors. Often the week before Easter being referred to as the Holy Week, whilst the date is decided often as the first ecclesiastical full moon that occurs shortly after or on 21st March.

Easter is often a public holiday in countries where Christianity is a state religion, but Croatia defines freedom of religion. The celebration of Easter is similar to the rest of the world, families organizing feasts and boiling eggs before decorating them; being one of the oldest traditions. Easter also has a popular legendary figure depicting an anthropomorphic Easter Bunny that gives out chocolate eggs.

Autumn in Croatia

Autumn is one of those seasons that make you feel drowsy as all you want to do is crawl into a warm bed. The season announcing it’s arrival by trees shedding their beautiful leaves along with the air becoming noticeably cooler.

Autumn, or Fall if you prefer to call it is one of the most beautiful seasons. As the trees start to shed their leaves, they change colours; making almost every lake look stunning like a painting. But admiring the scenery can only become better with a steamy warm beverage in your hand. making almost every lake look stunning like a painting. It’s truly a perfect and serene time to explore this gorgeous country, along with experiencing one of the most tranquil sights imaginable.

For anyone that wants to avoid crowds, Autumn would be the perfect time to explore Croatia due to it not being popular in this season, but don’t worry as the beauty of the country still remains intact.

Winter in Croatia

The cold frigid air often not liked by many, but for people such as myself this season is bliss. Winter signaling a start of various things, holidays, warm blankets, hot chocolate, and many more exciting and often soothing activities.

For people that enjoy going on some sort of activities like in Summer, Skiing might prove to be a worthwhile substitute. Croatia and neighbouring countries having a couple of ski slopes to go on. Skiing being one of the more popular things to do with friends/family during the weekend or holiday. 🙂

As for the other exciting or rather relaxing things about Winter in Croatia would be the growing Christmas market that blooms in the main cities of Croatia. Sparking up the festive mood in mostly all of us. Little decorative “houses” springing in the main districts where local vendors sell their wares, along with boiled wine; which is quite popular among the older generation.

The festivals, Christmas and New Years are quite a spectacle in Croatia, the Christmas fair lasting a good amount of time leading up to the new year. Most locals take their time to relax and enjoy themselves during this calm season. Croatia truly shines during the Winter season due to having less crowds of people everywhere, making exploring the Old Towns much more relaxing.

Seasons in Croatia | Summer in Croatia

Likely the most popular season to visit this beautiful country. The heat being soothed by taking a dip in the crystal blue water whilst enjoying the sunlight in hopes of getting a tan; just be wary about getting sunburned in the blazing heat. After all, the last thing you want happening when you return from your Vacation is looking like a tomatoe. So go ahead and explore the wonders of Croatia with us! We are positive you will enjoy your time in this beautiful country that has a long standing history, not to mention heavenly beaches decorating its shores. So don’t miss out on a chance to visit Croatia when the beauty truly shines through!

Various tours/excursions are starting to go as well, offering anything from adventure, explorer, walking and boat tours. Some of the most popular examples being: Rafting, Zip-line, Krka Waterfalls, Blue Lagoon, etc.

But there are many other tours that Croatia has up its sleeve just waiting for you to go and experience them. After all, Croatia has several dozen hidden gems that are out of sight for most people, making them truly shine when you finally lay witness on em. So go ahead and go on a tour from Split! We are positive you won’t regret any tour you decide to go on as every single excursion has some kind of charm to it. Making it one of the best decisions you can make during your Vacation in Split, Croatia!

Seasons in Croatia | During which season should I visit Croatia?

That is an interesting question to ask, as it all depends what you enjoy more. Some may find the beauty and warmth of Spring inviting due to being a perfect season to go on a bike ride, admiring and exploring the various flowers and trees that bloom. Autumn offering a slightly chilly breeze to it, whilst also making every lake look like an oil painting due to the leaves on trees changing colour. Winter is the perfect season to visit for people that enjoy going to festivals, as the season has a long lasting Christmas fair.

But, no matter what season we mention we all know that Summer in Croatia is a favourite by many. The crystal blue beaches, various excursions and incredible architecture rather enticing by many. It’s difficult to compete with a season which let’s you take a dip in the refreshing water on a hot Summer day after all. 🙂

If you are having any difficulties or want to book a tour or looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help 🙂

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Seasons in Croatia

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