Souveniers in Croatia

Souveniers in Croatia

Deciding what to buy in Croatia

Souveniers in Croatia

Croatia, just like many other countries around the globe has it’s fair share of culture. The historic significance in many of these items/souveniers being worth of the title of protected natural goods.


Certainly one of the most influential souveniers from the country, garnering a lot of fame today in the fashion aspect. The necktie having numerous different stories of it’s origin. The famous one being that Croatian mercenaries used to wear them to keep their collar closed, but there’s also a different legend which talks about how a woman would tie and collar her significant others neck with her scarf; having him always be reminded of the love she held for him.

Wooden Toys

Whilst not as spectacular as the toys made today that are remote controlled, can climb walls and fly. These toys were made with lots of love for the children back in the day, garnering a lot of cultural significance nowadays. A not so surprising thing about the toy is that it is inscribed in UNESCO’s intangible goods list in 2009.

But if you were wondering where you can get these cultural toys you will be able to find them scattered around Zagreb, since the toy makers are located north from the capital.

Licitar Heart

One of the if not the most cute souvenier that Croatia has to offer. The Licitar hearts have existed for a long time, since the Middle Ages. These colourful decorations are made out of sweet pastry and then decorated in colourful designs. Some of the most famous shapes being the heart of course, a mushroom, a bird, a horseshoe and a couple of other intricate designs.

Olive Oil

One of the essential and most produced Croatian ingredients. The country producing a sizeable amount of it each year, the oil being incredibly healthy and used in everyday cooking. But don’t get mistaken as this Olive Oil is Croatia’s pride, the taste and fragrance of it differing from one producer to the other in Croatia.

The oil being a great gift to get for someone that loves cooking. 🙂


This sweet smelling flower is one of Croatia‘s most sought after products. The gentle fragrance emanating from it being used to calm people down and also to aid a sore cough. The dried out plant being used to assist in childbirth and various other medical aids.

Whilst taking a stroll through the various cities in Croatia you are sure to encounter various vendors selling the lavender in little cloth pouches, making a suitable gift/souvenier to take home.

Short Summary

Souveniers are common every place you go, whether it be small little flower bouquets or cute little decorated hearts. The products originating from people’s culture and love for crafts. Croatia having a long lasting history of making intricate and sought over products like the necktie.

All in all if you are a person that values tradition and would like to take home some of Croatia‘s charm, you can easily find something to your liking. 🙂 Whether it be a sweet soothing bag of lavender or a decorative beautiful little heart to hang on your Christmas tree back home.

If you are having any difficulties or want to book a tour or looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help 🙂

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Souveniers in Croatia

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