Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2020

Curious about what Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2020 has? Examine and discover how to traverse this beautiful landscape.

Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2020

Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2020

Croatia isn’t a huge country like Italy or Russia but it certainly has charm. Many think that you have to have a few thousand bucks to travel and explore…. but then a backpacker would just chuckle at that and go on a trip with about a hundred euros and some change.
Tips for Backpacking 2020 Croatia.

Good things to know before coming

Always when going on some trip you should check the weather and how far ahead or behind the time is in the place. Croatia being +1 ahead in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). Beware of strong winds like “Bura” when going on high rocky mountains like Velebit. Unless you want to spend your vacation backpacking in a hospital. Make sure to pack a couple of warm clothes if you plan on visiting us during the winter as it can get a bit chilly. Whilst during the Summer time all we can advise is to drink lots and lots of fluids to stay hydrated.

Facts about Croatia

Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2019.

  • The Croatian currency called “Kuna” is the primary payment source in Croatia. The value being around 1 euro = 7.5 kuna.
  • The fashionable necktie was invented in Croatia. So if you’re looking for an authentic one this is the place to get one.
  • Croatia experiences 2715 hours of sunshine, that’s more than Sydney Australia.
  • Croatia has been the filming location of the popular hit TV series Game of Thrones, “King’s landing” being shot in Dubrovnik and Split’s Diocletian palace.
  • Nikola Tesla the famous futurist and inventor was born in the small village of “Smiljan” which is located in Croatia.
  • Croatia is home to the world’s smallest town, “Hum”.

Backpacking is a peculiar thing, people going to far out countries exploring with just a backpack on. But it isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Because here are some handy tips to have a great time exploring Croatia.

Tips and Information

Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2019.
If you just came to Croatia with a bus, ferry, train, private transfer or even airplane. Chances are that you are quite lost. But don’t fret because as you’ll soon experience for yourself how nice Croatians are. Generally as soon as they see a lost looking tourist; they’ll try to give directions and offer a place to stay in their apartment or room.

After you settle yourself into a hostel, apartment or any other accommodation it’s time to go explore. The centre of Croatia’s capital Zagreb is widely acclaimed to be less expensive than the towns and islands of the adriatic coast. First thing that most people will notice about Zagreb is how massive it is. Trams being one of the most efficient ways of getting around this large city that will cost you just a couple of euro’s for a daily ticket; even less for one ride.

Now that you have your tram ticket it’s time to visit a couple of famous museums like “The museum of illusions” or if you enjoy silly things “The museum of broken relationships”. Which has a couple of…..”strange” items to say the least. Zagreb has a large city square and a famous church with a slanted mozaic checkered roof, “The church of St. Marko”. The church having plenty of people taking pictures and hanging around in front of it. 🙂

Nature of Croatia

If you came to Croatia you won’t make a mistake of visiting “Plitvice Lakes“. The UNESCO protected nature preserve “Plitvice lakes” is one of the oldest and the largest national parks in Croatia. 16 surface lakes being observed that provide a stunning view during the winter when the lakes freeze over whilst snow decorates the outskirts. So when you take a moment to appreciate the beauty it’s time to move on with some sort of transfer over to Split… but not before stopping by the town Šibenik to rest up on our journey.

Towns of Croatia

Šibenik is a lovely coast line town but not many people, even the locals in Croatia notice it. But that doesn’t mean this hidden gem of a town can’t make your time phenomenal with “Klapa’s” (Small groups singing together) accentuating the spirit of this cozy town that will leave a lasting impression hopefully. You know the city is beautiful when Venice and Turkish invaders tried to seize this lovely town a long time ago.

After a good night’s rest, falling asleep to the waves and the occasional “Klapa” we move on to Split.
Split, settled in the region of Dalmatia. Split has been a popular tourist destination providing a plethora of sights to see (that won’t make a dent in your wallet). If you are looking for a place to stay there are plenty of accommodations ranging from Villa’s, Hotels, Apartments, hostels, etc.
But for a backpacker the most affordable would be hostels, we recommend Design Hostel Golly & Bossy for it’s modern charm and decoration, located in the Diocletian palace.
(For a more detailed blog post about Split and the surrounding trips and tours click here)

The forest hill Marjan, a nature preserve protected by law offers a great relaxing time to walk, hike and cycle, you can easily rent a bicycle at the very entrance to the hill, it also offers a great view over the whole town at the “First lookout“.

After you hike and explore the forest you surely could use a place to eat in one of Croatia’s numerous restaurants that provide all kinds of delicacies, sea food being the main specialty of the adriatic coast with it’s wide variety of fish and oysters that only cost around 10 euro (So no worries for a heart attack when you get the bill).

Croatian Delicacies

Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2019
One hidden gem of Croatia would be it’s food. Ranging from sea food, smoked delicacies and wide array of dough-y treats will leave a blissful smile on your lips. And the places that you can get the most delicious and reasonably priced local food would be in “Konoba’s”. Old vintage style restaurants that really give a nice relaxing ambient whilst you enjoy your food.

A couple of food Croatia has to offer, make no mistake it is delicious, truly heaven for your taste buds:

  • Peka: A method of cooking a piece of lamb, veal using ash. The meat is usually slow cooked two to two and a half hours by this method which leaves the meat tender and juicy; a true dalmatian way of cooking.
  • Ćevapi: Čevapi are one of those foods that you can grab on the go or sit down in a restaurant and enjoy. Taste the rolled up minced meat heaven in a bun called “Lepinja” filled with Aivar and Onions to accentuate the taste of the meat. Highly recommend you try them in a restaurant, Konoba or even a fast food place.
  • Fritule: (My personal favourite) soft small balls of deep fried dough that just melt in your mouth. Mostly sold during festivities like Christmas in the famous “Little houses” that decorate the prominence of towns.
  • Pašticada: a stewed beef dish cooked in special sauce, popular in Croatia. It is often called Dalmatinska pašticada because it originates in Dalmatia. It requires long and meticulous preparation: first, the meat is pierced and stuffed with garlic, cloves, carrot and bacon, then salted and marinated in vinegar overnight.

After you’ve seen the adriatic coastline and visited a couple of popular islands like Hvar (The so called party town), Brač, Vis, it’s time to
pack up your belongings and souvenirs before heading back home feeling richer from the experience you had.

Short Summary

Either way getting around as a backpacker in Croatia isn’t that hard with the help of locals offering places to stay. Along with food being cheap and at the same time delicious. Transfers, even the private ones having reasonable prices for the service they offer won’t leave you feeling disappointed. And hey, if you are willing to explore places that cost a little bit of euros there’s always the nature preserve “Plitvice Lakes” and “Krka Waterfalls“. The parks offering stunning views and amazing photography shots that will last forever. 🙂

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Tips for Backpacking in Croatia 2019

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