Tour guide Split Croatia

Discover the numerous things and tours you can experience in Split. Explore and discover exciting things you can start doing in Split, Croatia!

Tour guide Split Croatia

What to expect in Split Croatia

Language: The official language is Croatian, but English is a mandatory subject in schools all across the country so most if not all of the residents know English to a certain degree.

Currency: Croatian Kuna. Whilst Croatia is in the EU, it has not yet adapted EURO (€) into its businesses completely. It’s best to have Croatian Kuna when you’re paying anywhere in Croatia, as most places will not accept euro.

Credit cards and ATM’s: Most if not all shops and restaurants accept payment with credit card. As for ATM’s, we recommend avoiding ones that aren’t affiliated to any banks (namely the ones that start with EURO).

Friendly tip: Whilst Summer time is the most popular time to visit Croatia, it is also the most expensive. If you don’t care much for enjoying the beach, you can always visit Croatia during the off-season, the season being Summer most of the time.

Where to eat: Croatia, Split has many restaurants that are scattered throughout the city so choosing a place to eat at can be troublesome. For the most part restaurants in the center of town tend to be more expensive than restaurants a bit further out; like for example “Konoba Kod Joze” which most of the time has more delicious food; or simply look up the reviews of the best restaurants to dine in. 🙂


Tour guide Split Croatia

Split is one of the most popular towns in Croatia, and it isn’t without reason. Sightseeing the historical architecture of the Diocletian Palace accentuating the modern beauty surrounding the palace, producing a pleasant mix of the old with the new. Whilst there are certainly several attractions all around Croatia, the Diocletian Palace holds a special place in my heart, after all, I live in Split. 🙂 Tour guide Split Croatia.

Whether you are arriving here for the first time, staying for one day or merely passing through, sightseeing Split isn’t a bad decision. The calming sights of nature along with the mesmerizing views of the islands making it a beautiful country to admire. Croatia is blessed to have the longest period of sunlight; rivaling even Sydney Australia! Tour guide Split Croatia.

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