Tour Agent in Split Croatia

Tour Operator in Split Croatia

Tour Operator in Split Croatia

Tour Operator in Split Croatia

Is this your first time in Croatia?
So you just landed or were planning on visiting this gorgeous country. You might be feeling excited, confused or anxious about being in a new country. But worry not because we are here to help you get your feet on the ground. 🙂

First things first. Getting accustomed to Croatia’s weather and architecture. Croatia is a mediterranean country so the weather is quite comfortable across the seasons apart from Summer, where temperatures vary around 25-30C.

Some of the things you might get a chance to see whilst in this country would be the various and diverse towns decorating the landscape.

Tour Operator in Split Croatia - Zagreb

The main city of Croatia along with being the largest. The town was historically developed by two settlements on neighbouring hills, “Gradeca” and “Kaptola”, which make up the core of today’s town, Zagreb. Some interesting things about Zagreb are the various free Wi-Fi hotspots littered around the main public areas. As you take a walk through the “upper town” in Zagreb you will get a chance to see street lights that don’t rely on electricity. The 217 gas lamps have been lit by hand, one by one, since 1863. Zagreb is also filled with various museums that offer a look at the old times of Croatia, along with having a couple of quirky museums like “The museum of broken relationships”, which has become one of the most visited museums in Zagreb.

Split, the city that’s widely popular among the young and old due to the coast line scenery. The city hosting the “Ultra Music Festival” every year, attracting numerous music fans for the most up-beat music festival in Europe. Town of Split is the largest town in the province of Dalmatia and the second largest in Croatia. Diocletian’s Palace, one of Split’s main attractions is a big fortress that was built as a “Summer house” for the roman emperor Diocletian. The palace acts like a small town where people live, eat and run small shops inside the bustling walls. Diocletian Palace was also used as a filming location for the famous TV show “Game of Thrones”, the basements being the area where “Daenerys Targaryen” kept her dragons.

Tour Operator in Split Croatia - Split
Tour Operator in Split Croatia - Zadar

Zadar, the oldest continuously inhabited Croatian city. The area of present-day Zadar tracing the earliest evidence of human life from the late Stone Age. The town of Zadar is also filled with a couple of interesting monuments, such as the “Greeting to the sun” and “Sea Organs”. “Greeting to the sun” being a circular shape on the ground covered in Solar Panels, being classified as a small power plant, producing 46.500 kWh yearly. The town of Zadar is also blessed with another beautiful monument, the “Sea Organs” which produce a symphonic melody as waves collide with them. Zadar is also famous for Alfred Hitchcock’s claim of Zadar being the place to admire the most beautiful sunset in the world.

If you’ve been curious where most of the fun and exciting tours happen, this is the town. Omiš is a town located in Dalmatia aprox. 25 kilometres south-east of Split. The town is also a location where the “Cetina River” meets the “Adriatic Sea”. It is speculated that the name of this town, Omiš was developd from the Slavic “holm” which translates to “hill” or “place on the hill”. Rafting and Zip-lining being a famous activity that happens along the “Cetina River”, providing an exciting time to anyone that happens upon it. Omiš is best known for the traditional festival of the Dalmatian a capella singing groups. The festival being a highlight of Omiš’s Summer.

Tour Operator in Split Croatia - Omiš

Organizing the perfect tour / Don’t have time to organize?

Sometimes organizing tours and planning “how to” and “what to” do can be a challenge when you are in a different country for the first time and don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out 🙂

One of the most popular adrenaline tours we offer. Paddle down the river rapids down “Cetina River”, admiring the sights along the way, pass through a cave and under the waterfall. At the end you can show your courage by jumping from a cliff into the water.

You might be wondering what sane person would dangle a couple of hundred meters from the ground, speeding down the zip-line and admiring the sights. Well, I also wonder. Experience the adrenaline rush of the activity whilst holding for dear life onto the zipline 🙂

If you are a fan of the more tranquil and relaxing tours, you can’t go wrong with exploring one of the most popular Nature parks in Croatia. Enjoy and admire the cascading waterfalls and take the chance to swim next to one during the Summer.

Widely considered one of the most beautiful parks in Croatia. “Plitvice Lakes” is one of the oldest and largest national parks, being added as a UNESCO World Heritage register in 1979. With it’s exceptional natural beauty the park has always attracted visitors.

But not all tours will fit each and every person. Some people might enjoy the adrenaline focused ones whilst others just want to relax and enjoy the current moment. So why not take a look at some of the different groups of people and what tours fit with them.


For those that enjoy the company of others, a perfect bonding experience for friends would have to be doing something rather scary, like Zip-lining. Experience and test your courage with various adrenaline tours that will enhance your friendships to another level.


Whilst most tours are focused around adrenaline and exploration, that doesn’t mean that they are no tours more than suitable for Seniors. Relax and go on walks through the natural parks such as “Krka Waterfalls” and “Plitvice Lakes”, have a refreshing experience with wellness and enjoy a glass of wine in a wine tour.


One of the best experiences are ones that are made with the family. Go ahead and explore Croatia’s waterpark’s, swim in the crystal blue beaches around the coast line. But if you want to experience something beautiful you can always go visit the “Blue Cave”, one of Croatia’s most popular attractions, but if you aren’t interested in that the “Blue Lagoon” is the perfect option to relax on whilst admiring the blue crystal clear colour.

Spending your Vacation in Split Croatia

Knowing what to do once you get accustomed to Croatia can be challenging. First you need to decide what you wanna see, where to stay, when to come visit, etc. But those are only small problems with our help 🙂

Let us help you where to stay during your vacation. Decide whether you want to spend your time here in a small cozy studio, a spacious villa or Robinson tourism. If you are also worried about transfer, do not worry because we organize that as well! Just let us know what you would like to see, do or experience and we’ll make something happen. Whether you want to go on a fun exciting cruise along the Dalmatian coast or explore the beautiful Natural parks, we can make anything happen!

We guarantee best prices!

Tailor made

Apart from the regular tours we also make custom made tours that will be perfect just the way you want em. Just tell us what you wanna see and do and we’ll try to make the best itinerary possible, explore Croatia how you want to with us! Make your own tours with us and get a special discount for groups of people as you explore and have fun on the tours you wanted.

Cruises along Dalmatia

What better way to explore Croatia than by cruising along the coast during the hot Summer days.
Either choose to rent a charter and go exploring on your own or go on a cruise around Croatia. Pick one of many cruises we have in our offer and see what you fancy. Whether it be a small mini-cruise or a 7 day long one, whatever it may be we are sure you will enjoy the crystal blue sea and beautiful sights 🙂 Read more about cruising through Dalmatia here

Here are just some of the Cruises available:

How to make a tour

If you have a pretty good idea of what you would like to experience, see and experience in Croatia. All that’s left is just messaging us explaining what you would like to see. Whether you want to explore the natural parks with a private transfer or go on an exciting adrenaline tour such as Rafting and Ziplining, we will do our best to make your Vacation in Croatia the best one you had 🙂

If you are having any difficulties or want to book a tour or looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help 🙂

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Tour Operator in Split Croatia


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