Towns from Split to visit

Towns to visit from Split

Towns to visit from Split

You most likely stumbled on this whilst finishing your twentieth walk across Split Old Town, seen what there is to see, experienced what there is to experience. Look no further because you will relieve that boredom by taking a trip to a neighbouring town. There’s a lot of towns to visit from Split, so don’t worry. Don’t get us wrong, Split is a beautiful and one of the best cities in Croatia (Dare I say). The pristine historic architecture along with the clean turquoise coloured water surely entices everyone, but it can get repetitive.

Add some spice to your holiday by visiting other locations other than Split. Go on an exciting explorative adventure through the neighbouring cities at your own pace! See new architecture and sights that will make your vacation richer.


Probably the first town that comes to mind of visiting that’s only 45 minutes drive away from Split. Omiš is a particularly exciting town because the river cetina flows through it before joining with the open sea. The town is also a famous place for Rafting, Ziplining, Canyoning among many other things. Serving as a great location to visit if you are looking for some fun activities to do.

The town offers a rather relaxing experience away from the bustling crowds, a perfect spot to visit when you just want to clear your head and enjoy the sun.


A historical town on the coast of the Adriatic sea, similar to Split in some ways. Trogir is a historical town protected by UNESCO, the town being littered with beautiful churches, towers and palaces. The town is a hub for sail-tourism, hosting two yacht marinas on it’s own. Trogir might also look a bit familiar due to being the filming location for Doctor Who; most notably the “The Vampires of Venice” and “Vincent and the Doctor”.


Some may know the town, having experienced how wild the parties can go on this island. It’s safe to say that the island never sleeps during the summer with it’s wide assortments of clubs. Whilst he party scene is certainly an integral part of the island, that doesn’t mean it lacks some pretty stunning beaches.


Whilst Dubrovnik isn’t necessarily close to Split, it certainly is a town worth visiting from it. The town gaining a boost of popularity due to the famous TV show Game of Thrones; being depicted as King’s Landing. Explore the historical defensive walls that were used to protect the city over the years.

An interesting thing about Dubrovnik is that the city is cut off from the rest of Croatia due to the border of Bosnia & Herzegovina; so make sure to bring your passport with you when visiting the city. 🙂


Whilst Sinj isn’t the most popular or known city in Croatia, being hidden in-between four mountains, it certainly has charm. The town bustles with activity, especially in August when the “Sinjska Alka” kicks off.

Sinjska Alka is the town’s most popular attraction, a knight game where riders compete to attain the most points by piercing a dangling “Alka”. The sport is popular among locals, only people that were born in or around Sinj being allowed to compete in this exciting event.


The island of Vis is a must visit location from Split. One of the more interesting if not the most interesting marine islands on the Adriatic sea. The island wasn’t always a tourist area, being a forbidden zone in the past during Communist Yugoslavia, leaving most of the flora untouched by society. If you are interested in war history you will surely enjoy exploring the island of Vis. The island has also been a social gathering that attracts a wide range of people from locals to tourists alike. Vis for that instance being one of the best islands to visit if you want to stay for a couple of days, since you can’t properly visit the island for only one day.

Towns to visit from Split short summary

Whilst there are certainly a couple of great locations all around Croatia I thought I should give you just a couple of ideas of places you can visit for a day or two whilst spending most of your days in Split. Go out there and explore what the Dalmatian coast has to offer!

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Towns to visit from Split

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