Ultra Europe 2024 Where to stay in Split Croatia

Ultra Europe 2024 Where to stay in Split Croatia

Ultra Europe Where to stay in Split Croatia

Ultra Europe 2024 Where to stay in Split Croatia

It’s been quite some time ever since Covid-19 plagued the world. But fortunately enough we have returned to a more normal lifestyle for quite some time now.

And in celebration of finally ridding most of the world of the virus Ultra Europe is coming back stronger and better than ever the oncoming year. Party, dance and cause a riot of joy as your body is taken over by the beat of the music. There’s always a bustle of excitement when you visit Europe’s largest music festival.

Ultra Music Festival is one of the largest and most entertaining festivals that has graced Europe. The festival attracting a wide variety of people for the 8th time in a row. Experience the up-beat music and energetic air surrounding the Park Mladeži as the 3 day festival kicks off!

Taking place 12th, 13th and 14th of July the Ultra Europe music festival gets everyone moving. But 3 nights of partying does require a lot of rest in between. The constant dancing and jumping to the beat of the music a rather enticing offer for many; but you can’t spend the entire time at the festival.

Ultra Music Festival is gonna bring many to their feet thanks to several popular performers that bring people up to their feet. Bringing more and more people/visitors to enjoy the largest music festival to their fullest whilst they dance and drink to their hearts content. Made more prevalent with the amount of popular stars that grace the festival as performers.

Some of the past performers being non other than: Afrojack, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Dj Snake, Galantis, Marshmello, Pendulum Trinity, Richie Hawtin, Steve Aoki

So we have quite a bit to look forward to the coming 2024, seeing as how the past years have been great and attracted numerous visitors from all across the globe. Split, Croatia growing in popularity both for the festival and being the filming location of several popular shows; namely Game of Thrones. The city becoming quite crowded during Summer time; especially during ULTRA music festival as party goers flood the city.

Choose among various accommodations, from small cozy studio apartments to regular apartments that will make your trip all the more better; because crashing onto a soft bed is a bit more inviting than just passing out on the cold hard ground.

Choose a variety of accommodation: Studio Apartments, Apartments or even holiday homes!

Go ahead and choose among just a couple of apartments listed below. We’re sure you’ll enjoy what we have to offer 🙂 Whether you’re visiting with just one friend or your entire group of family/friends, we have various accommodations fit for each group. So you can decide easily where you’ll like to stay at, we also offer a scheduled ULTRA Split transfer if need be that will take you directly to the music festival or back to your accommodation. So you don’t need to worry about how you’ll reach ULTRA EUROPE music festival, simply book a private scheduled transfer in advance and let our professional driver escort you to the largest music festival in Europe.

Ultra music festival also brings forth a plethora of people from all across the globe that anticipate hearing some of their favourites artists on the live stage. So you might be fortunate enough to see your own favourite celebrity take the live stage and bring their energy to the table. You’ll have plenty to look forward to as each year the excitement is palpatable all throughout Croatia; let alone Split city. Ultra 2024 promising to be one of the greatest events as the world has recovered from Covid-19 for quite some time now ever since the pandemic hit the world back in the end of 2019.

Ultra Europe 2024 Where to stay in Split Croatia | Accommodations

If you are curious about seeing other accommodation other than the ones shows, be free to contact us with what exactly you are looking for! We are sure to have a place fitting for you!

Ultra Europe 2024 Where to stay in Split Croatia | Other offers:

Ultra Europe 2024 Where to stay in Split Croatia
Finding an accommodation to stay at during the music festival is one of the first things to plan for, but it isn’t the only thing you can do.
We offer various other things and not just apartments, like for example:

  • Private Transfers
  • Airport pickup
  • Tours

Need a private transfer? We can do it!
Interested in going on some exciting tours? Check them out below!

Just tell us what you are interested in and let us help you with your plans for Ultra Europe. 🙂

We know you came here to enjoy the music festival to your fullest, but don’t let that be the only thing to enjoy whilst you’re in Split. Go on a thrilling tour or explore the Diocletian palace whilst you’re here. The city is quite famous not just for the festival after all. Split having several beautiful beaches that have attracted several thousand people each Summer to enjoy the sun and relax in the crystal clear water.


Paddling down the river Cetina can be a soothing experience, but it can also be an exciting and incredibly fun experience. Rush down the river rapids, pass through a cave and jump from a cliff in this beautiful tour!


Music isn’t the only thing that can get your blood pumping. Enjoy the adrenaline rush of zip-lining above foliage whilst enjoying the view. Test your bravery and prove to your friends you are the toughest! 🙂


Go on an adventure down river rapids as you meander through rocky canyons on this canyoning tour. Enjoy the serenity of this relaxing adventure after partying!

We have a lot more tour options to choose from on this site here! Catering to various people with adrenaline, explorer, boat and walking tours to choose from!

Summary about Ultra Europe Where to stay in Split Croatia

Whether you decide to stay in a quiet little studio or a fancy apartment. Go on an exciting tour before or after. Or even meet some of the locals in bars & clubs where the music ain’t quite as loud. You have more than enough time to choose where you want to stay whilst partying all night long for 3 days. Just don’t forget to take a moment to rest after a while 🙂

It’s safe to say that Ultra music festival has become one of the most popular and visited events in all of Europe. The event gathering people from all across the world for a weekend full of fun, drinking, dancing and even singing. So spread your wings and enjoy yourselves, meet new people, sight see the city and most of all, have a grand ol’ time!

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