Vacation in Croatia

Vacation in Croatia

Spending your Holiday in Croatia

Vacation in Split Croatia

A place to stay

The first step to planning out a vacation would be to find a place to stay, whether it be a small studio or a big luxurious villa. There’s bound to be something that’s fit for you!

Every passing year Croatia has more and more apartments popping up designed to accommodate guests. A large majority of them springing up around the city center of various….well….cities. 🙂

Deciding where to stay is one of the hardest things about planning a vacation so don’t rush the decision, but you can always check out what we have to offer as well 🙂

Enjoying the sunshine

One of the main things a person thinks to themselves about taking a vacation would be relaxing on a beach, enjoying the breeze whilst getting sunburned a tan. Croatia is blessed to be littered by beautiful beaches, offering countless areas to relax at.

An interesting fact about one particular island, Hvar, is that it receives more than 2800 hours of sunshine per year. Croatia truly shines, doesn’t it 🙂

Taking a stroll

Anyone that fancies long walks on the beach will be happy to know that the Adriatic coast is filled with beaches; whilst not a lot of em are sand covered, they are beautiful non the less.

Walking being almost like a tradition for the older generation to spend their mornings and afternoons. A cup of coffee or beer being a perfect combination for those that enjoy to spend their time enjoying the sunrise/sunset.

Whilst beaches are a great place to have a morning or evening stroll, so are the numerous “Old Towns” that are placed in several Croatian towns. The Diocletian Palace coming to mind to many for it’s historical beauty that has lived for several centuries. It also helps that the palace is almost like a small town of it’s own, with people living and working inside it’s walls.

Overlooking the historic roman palace and the town of Split is a forest hill called Marjan. This particular forest hill is one of the most well known things about Split, having numerous quiet little coves/beaches that is just perfect for people that enjoy a bit more privacy whilst relaxing on the beach.

The things to experience

A Vacation isn’t just for relaxing as you can learn quiet a bit of interesting facts and knowledge by going on a walking tour for example. Croatia having several museums also that showcase it’s past, along with a couple of….”peculiar” museums like the “Museum of Broken Relationships”.

Croatia is a wide and interesting country where you can easily spend hours on end simply walking and sightseeing. Split for instance has occasional peacocks roaming the streets.

The country offers a range of activities, from adrenaline inducing Adventure tours to relaxing Explorer tours. Rafting down river rapids to walking and enjoying the sights of Krka Waterfalls. Croatia truly has everything for everyone 🙂

Delicacies to enjoy

Exploring the beaches and not to mention the architecture can be rather exhausting. So what better way to regain the lost energy than by a meal! Eat like a King as you taste Dalmatian, Croatian and Mediterranean cuisine during your stay in Croatia.

Mostly made out of sea food, Dalmatian cuisine is one of the most well known in Croatia, loved by many all around. Inspired by different regions and countries that once invaded Croatia. Different countries like Turky, Italy, Hungary, etc. all at some point in history laid siege on Croatia, and with it left their culinary footprint. Some of the most well known dishes being:
Peka, a slow cooked meal that’s usually made out of Lamb or Octopi with a side of potatoes. The meal is slow cooked under an iron dome of sorts by covering said dome in hot charcoal and letting it cook for several hours.
Pašticada, a highly popular dish that’s relatively easy to make. The meal being made out of stewed beef with various spices added to it to enrich the flavour, usually served with a side of gnocchi or pasta. The dish being often eaten by construction workers due to it’s rich flavour and high nutritional value.
Gulaš, whilst it is classified as a soup of sorts. Gulaš is a meal that’s highly nutritional in value. Consisting of various meats mixed together, along with potatoes, onions, peppers, tomatoes and some other spices that give it a rich thick consistency perfect on a cold day.

But there are plenty more delicious meals that Croatia has up it’s sleeve so don’t worry about it 🙂 The food usually having Olive Oil as it’s main ingredient, whether cooked in it or lathered after.

Numerous tours to choose from

If exploring the architecture and relaxing on the beach isn’t enough to quench your thirst of exploration, why not choose to go on an exciting tour! Split for instance having a large variety of tours to choose from. Whether you enjoy quiet refreshing boat excursions or exciting blood pumping adrenaline tours that will leave you wanting more. So don’t let your Vacation go to waste, there’s excitement around every corner. It’s all a matter of discovering and finding out what tour fits you best during your stay in Croatia.

Special walking tour Split

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    Tour Variations

    For those that love the rush of adrenaline coursing through their veins these tours are made for them! Experience the rush as you paddle down river rapids, zip above canopy, go canyoning, etc. It’s truly a spectacle to experience; especially with friends!

    For the ones that enjoy walking around and sightseeing at a steady walking pace explorer tours are perfect for you. Enjoy the relaxing calming rustle of leaves as you sight see the natural parks and historic architecture.

    Visiting Croatia and not going on some kind of boat tour would be a shame. The water and coast line of Croatia being one of the most beautiful sights about the country. The Blue Lagoon being a particularly lovely destination to enjoy some sunshine!

    For people that enjoy learning about history and exploring century old architecture, walking tours are the way to go. Learn about interesting historical facts that litter the country of Croatia, sight see the famous Game of Thrones filming location scenes.

    Partying during Summer

    Whilst not exactly a “Relaxing” activity, Split is home to the popular EDM festival “Ultra Europe” in Split every year. The music festival attracting a large majority of music fans; the size of which just keeps on increasing.

    Held in the fabled Poljud stadium, the music can be heard from up to 1 kilometer away as fans dance, party and drink to their hearts content. Truly the festival has earned a sizeable following as the festival has lasted for 6 years in Split already since 2013! 🙂

    Split, after all, isn’t known solely for it’s crystal clear beaches and amazing architecture, so don’t waste the chance to listen in on the Ultra festival that’s happening from 9th-11th of July. This year the ULTRA music festival will be held at Park Mladeži in Split instead of Poljud stadium. So you’ll have to party and dance at a brand new location that will be blasting with electronic music for kilometres away even.

    Perspective of Croatia

    But if you want to see an outsider’s perspective of what they thought about Croatia. Go ahead and check out JetSettingFools. Having several travel blogs revolving around Croatia from Top 10 things to see in Split, 2-week itinerary of Croatia and a whole blog post about the Diocletian’s Palace in Split. The blog posts are fun, educational and offer some interesting facts about this country. They were beyond lovely guests that we had a pleasure meeting 🙂

    All in all it’s always best to explore the town on foot and visit places that are often left out of most guides and tours. That way you can sight see and visit some of the beautiful hidden gems that lay, well, hidden in Croatia. So go ahead and explore the wonders that have settled themselves in Croatia‘s ancient history.

    If you are having any difficulties or want to book a tour or looking for accommodation don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help 🙂

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