Water taxi Split Boat transfers

Water taxi Split Boat transfers

It’s no surprise that Croatia has several hundred of thousands of visitors each passing year. The beauty of the country truly shining during the Summer period when the heat allows people to take a dip in the refreshing blue coloured waters along the Adriatic coastline. It’s a refreshing experience for a local and/or a tourist to finally have some time to relax on the beach.

And for that reason the connection to most of the islands is the best at Split. Take a breather and relax as we mention some of the most interesting things about each one so you can decide which one is the most worthwhile to take a private water-taxi to. Relax and don’t worry about taking multiple stops, with a simple Water taxi you’ll get from point A to point B as fast as possible. Rely on us for the best water taxi service!

About the islands you can visit:


Widely considered a party island due to hosting a part of “Ultra music festival”. Hvar is also the longest island in Croatia, along with having a peak at 628 meters on which a small chapel was built. The island having several beaches that surround it, the most popular part being on the same area a town of the same name “Hvar” is located. Hvar also produces well over 50 000 hectoliters of wine each year.


Brač island is the largest island in Dalmatia. Whilst it might be an island, there’s also a bridge connecting it to the mainland, allowing anyone to visit it through a land route instead of by water like a water-taxi. The island also sports the highest point of any island at a whopping 778 meters above sea level. The island is also home to one of the most notable beaches that changes depending on the tides, Bol.


Considered as the best island to go to to spend a couple of days on. Vis is an island that sports beautiful stunning beaches and architecture. Located the farthest from Croatia’s mainland, it’s no shock that Vis is a hidden gem that we urge you to visit. Rent a private water-taxi to it and maybe go visit the nearby Blue Cave that is considered one of the most beautiful sights in Croatia. You won’t regret visiting Vis as the beauty is well worth a trip from Split for. Vis is after all an island that is chock full of history and beauty.


A rival to Vis for being a beautiful island to go to. Korčula has a long history of tourism along with ship building, fishing and agriculture. The island having several hundred Villas and Vacation homes, making it an ideal place to spend your holidays on. There’s also a speculation that the famous merchant and explorer Marco Polo was born on Korčula; or another place. Taking a water-taxi to this beautiful large island is the fastest method of getting to explore the serene beauty the islands holds.

Why choose a private water-taxi from Split?

The perks of renting a private transfer from Split are several, but the most popular reason is the planning on when and where you want to go. The freedom and flexibility a private water-taxi offers is the key selling point of it. Choose what destination you want to visit and we’ll handle everything else. A water taxi should be simple and quick, tell us at what time and place you want to go to and we’ll take care of everything else.

Whether you want a transfer from Split airport, Split or any of the islands. We can organize anything to take you to any place you want. A water taxi is made for comfort and versatility at mind after all. So choosing a private transfer is all up to you, after all, it’s your choice at how you want to explore Croatia. Water taxis usually always operating on demand instead of a fixed schedule. For that reason it’s just a matter of choosing when and where you want to go.

Things to do during your stay in Split

Croatia is filled with a wide range of wonders and things to get yourself up to. Split in particular being a sort of hub from where you can do a wide array of tours like Krka Waterfalls from Split, Ziplining, Rafting, Blue Lagoon, etc. So don’t let your Vacation go to waste, go ahead and enjoy your holidays to its fullest.

No matter to what destination you venture to, every country or town has something exciting and fun to get yourself up to. Enjoy a refreshing experience after or before taking a private water taxi to your destination. Split offering a plethora of options for you to choose from that will make your Vacation in Croatia all the better. Water Taxis are one of the best modes of transportation to make your life easier!

Take a look at just a couple of offers we have:

There is no better way to enjoy your time in Croatia than with one of the easiest to get into tours. Rafting has always been a tour that is perfect for people of all ages, offering a chance to admire the beauty of river Cetina along with memories to remember for years to come.

If the idea of relaxing on the beach on a hot summer day attracts you, well it’s just for that reason that we can’t help but recommend this tour. Relax and enjoy your time on a boat ride and your time in the beautiful enchanting water of the Blue Lagoon’s all inclusive tour!

Enjoy a relaxing experience that will take you to visit one of the most if not the most gorgeous National park in all of Croatia. Sight see and admire the beauty that lies inside the nature park. The tour offering everything from tickets, guide, transfer, lunch & drinks.

For those of you that still want to learn more, be free to contact us for any questions you might have. Whether you want to take a private airport transfer, another water-taxi or go on a tour, we are here to help in any way that we can. So be free to ask us for help finding an accommodation to stay at, tour to go on or a transfer to take you somewhere.

We’re here to help after all, so don’t fret about contacting us. Let us know what you want to do and when you want to do stuff so we can organize the best experience fit for you. Enjoy your Vacation/Holiday to its fullest in Split! Don’t let anything stop your from enjoying your stay in this beautiful country. Take the shortest and quickest route to having a great time with a private water taxi Split!

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Water taxi Split Boat transfers

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