What can you do in Omiš

What can you do in Omiš

What can you do in Omiš

Omiš, a close neighbour of the town of Split and it’s Diocletian Palace is a popular destination spot for many that have visited Split. Most notably famous for hosting a variety of tours, along with being popular due to the surrounding beaches. Omiš is truly a town worth paying a visit.

Located just 25 kilometers from the second largest town in Croatia, Split. The town acting as a port also in the Dalmatia region along with being a place where the river Cetina meets the Adriatic Sea. In today’s time Omiš’s economy focuses on fishing, farming, textile production and tourism, bringing more and more tourists each year.

An interesting thing would also be that Omiš was a popular pirate destination in the middle ages, the economy blooming from piracy back then.The part where the Cetina river meets the Adriatic sea having an underground wall with a hole at a specific part which would allow only a specific boat to enter; whilst the rest of the ships would wreck by trying to follow the smaller ships.

Omiš culture

Whilst the beaches and tours that litter Omiš may seem like the only things this town has to offer you are gravely mistaken. Omiš being a host for many years for the traditional festival of the Dalmatian acapella singing groups, being a highlight of the Summer season in Omiš. The Summer Omiš festival gathering various concerts and recitals to be performed on various plazas and churches in Omiš.

Omiš Tours

If you ever booked a tour in Split or a neighbouring town there’s a high probability that it takes place in Omiš. The town being famous for it’s Adrenaline high tours, some most notable being:

  • Rafting, most likely the most popular tour to go on, attracting people of all ages. Race down the river rapids, pass through a nearby cave and jump from a cliff into the river below. It’s one of those activities/tours that strengthens friendships with an exciting shared experience, not to mention it’s one of the if not the cheapest tours to go on. 🙂
  • Zip-line, if you enjoy hearing the desperate screams of your friends as they zip down a canyon over the Cetina river this tour is for you. The canyon above the river featuring several Zip-lines, offering visitors a thrilling experience.
  • Canyoning, when most people think of canyoning they probably think it’s an extreme long perilous hike up steep cliffs, luckily it’s not that extreme :). The tour consists of some climbing up slopes but also revolving around sliding down small river rapids, offering a refreshing experience during the Summer heat.

Short summary of Omiš

Whilst the town has it’s fair share of tourism and beautiful beaches decorating the coast line, there’s not really too much to say about it without sounding like a Wikipedia page :). If you enjoy history and architecture you surely won’t feel disappointed by visiting the 8 churches of Omiš, the fortress Mirabela and the bridge running across the river Cetina.

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What can you do in Omiš

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