Where to party in Split Croatia

For anyone that wants to let the party animal in them run free. Check out and discover all the most notable party clubs in Split, Croatia!

Where to party in Split Croatia

Where to party in Split Croatia

I bet you are wondering where you can let the party animal inside you run free. Drinking and appreciating the looks of some gorgeous ladies or handsome gentleman. Well look no further because I’m here to assist you in choosing the perfect club for you. 🙂

Why don’t we start with the most famous ones and then you can easily ask around for the more smaller and not so famous ones to experience. Because after all, you can have a party happen anywhere at anytime when there’s no pandemic running amock.

How wild is the night life in Split?

When you take into account how wild parties in say Las Vegas can get, Split might seem a bit on the tamer side. The town buzzing with life even during the night at certain locations, faint dance music breaking the night silence. It’s truly a time that signals the start of something exciting!

Whilst you might be familiar with the most exciting event that takes place in Split, the Ultra Music Festival, Split has a lot more in store. Enjoy a wide range of clubs/bars that is sure to entertain you. Split having quite a night life even during pandemic times.

Most locals and tourists begin their adventure as early as 7pm. Clubs having a tendency to open around 8-9pm all the way up to 5am (This is no longer the case due to the pandemic rampaging throughout the world. Clubs staying open till midnight.) at certain locations, making it possible to quite literally and figuratively party all night long. So what are you waiting for? There’s an entire city just waiting to stomp their feet to the rhythm of music!

CLO bar

Address: Ul. Domovinskog rata 104b, 21000, Split
Not many bars are also nightclubs during the night like CLO bar. What better way to cope with a hangover than with a refreshing warm cup of coffee after a night of partying in the urban and modern club. Enjoy a refreshing experience after or before dancing until your legs give out under you.

Fabrique Pub

Address: Trg Franje Tuđmana 3, 21000, Split
Wacky Wednesday, thirsty cheerleader party, girls girls girls these are only a couple of events that happen in this modern with a strange classy place. Dance and party like never before with Fabrique! The club organizing several events all across the year, keeping the experience fun and engaging for everyone involved!

Central the Club

Address: Trg Gaje Bulata 4, 21000, Split
If you find dancers that look utterly amazing dancing in globes above your heads intriguing then I urge you to take a look at Central, the largest club in Split. With its great selection of music and drinks that won’t leave you sober for long. It’s easily one of the most popular and frequented clubs due to its central location (Heh, now you know why it’s named “Central“).

Vanilla Bar

Address: Poljudsko šetalište b.b., 21000, Split
For a long time, the place to go and have a good time in Split is certainly Vanilla Club. Since its inception, it has been a favorite gathering place in Split, and today it is a club with tradition that is similar with top class entertainment. Truly a nightclub that will make you feel cozy and energetic.

Beach Bar Cool

Address: Šetalište Pape Ivana Pavla II, 21000, Split
Positioned on one of the most popular beaches in Croatia. Beach Bar Cool is one of several bars settled on Žnjan beach, offering plenty of relaxation next to a beach. The bar having a relaxed but also cheerful atmosphere that surely won’t leave you dissatisfied; whilst it might not be a club where you can dance, it is certainly a place to have a drink or two at.

Judino Drvo

Address: Kopilica ul. 24, 21000, Split
If you ever wanted to experience something different that most locals go to to have party in Split, than Judino Drvo might just be the perfect spot. See for yourself how the locals party in Split and listen to alternative music and atmosphere. Seeing as how it is a bit outside of the city we recommend taking an UBER to it and especially back.

Caffe Disco bar "Kuka"

Address: Ul. Zrinsko Frankopanska 17, 21000, Split
For those wanting to take a breather after partying in a club. Kuka Disco bar offers a place to ease down with a drink at hand in the center of Split. Enjoy the night life in Split by having a drink with locals whilst letting the night excitement slowly fade out; relaxing you as you have a cup of coffee (or another beer).


Address: Sinjska ul. 5, 21000, Split
Probably the most unique club on this list. Jazzbina (Play on words with Jazz and Jazbina which means Lair) has been built, or should I say carved into stone which makes the music only echo louder, just adding more to the party mood. So come on and crawl into the place with good food, drinks and most importantly, fun!

Truth be told I’m not much of a party animal. But when you have a brother that stumbles back home almost every other day for several years you learn a trick or two of the most popular clubs.

I think this goes without saying but stay safe and get a transfer to get your not so sober self home. 🙂

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Where to party in Split Croatia

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Tours to go on after partying:

Spending a night drinking and partying with your friends can be quite exhausting. But don’t go spending all your days in Split simply going to bars/clubs, take a look and maybe even go on an exciting tour that is sure to bring a smile upon your face. Split having more than its fair share of attractions ranging from walking tours to adventure tours; and not just bars to get wasted in.

Some of the most popular tours that Split and we have to offer are:
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Rafting tour from Split – Excitement and adrenaline is the name of this tour. Rafting being one of if not the easiest and most fun tours to go on for the first time. The experience of going down river rapids would makes anyones heart race with adrenaline as they paddle down the river. So if you’ve been worried about going on a tour for the first time in your life, Rafting is the most ideal choice! 🙂

Canopy Zipline tour from Split – For those that enjoy the thrill of hanging from a thin zipline several hundred meters off the ground, Ziplining is for you. Canopy Ziplining being a much easier and not nearly as terrifying (or dangerous) as per say Sky diving, allowing most people to enjoy the rush of adrenaline as they reach ludicrous speeds.

Whitewater Rafting from Split

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