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Transfer from Split airport to Dubrovnik – Distance 153 km

Once you arrive to the airport you’ll meet up with our driver just outside of it with your name written on a piece of paper. The driver will know all the details and will try to drop you off as close to your accommodation is possible. So you don’t need to worry too much about finding your apartment.


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Transfer from ferry port to Split airport

Before you get a chance to explore on of the most beautiful towns in Croatia, you’ll land in Split airport. Take a moment to get to know our driver before setting on your way to the historic town of Dubrovnik in an air-conditioned van / mini-bus. Enjoy the drive whilst relaxing back, passing the coast along the way.

Take a private Split airport transfer that will allow you to not have to worry about getting on the right bus to get to Dubrovnik. Forget about the hassle of finding a bus schedule, simply book a private airport transfer and let us handle everything.

About Us

Adiona Travel is a travel, tourist and transfer agency situated in Split, Croatia. We offer everything from exciting tour options all the way to van transfer services in Croatia, mainly in the Dalmatian region. If you happen to want to take a transfer service, you can choose between two air-conditioned vehicles, 7+1 and 16+1 that makes it perfect for smaller and larger groups of people.

If you decide to go with our company, you will get a pre-arranged price/rate for every transfer so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs that will burn a hole in your wallet. We pride ourselves in offering the highest transfer quality and are open to adjusting your schedule if needed.

We will provide you with a great service for an affordable price for your transfer. Enjoy a comfortable transfer experience with an english speaking guide that will make the transfer service all the more enjoyable. The driver will make sure to pick you up and drop you off right in front of the destination/accommodation that you need.


About Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is located in South Croatia. Having gotten its name from the Oak forest named “Dubrava”. The town having more than 42.000 residents, according to 2011 records. Dubrovnik having a rich history, which in turn made it be added into UNESCO’s protection in 1979. Fishing being the reason for Dubrovnik’s prosperity, along with tourism in recent years. So go ahead and take a private transfer from Split to Dubrovnik in order to admire this historic beauty of a city.

Dubrovnik has grown in popularity in recent years, the town having more and more visitors visiting its historic defensive walls. The hit TV show Game of Thrones being one of the reasons for the large influx of people visiting, even if the series had a bit of a strange last season to say the least.

The town of Dubrovnik has rich history. The walls that surround it being used as a defensive measure against pirates and invading forces for quite some time, along with becoming over the years a large tourist attraction. Experience the beauty and sights from the walls, whether with a tour or alone. You might also find some historic streets familiar, having seen them depicting “King’s Landing” from Game of Thrones.

Things to do after Transfer from Split airport to Dubrovnik

After exploring Dubrovnik you might be tempted to visit other locations and old towns of Croatia. Split for one being one of the most popular towns to visit and sight see, providing several opportunities to go on a fun tour or simply enjoying the town. There’s no limit of things you can set your sights on from Dubrovnik, just pick a destination and venture forth. Grabbing a private transfer from Dubrovnik would be the easiest method of visiting other locations and nearby cities. Croatia having several beautiful towns and must see locations that we urge you to visit whether with a transfer or a tour option.

Dubrovnik is also home to a hill called “Srđ” which can be accessed with a cable car. The hill a whopping 415 meters above sea level, it offers a beautiful view over the entire city of Dubrovnik. Srđ is also home to a fortress that served as a defense line during the Homeland war. Nowadays the Homeland war museum being located in the fortress that served to protect Dubrovnik during the old times. So if you were planning on visiting Dubrovnik, take a transfer to it and go ahead and explore the hill Srđ as well. We are sure you won’t regret it.

About airport Split

Split airport is one of nine inter-national airports in Croatia, being the second most popular right after Zagreb airport. The airport being opened in the year 1966 on 25th of November. Over the years airport Split has garnered more and more attention, increasing its visitors each passing year. The increase of passengers being halted in 1988 during the economic crisis that overtook the entire country. The airport being once again closed from 1991. to 1992. due to war. The airport offering to this day one of the busiest transfers to and from it. Schedule a private transfer from Split airport to your apartment with us.

Due to a severe increase in passengers, Split airport had undergone an expansion in the year 2019. Adding 3 times more floor space and with that increasing the capacity of the airport by 5 millions passengers per year. The original terminal of Split airport being refurbished by being used by some international departures. The outside of the airport having an unique look with over 1000 olive trees being planted on its territory.

Why you should decide on a private transfer

While you might believe a private taxi transfer from Split airport service and a standard transfer service are nearly identical, you are gravely mistaken. You won’t experience the same level of comfort and, well, privacy with a regular transfer service as you will with private services. As he drives you to your location or lodging, enjoy the companionship of our English-speaking driver. Don’t worry about organizing your route; we’ll strive to create the best route for your needs, whether it’s a mini-bus transfer from Split airport, mini-bus transfer from Dubrovnik, mini-bus private transfer from airport, etc. Just let us know the locations you’d want to see.

Additionally, private transfers provide you the opportunity to take a break from figuring out how you’ll arrive to your destination.

Size of the private transfer

One of the most important questions when planning on taking a private transfer would be if the size of available vehicles to take all your friends/family in one go without having to split our guests up. We can make sure to fit up to 16 people in a 16 seater mini-bus, so whether you’re traveling alone or with a party, we can make it happen. We can guarantee best prices taxi Split airport to Dubrovnik with mini-bus and van!

It is therefore feasible to travel to uncharted locations with your pals and arrange a transfer when you may hire a private minibus with a driver. There’s freedom for you to decide where you’d want to go and which stops to take without having to worry about catching a bus or having a ride get cancelled; simply plan ahead and tell us when you’d be landing for the driver to come and pick you up directly. Whether it be from Dubrovnik airport to Split or Split airport to Dubrovnik with best prices taxi ride.

The 16-passenger minibus we are in possession of includes air conditioning and provides passengers with a relaxing and delightful journey.

What popular sights are in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik along with many other cities in Croatia has grown in popularity in recent years. The town like many others famous for it’s historic architecture and beautiful seaside beaches. It’s no surprise that it has several sights that are a must see once you arrive with a private personalized taxi ride from Split airport.

Old City Walls of Dubrovnik

Due to their appearance in the popular TV series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik‘s ancient city walls are one of its most well-known characteristics. These powerful walls, which were initially constructed in the 10th century and then modified in the 13th and 14th centuries, offered a strong barrier against invaders, rising up to a height of six meters in certain places. The roughly two-kilometer-long city walls of Dubrovnik are a terrific place for a leisurely stroll and provide multiple superb views over the Adriatic and the interior of the old city.

Stradun Piaca in Dubrovnik

Locals along with tourists will all gather in the center of Stradun, also known as Piaca in Dubrovnik. The Stradun, unquestionably one of Europe‘s most stunning pedestrian thoroughfares, is home to a number of restaurants and cafés and is a great place to shop or to rest your feet after a day of exploring Dubrovnik. We strongly recommend taking a transfer taxi to Dubrovnik for that reason. The charm of it’s history rich streets gather a wide range of people throughout the world.

The 300-meter-long street, known for its white limestone paving, was first constructed in 1468; however, many of the nearby structures were constructed in the 17th century after the disastrous earthquake of 1667, which severely devastated most of Dubrovnik.

Cathedral & Treasury of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik has a stunning Cathedral standing on the remains of an old 6th century cathedral referred to as the “Assumption Cathedral”. Allowing you to see the rich history with a private hire driver from Split airport to Dubrovnik. The Cathedral designed in the Baroque style by Andrea Buffalini of Rome. So if you ever want a reason to visit Dubrovnik you can take a taxi Split airport to Dubrovnik with english speaking driver.

The cathedral is notable for its three aisles, apses and breathtaking interior decor that includes paintings of artists originating from Italy & Dalmatia from the 16th to 18th century. Allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the painters when renting a car with driver from Split airport.

Fort Lovrijenac in Dubrovnik

For those that enjoy seeing architectural forts and mansions that have stood the test of time will mostly like be astonished. Also known as “Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar”, Fort Lovrijenac is known for its predominantly rocky scenery just outside the city walls. The fortress being one of Croatia‘s most important fortresses due to how well it defended the city over the years; being a rather important point of interest during many wars. So take a trip with taxi from Split to Dubrovnik with english speaking driver and catch a glimpse of it’s beauty during the rental car drive.

Fort Lovrijenac rises about 37 meters above the Adriatic, one of the many reasons why it was deemed impregnable. According to legend the area was just a strategic position that the Venetians themselves planned to build a fort but were beaten by the locals in building one of their own that stands there to this day. Once you land in Split airport you’ll be in need of transportation getting to Dubrovnik from Split. Making it one of the most visited historic monuments you can explore in the city of Dubrovnik.

Taking a transfer from Split to Dubrovnik

If you happen to be located in the city of Split you can still consider taking a private personalized transfer to Dubrovnik. Our english speaking driver is going to keep you entertained during your taxi transfer in an air-conditioned van/mini-bus. Relax as you take in the sights along the way to Dubrovnik from Split. Anything from the historic architecture walls of Dubrovnik to admire or many of the numerous beaches, there’s always something for you to get up to. Whether it is in Dubrovnik or in the surroundings of Dubrovnik in a nearby town or village which is sure to keep your interest. If you happen to be located in the city of Split taking a private personalized taxi transfer will be one of the most enjoyable transfers you can get up to. Dubrovnik being one of the greatest in the area so relax and enjoy the wonders of the city when you reach it after a Split taxi transfer to Dubrovnik.

What to do in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik also has a reputable night life with several beach bars that make the night seem lively so you will easily find something to do during your stay in the lovely city. Dance your troubles away and rest easy after arriving to Dubrovnik with private taxi transfer from Split. The city famous for it’s historic large walls that served to protect the city from various invaders over the years. Dubrovnik owing the famous walls a fair bit for it’s popularity; along with Game of Thrones as it encountered a massive boon in popularity ever since the show aired. Along with the fact it has other attractive sights to see after taking a private transfer from Split to Dubrovnik. There’s after all a very large number of things and experiences you can get up to. From going on a tour to seeing the sights around the city of Dubrovnik.

Spend some time relaxing on one of many beaches in Dubrovnik. The city known for it’s beautiful beaches and not just the historic walls surrounding it. Taking a private taxi from Split to Dubrovnik will allow you to witness the beautiful sights quicker and in the comfort of an air-conditioned van/mini-bus. And after you’re done exploring the wonders you might even want to take a Dubrovnik to Split private taxi transfer. Dubrovnik having access to plenty nearby sights and attractions after all which you can explore. Due to it’s seaside location it’s no surprise the town has several Kayaking excursions for you to enjoy; along with boat tours exploring the nearby isles. The city known for it’s beautiful beaches and not just the historic walls surrounding it.

Stradun in Dubrovnik

Dalmatia has a bit of a morning ritual, especially in Dubrovnik. The place called Stradun being a favourite among locals and tourists alike for it’s quaint charm that attracts everyone to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee in the early morning. The 300 meter long promenade constructed of limestone is one of the main attractions of Dubrovnik; linking two famous gates “Pile” & “Ploče“. Stradun being built by 17th century Baroque stone buildings that have small shops and cafes built into them. The location being quite popular as a place where locals meet for coffee, read the daily newspaper and people watch. But one of the more interesting facts about Stradun would be that it used to be a shallow sea channel that was filled in during the 12th century; making the city as we know it today.

Some of the most notable features including the restaurants littering the old town of Dubrovnik as well as night life bars that are sure to entertain you during your stay in Dubrovnik city after arriving with a personalized taxi from Split. After all, you’re visiting Dubrovnik surely not just because of one thing. Enjoy yourselves without worry about missing out on things to do in Dubrovnik. The city having more than just a handful of things to do; whether it be exploring the historic architecture, enjoying the crystal clear water on one of numerous beaches or even go on an exciting tour to enjoy the sights all around. So you can rest easy whilst taking part in the sights that Dubrovnik has to offer.

End thoughts about Dubrovnik

There’s plenty of excitement to be had during your travels throughout Croatia. Enjoy your vacation to the fullest whilst admiring Dubrovnik‘s beautiful historic architecture. We are positive you will enjoy sightseeing the wonderful Croatian landscape during your travels all throughout the land. So make sure to widen your horizons by experiencing new and unexplored locations.

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city with it’s rich history and rather popular scenic landscapes that have been featured in certain shows and movies, most popular being “Game of Thrones“. The sights being in Dubrovnik and on the outskirts of the famous city. Along with the fact it has more than just a handful of things to get yourselves up to during your vacation in Croatia. So you can rest easy whilst enjoying the last couple of days in Dubrovnik Croatia.

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