Transfer Split airport Rovinj

Transfer Split airport Rovinj

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Transfer from Split airport to Rovinj – Distance 478 km

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Transfer from ferry port to Split airport

One of the most popular Istria region towns, Rovinj is a prime tourist destination. After you land in Split airport you will meet up with the driver that will take you to Rovinj. Experience a cozy private transport to the popular town of Rovinj whilst enjoying the passing sights along the trip in an air-conditioned van or mini-bus.

After all once you land in Split airport the best way to get to Rovinj would be with a private split airport transfer to Rovinj. Enjoy the various sights that litter Croatia with their beauty as you take an air-conditioned transport to Rovinj.

About Us

Adiona Travel is a travel, tourist and transfer agency situated in Split, Croatia. We offer everything from exciting tour options all the way to van transfer services in Croatia, mainly in the Dalmatian region. If you happen to want to take a transfer service, you can choose between two air-conditioned vehicles, 7+1 and 16+1 that makes it perfect for smaller and larger groups of people.

If you decide to go with our company, you will get a pre-arranged price/rate for every transfer so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs that will burn a hole in your wallet. We pride ourselves in offering the highest transfer quality and are open to adjusting your schedule if needed.

We will provide you with a great service for an affordable price for your transfer. Enjoy a comfortable transfer experience with an english speaking guide that will make the transfer service all the more enjoyable. The driver will make sure to pick you up and drop you off right in front of the destination/accommodation that you need.


About Rovinj

With 14,294 residents, Rovinj is a city in Croatia on the north Adriatic Sea (2011). It is a well-liked tourist destination and a bustling fishing port that is situated on the western shore of the Istrian peninsula. Some of the locals continue to speak Istriot, a Romance language that was once widely spoken in this region of Istria. Both the Croatian and the Italian names for the town are recognized as official and equal.

The tourism industry is Rovinj‘s primary source of income, and from May to September, when it is busiest, bars, restaurants, and art galleries are open late and only sometimes during off-peak times. Allowing you to get a transport from Split airport with english speaking driver in taxi to Rovinj.

The center of Rovinj, which stretches from the main bus station toward the historic district where the majority of bars and clubs are situated, is the busiest area.

Carrera Street, the major avenue of the community and home to many independent stores and art galleries, is completely pedestrianized. At the edge of the old town, next to Valdibora Square, there is a farmer’s market.

Sights to see in Rovinj

Rovinj is generally a peaceful small town that doesn’t have as many attractions as for instance Split, Dubrovnik or Zagreb. The town being a great location to visit if you’d rather spend time away from the bustle of the big cities and have a moment with your friends to decide what to do. Some of the notable

Church of St. Euphemia

Although it is not officially a basilica minor, the Church of St. Euphemia is a Baroque church that can be found in the center of Rovinj, Croatia‘s old district. Locals also refer to it as the Church of St. Fuma. Over the ruins of earlier, early Christian buildings, this three-nave church was erected between 1725 and 1736. Originally, the building was dedicated to Saint George; later, it was dedicated to Saints George and Euphemia; the current structure is only dedicated to Euphemia. Its exterior was built in 1883.

Balota beach

The Monte or Baluota beach is located in the heart of Rovinj, a short distance from the famed St. Euphemia church and the main Rovinj square.

The beach has large, rough stones that are perfect for sunbathing, but due to its abrupt water entrance, it is unsuitable for youngsters and older people. The Big Guguliera, Little Guguliera, Balouta, and Lanterna beaches make up the 150–200 meter-long Monte beach.

Street Grisia in Rovinj

One of Rovinj‘s most well-liked attractions is Ulica Grisia. This narrow lane in Old Town extends from the Church of St. Euphemia to Balbi’s Arch. The street, which is covered in cobblestones, is lined with gift, jewelry, and art stores. This street, which is lined with buildings in the Venetian style, is the busiest and most vibrant one in the community.

Perks of choosing a private taxi in Rovinj

Avoiding having to worry about taking a bus or hailing a cab would be one of the main reasons you would want to use a customised service. A private van cab transfer to Rovinj has the advantages of comfort, planned collection and drop-off times, and the opportunity to learn more about the driver and/or vehicle.

Enjoy the relaxing ride as you get picked up from Split airport in mini-bus by an english speaking driver taxi. Take a moment to get a cheap private taxi transfer service to Rovinj from airport Split. Relax in the air-conditioned mini-bus whilst travelling across Croatia. There’s no telling what you can get yourself up to during your Vacation in Rovinj as you hire a car rental with private driver. Take a moment to admire the recommended taxi transfers we offer.

Why choose a private transfer

Additionally, private transfers provide you the freedom to make the necessary stops along the route without having to worry about how you’re going to get there. Whether you hire one or use one for a private trip, using a minibus is one of the best ways to comfortably see Croatia‘s vast territory. Rarely do you get the chance to travel alone with a hired driver to soak in the exquisite beauty of a distant land. So don’t miss the chance to see Croatia‘s undiscovered beauty.

We can guarantee that a 16-seater minibus can accommodate up to 16 passengers, so whether you’re going alone or with a group, we can make it work. Rent a taxi with english speaking driver to take you to your destination in the most comfort we can offer. The prices for private taxi ride from Split airport to Rovinj are fair as can be with us! Enjoy a refreshing taxi ride to Rovinj from airport Split mini-bus professional driver.

Exploring other locations from Rovinj

After you had enough of sightseeing what Rovinj has to offer it might be worth expanding your horizons to explore the nearby towns and villages. Enjoy a relaxing personalized private transfer to take you to the nearby towns and small villages. Spend an evening taking in the rural sights before moving on to other destinations that are sure to interest you.

Rovinj being a place that’s quite a popular fishing port as well as tourist attraction, so the nearby towns might not necessarily be as popular but they certainly have their own beauty for you to discover. Admire the large number of cities bordering Rovinj; let us know if you are in need of a private mini-bus transfer as well. We can organize a tour, accommodation or transfer for you and your family/friends if you decide to go anywhere. Rovinj for one having a plethora of interesting things for you to explore once you come and visit the curiously lovely town. Along with the fact you’ll have plenty of time to explore the other towns during your vacation in Croatia.

Location of Rovinj town

The city located in a beautiful place on the West side of Croatia. Admire the gorgeous coastline and explore the nearby smaller locations; go on a boat trip to see the nearby archipelago. There’s a plethora of other interesting and rather peculiar sights to witness during your vacation in Rovinj. So if you happen to run out of things to do and see in Rovinj. Why not go ahead and visit the nearby places that share the same if not greater beauty as the city of Rovinj. Take a private personalized transfer from Rovinj to any of the nearby towns ahead of time. Let our english speaking driver take you on a relaxing comfortable drive along the coastline in an air-conditioned mini-bus.

Explore the wonderful Croatian landscape in the comfort of an air-conditioned private taxi transfer. You won’t regret taking a relaxing private transfer to and from Rovinj when you compare it to uncomfortable busses that are more often than not late with their schedules. With a pre-scheduled private transfer you’ll be greeted by our english speaking driver where you scheduled the pickup on time.

Enjoy the drive in the personalized taxi to see more of Croatia‘s beauty all in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle. So you can rest easy and relax during your vacation in Croatia. Our english speaking driver will handle most of your problems when he picks you up for the personalized private mini-bus taxi transfer. Take your time admiring the plethora of interesting sights you’ll get to see during your stay in Rovinj and it’s neighbouring towns.

Transfer from Ferry Port to Split airport

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