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Transfer from Zadar airport to Split – Distance 153 km

Our driver will be waiting for you at the Zadar airport with your name on a sign. If you have any luggage with you he is going to help you out with it, as well as knowing all the details where to take you.


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Transfer from ferry port to Split airport

The old historic town of Split is a popular tourist hot spot all year round; especially during the Summer season. Once you touch down at the airport in Zadar you’ll get to meet up with our english speaking driver before setting on your way. You’ll get to enjoy a private transfer in an air-conditioned vehicle, admiring the passing sights along the way.

About Us

Adiona Travel is a travel, tourist and transfer agency situated in Split, Croatia. We offer everything from exciting tour options all the way to van transfer services in Croatia, mainly in the Dalmatian region. If you happen to want to take a transfer service, you can choose between two air-conditioned vehicles, 7+1 and 16+1 that makes it perfect for smaller and larger groups of people.

If you decide to go with our company, you will get a pre-arranged price/rate for every transfer so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs that will burn a hole in your wallet. We pride ourselves in offering the highest transfer quality and are open to adjusting your schedule if needed.

We will provide you with a great service for an affordable price for your transfer. Enjoy a comfortable transfer experience with an english speaking guide that will make the transfer service all the more enjoyable. The driver will make sure to pick you up and drop you off right in front of the destination/accommodation that you need.


About Split

Split is one of the most beautiful towns in all of Croatia. The serene crystal clear beaches matched with historic architecture, it’s no wonder you would be taking a private transfer from Zadar to see it. Split being known for it’s historic charm, along with being a sort of hub to go on an exciting tour from.

What better way of enjoying one of the most popular towns in all of Croatia than with a private Zadar airport transfer to Split. If you happened to have landed in Zadar airport, it’s only in your best interest to enjoy your Vacation to the fullest by getting to Split the fastest & most comfortable method.

About Zadar

In addition to being continually inhabited, Zadar is Croatia‘s oldest historic city still in existence. It is situated in the Ravni Kotari district, on the Adriatic Sea. The town serves as the ‘seat’ of Zadar County and a larger portion of northern Dalmatia. With a little more than 75,000 residents in 2011 and ranking as the second-largest city in Dalmatia, Zadar

Zadar has developed into Dalmatia’s historical hub. The county has important educational, commercial, political, cultural, and commercial centers. It has grown to be a very famous tourist destination due to its rich legacy and the attractiveness of the adjacent cities. As a component of the Venetian Works of Defense, the fortified ancient town of Zadar has also been added to UNESCO’s World Heritage Site listings.

About Zadar airport

One of several international airport serving Zadar, Croatia. Being located in Zemunik Donji just 8 kilometres from the town it got it’s name from, Zadar. Take a transfer from Zadar airport to any destination you want to; we offer taxi transfers to every town/village in Croatia for the best price we can offer. There’s always something to get yourself up to once you land in Zadar airport.

Zadar airport started to have regular commercial flight by Ala Littoria as early as 1936. Garnering around 800 000 annual passengers over time and earning a spot into becoming the 4th largest international airport in Croatia. Once being one of the only airports where the taxiway crossed a public rode. Having to build an underpass in 2020 due to terms negotiated by EU that closed down the road on 7th of April 2010.

Things to do in Split

Where to start with the things and sights there are in Split. The city a tourist hub of equal parts rich history, beautiful beaches & thrilling tours. After all, it’s no surprise Split is one of the most visited cities in Croatia. When visiting Split, you’ve probably heard the phrase “the city never sleeps.” Visitors are drawn to meander around the city’s winding streets by the thronging activity and upbeat vibe that fills them. Every year, more and more people visit Split’s Diocletian’s Palace to discover its ancient architecture. Anyone can feel at ease in the rustic atmosphere, and the Palace has transformed into a mini-town.

Sight see Diocletian Palace

Whenever you catch a glimpse of Split online you’re bound to see this giant rectangular palace that acts as the very heart of Split. One of the world’s best-preserved examples of Roman architecture is the Diocletian Palace. Built between the late third and early fourth centuries A.D. Diocletian Palace being mostly preserved and adapted as a small town of its own where people live & work to this day. Take a private taxi ride from Zadar airport and enjoy the sights along the way before reaching Split.

The Emperor’s Palace, which was separated into four sections by two main avenues, was constructed as a hybrid of a luxurious villa-summer home and a Roman military camp (castrum). According to this plan, the southern portion of the palace would house the Emperor‘s chamber and any necessary governmental and religious rituals, while the northern portion would house the Imperial guard, which included the troops, servants, stores, etc.

Marjan forest hill

It only takes a little stroll in the direction of Marjan if you need a break from the busy pace of the city. The Marjan a local favourite due to how peaceful the forest park can be. Marjan being popular especially during the Summer period as there are several dozen beaches surrounding it; being a personal favourite of ours due to the shade the forest trees provide and the crystal clear water.

The city center, which stretches to the west from Marmont Street, has Marjan as a crucial component. Over 3 kilometers long. It was designated a park in 1964 and is now regarded as a protected area of Split. Even during Emperor Diocletian‘s reign the emperor used Marjan as a recreational zone for him and his troops.

Go on a tour from Split

Split is a popular tourist hub and for that reason it has many connections to nearby towns and islands. Providing a chance to enjoy a wide scope of tours/excursions from Split. The town seeing a boon of tourists and activity during the Summer months starting June until September usually.

One of the most popular and easiest tours being Rafting. The tour being fit for people of all ages; along with the fact it lets you experience the thrill of rushing down river rapids; along with offering a chance to see and drink from a waterfall on Cetina river.

Another tour that’s a ‘bit’ different would be Ziplining, now, we know it might not be everyones cup of tea to hang couple of hundred meters above Cetina river as you zip down at around 70 km/h. Ziplining in Omiš really testing your bravery and getting your blood to pump faster and faster. Adventure tours being one of the most sought after excursions to go on in the end.

Privileges of a private transfer

Private transfers provide you the flexibility to stop where you need to along the way without worrying about how you’re going to get there. One of the finest ways to comfortably tour Croatia‘s enormous region is to take a minibus from Zadar airport, whether you hire one or use one for a private excursion. Rarely do you get the opportunity to go by yourself with a rental car with hired driver to take in the breathtaking scenery of a far-off place. So don’t pass up the opportunity to experience Croatia‘s untapped beauty.

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, we can make it work because we can guarantee that a 16-seater minibus can fit up to 16 passengers comfortably in an air-conditioned vehicle. Along the way you’ll encounter a couple of other interesting things and sights as you pass by several other towns/villages during your personalized taxi transfer.

Transfer from Ferry Port to Split airport

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